“避暑地でデートいたしまshow”…H!P 2008 Summer Wonderful Hearts.

Just released on October 22nd, Hello! Project's Summer Wonderful Hearts "Hishochi de date itashimashow" concert release DVD has a running time of 123 minutes and with the recent Elder Club graduation announcement, watching this concert now is really a prelude into what H!P's fans will be in store for exclusively after next March. Along with the main three…Momusu, Berryz Koubou and C-ute, are special units Buono!, High King, Milky Way as well as the full array of Hello! Project Eggs and new soloist Manoeri. The only exception here as far as the Eggs are concerned are members Noto Arisa, Sengoku Minami and Sawara Yuri who are present for this concert but if the Ongaku Gatas graduation holds up in total truth, sadly their departure will also occur next March. Most disheartening as Nocchi and Sengoku are by far my favorite two Eggs.

The concert venue, Japan's National Yoyogi Kyogijo Daiichi Taiikukan serves as a nicely sized arena and the stage setup which features a long catwalk out into the audience provides fans a great up close view of their favorites and adds a most welcome element to the performances. I really loved the level of energy held up through the entire concert and you really get a feeling of just how much energy is being spent throughout making the feat even more remarkable…who say's live idol performers aren't athletes? 🙂 All your recent favorites by each group and unit are on the setlist including performances of "Edo no temari uta II", "Anataboshi", "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance", "Dschinghis Khan", "Resonant Blue", "CC Cinderella Complex" and "Gachinkode ikou!" In particular though I'm most happy to see beloved classics such as "Manatsu no kousen", "koi ING", "Chu! Natsu Party", "Tropical koishite~ru", and "Special Generation" making appearances here and digging even deeper…"Toko natsu musume" and C-ute's indie single "Massara Blue Jeans." ^-^ A few songs are given new spins to them with new combinations of members doing the honors of performing them while most others are performed primarily by the original lineups (groups) with the remaining members and Eggs playing back up to them in a dance/backup vocal capacity. Something can be also be noted of the vocals overall as I found for the most part except for a very few gray areas everyone sounded great throughout! Truly 123 minutes passes quickly as the flow and order of performances are well thought out making for a day/night of fine H!P entertainment for any fan.

Hello! Project 2008 Summer Wonderful Hearts Koen – Hishochi de Date Itashima Show can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

So with these thoughts in mind I'd just like to share 7 performances which I found to be quite memorable…

Talk about a great beginning  as the second performance features all the girls with tennis racquets and the cutest gear on! Singing the "Golden era's" "Manatsu no kousen" the performance begins with the launching of tennis balls into the audience!!…what a joy for the lucky fans who were able to catch one….and then um….ward off the wild wota who wished they had caught one instead….. :O "Hey give that back!…..and that's not a tennis ball up there!" :O

"Manatsu no kousen" is truly one of Tsunku's very finest compositions and this rendition by the "younger" generation is a sweet take on this timeless song….the vocals and harmonies are immaculate!

Aichan really shines in her solo performance of a most favorite "oldie" of mine…"koi ING" a song that I've always held the upmost love for. Out of the entire Momusu group Aichan is really the only future soloist that's easily recognizable at this point and perhaps her first poignant moments came with her lead in their musical "Ribbon no kishi" in which she shined brighter than the sun itself along with her debut indie single "Yume kara samete." Aichan's vocals have developed such character and feel along with strength and throughout the concert whenever handed the solo spotlight even if only for a phrase or two she makes the most of it.

Really a beautiful performance here as Aichan is accompanied by a few Hello! Project Eggs. Absolutely ♥ "koi ING."

A little past midway a most anticipated performance occurs as Manoeri takes the stage solo and performs "Manopiano" on the keyboard. Just the sight of seeing an instrument on stage during a H!P concert is a thrill in itself…add in the fact that Manoeri is a most capable pianist and you have one of the night's most memorable moments no doubt.

Manoeri's vocals are solid here and she performs in a most impressive fashion. Now if only Momo would take up the drums seriously along with Miya on bass and Airiin on guitar…I think we'd have the perfect idol band! =D There's really a sweet joy in Manoeri's performance here and her demeanor and expressions say it all! ^-^

Digging really deep into the H!P vaults this performace of "Toko natsu musume" gets the most adorable trio of Gakisan, Kamei and Mittsi! Their outfits are sweetly Hawaiian inspired and the flowers make the perfect hair accessory! 

For the majority of the show the stage and catwalk are filled with members but for the performance of "Toko natsu musume" you really take notice of how just three most energized members can fill up the stage making the need for any backup unnecessary. Gakisan, Kamei and Mittsi are electric here!!…and watch for their hula (known as the "flower dance" in Japan) mixed into the choreography!! ^-^

Junjun gets a most deserved spotlight song with the performance of Ayaya's early classic "Tropical koishite~ru" and watch for her cute intro as well as Maimai's stab at maturity with the middle break dialog. 🙂

The very nature of "Tropical koishite~ru" always gives way to the most lively and fun performances and this performance continues that fine tradition. Their outfits here are also one of my most favorite from this concert…the colors and styling have a sweet casual softness to them. 🙂

Berryz Koubou and C-ute, reminiscent of their "Battle concert" renew their onstage presence here with a powerful performance of C-ute's beloved indie single "Massara Blue Jeans."

There's probably enough energy here on stage to light up the Tokyo Tower and I've always been impressed with the dance choreography ever since laying eyes on their pv…here "Massara Blue Jeans" lights up the arena with an insurmountable dose of girl power! ^-^

As the concert begins to wind down group spotlight songs such as the above "Massara Blue Jeans" fill the arena and here Momusu's too seldom heard "Love & Peace!  HERO ga yatte kita" gets the special Wonder Hearts treatment! Songs like these which have a sort of "anthem" sound to them have always appealed to me and other fine examples would be "Nanni mo iwazu ni I LOVE YOU", "I wish" and "ONE FOR ALL & ALL FOR ONE" to name just a few.

Spirits are high here and there's a whole lot of hamming it up for the camera moments to behold throughout the performance!! ^o^ My favorite has got to be Gakisan's kiss (above)!! Too cute!! ^-^ The ensemble vocals ring vibrantly and to say this moment is pure joy may even be an understatement! =D While this is actually the second to the last performance of the concert I felt that it really could have ended the show in a great high energy fashion…not to say that the actual final performance wasn't great as well. 🙂

Other highly notable performances are Buono!'s two song appearance, High King's r&b takeover, as well as Kohachan's ad for Red Bull and Amp Energy Drink! ;D Extras include backstage footage which is always a treat but I'll leave that to be anticipated as I refrain from spilling those beans…

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16 Responses to “避暑地でデートいたしまshow”…H!P 2008 Summer Wonderful Hearts.

  1. Hapichan says:

    In response to your worry on the Eggs graduation too (noto arisa was my worry too XD)
    The girl who write for Bikkuri Project is in Japan right now and she wrote in her blog:
    "Oh, and I looked at a newspaper article on the “graduation” which showed pictures of the members graduating, and the 3 gatas eggs weren’t among them. I’d say there’s strong evidence that Ongaku Gatas is over and those eggs will be returning to the egg fold rather than graduating with the rest of them. Just speculation though."
    I was thinking it would be strange for Arisa to graduate since she was just recently… well not very recently but kind of recently, the position of Leader of the Eggs :O So, hopefully they'll still be around, just Ongaku Gatas won't be~


  2. Zush says:



  3. Oh thank you for the clarification!!! ^-^ I was so sad thinking that UFA would actually release them with Ongaku Gatas as they hardly even got a chance to fully shine in H!P. 🙂 This is really a relief as I was counting down the last days of Nocchi in H!P. 😛 Plus Sengoku too….really adore her as well! And you're right as it wouldn't make sense for them to release the leader of Eggs. =DNow I can sleep okay…


  4. Ah I couldn't agree with you more!! Reinachan definitely had an extra focus on her and she really shined in the concert with so much energy! Buono! continues to leave a great impression long after and it's amazing how three members can get the arena going!! Love their new single but I think I've gushed about it enough already! 😛 And even though I already loved "Manopiano" so much while other fans may have disliked it, this performance took it to all new levels of ♥…she was so impressive on keyboards and it was for me one of the top highlight of the entire show. She's so awesome and I hope she gets more chances in the future to perform on a live instrument! ^-^ This whole concert was great and it went by so fast it seemed…one engaging performance after another.


  5. Hotaru says:

    Oh my Goodness! (I haven't commented in a while, haha.) Thank you so much for sharing these photos. They really made my day! They made me feel excited and nostalgic at the same time XD. I can't wait till I get the DVD for myself!


  6. Sounds like you're really busy right now with a lot going on! I hope you got a chance to watch some of the performance clips that I've uploaded directly to VOX above. This is just a little taste of the concert as there's a whole lot more to look forward to…many more highlights as these are just a few favorites of mine. And in particular I thought it was just so great to finally see a H!P member play an instrument and sing live as Manoeri does a little past midway through the show…really sweet song and I find myself loving it even more each time that I see her perform it. Now if only a few more members would learn to play an instrument they could have their very first H!P idol band! ^-^ Dreaming…..I know. 😛


  7. mizunohi says:



  8. Ah they really do sound great throughout the entire concert. At time live vocals have been a bit shaky in the past on occasion but I really have to say that there isn't any of that in this release. ^-^ All of the outfits really complimented the girls really well and the show's pace was awesome…so great that it's over seemingly so quickly!So far the only sure thing seems to be the duo of Yossi and Rikachan with "Hangry & Angry" but I just can't imagine especially Ayaya not continuing on. For sure she will and she's even been performing smaller club type shows recently which must be so intimate and great for fans to see her up close. Nacchi leaving hurts the most. I mean, she "built" Momusu and H!P…just seems odd that she won't be around in H!P after next March. 😦 But I'm very hopeful that she too will sign elsewhere and continue on with her music career. The world without Nacchi's music would be a sad place. I imagine though that some members will leave the entertainment business…perhaps Kaorin who now has much more important priorities in her personal life now 🙂 and maybe even Kei. It's great to know that Melon Kinenbi will continue on afterwards as they've already announced. ^o^ And thank goodness Nocchi, Sengoku, and Sawachan won't be graduating! Whew! When they announced that Ongaku Gatas was graduating I was like eh?!! Not Nocchi!! :O It's okay now. 🙂 Yuichan & Erikachan…just so fuzzy right now as to what everyone else will be doing afterwards…I was thinking back to when I first purchased "Morning Coffee" back in early 1998 and how there was only Momusu and nothing else. Everything was so simple back then and I think budget wise the possibilities were much greater too. So maybe Tsunku and UFA are thinking about getting back to their origins in a sense and making H!P a bit smaller for this reason. I'm just trying to make some sense of it all so it's really just speculation. But with a larger budget their pvs and concert productions could soar so much more. Like when Momusu actually had a live band with them on stage back then in the early days! ^o^ I'd so love to see/hear that again one day!!! So maybe the plan is for Momusu, BK, and C-ute to benefit from this "restructuring" of sorts? I'm just looking for some sort of silver lining in all of this and hopefully some of these daydream thoughts will come to fruition in the future. Also Tsunku's songwriting duties have become stretched so thin with so many groups, units, and members to write for that a lot of the songwriting duties have gone to outside help at this point. So maybe even his participation will grow with this change like it was way back. Of course outside song writing is a good thing so this is no knock against that at all. Just would like to see him more involved like he was before…at least producing everything I hope. Well we have a few more months to enjoy the Elders Club in H!P so I'll be making sure not to blink so that I don't miss a single bit of it. ^-^


  9. Rad♂ says:

    This show was quite polished and it looks like the Eggs will get the biggest boost as stage time opens up for them as the Edler Club winds down. This was a cleek, clean, exceptional concert and all the groups look extra-sharp. Lighting was also superb. I loved the whole thing.


  10. I couldn't agree more as this concert was exceptional on all accounts!!
    It really looks like restructuring to get back…as the Beatles once
    said :)….get back to where they once belonged when thing's were much
    simpler. The remaining groups/artists will without doubt benefit from
    this as more attention and budget will be allotted to them. I'm just
    wishing for bigger budgets for their productions when it comes to pvs
    and live shows….think live bands for Momusu, Berryz Koubou, and
    C-ute! \(^o^)/!!


  11. Mippu says:



  12. Hmm….Mippu I don't think that your eyes deceive you as I've heard numerous other fans mention the exact same thing from watching other recent clips with Riichan in them. Ah I'm thinking puberty and the strange things that it can do to ones body and I'm thinking that she'll grow out of them…no pun intended! 😛 I guess I first noticed it on BK's 2009 calendar when it was mentioned but I was watching BK's latest pv and Riichan looks much thinner in it or is it just my silly imagination or my eyes playing tricks on me….lol or my biased adorable feelings towards her?! 😛 Ah I know I'm so Riichan goo goo eyed…only 61 related posts so far… 😛 But I know that a lot of fans dislike her too…such a strong word but I always have hope that she'll turn dislike into ♥. :)I'm happy that you find love for Riichan too and I think she's just going through changes right now and I think she'll be fine. Or is it the pressure of celebrity?!! 😮 I hope not!! Love this concert DVD so much too…thank you Mippu for your thoughts! ^-^


  13. Hello!Jessie says:

    Thank you for showing the pictures! I personally loved this concert! Ai-chan did amazing! I loved Buono's preformances! Both of those songs were done great! Lots of energy! Also when I saw the concert playlist and saw Kioku no Meiro on there I was soo excited, because I love that song and couldnt wait to hear it live! Also Yuuka Maeda did sooo well!!! I was sooo happy with her solo line, shes just soo adorable!

    It was just, overall, a great concert ^____^


  14. Hi Jessie! So happy that you joined VOX and by seeing your profile it looks like we have a lot in common! ^ ^ Arashi! H!P! Amurochan! Just to name a few! 🙂 I'm so happy that you agree…Aichan was so great in this concert and she really had a presence here plus her vocals!! Thank you for sharing your favorite parts of the concert as they have me re-enjoying them! Buono! is pure ♥. Nice to meet you and I hope we both make it to Japan soon! ^-^


  15. Hello!Jessie says:

    Awww thank you* I actually joined VOX based on your profile* I was searching some Morning Musume thing, and a page of yours poped up and I read the whole thing (Pepper Keibu) and then I looked at some of your other posts, and saw that we have things in common, so i decided to join =] lol
    So thank you!!!! haha
    Yeah Ai-chan was amazing! lol
    Yess i hope we can both make it!


  16. Wow thank you so much! LOL I was wondering if anyone actually read profiles. ^ ^ And thank you for making the extra effort to join to…..I think that in itself may turn some people away, the fact that they have to join in order to write anything. 🙂 Have you watched Aichan in "Ribbon no kishi?" Her performance really showed just how talented and versatile she is and should open doors for more acting parts I hope! ^ ^


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