A few furry moments to help ease the pain…

After the sledgehammer fell yesterday with H!P graduation news I think what we all may need is a bit of furryness to ease the pain…

Isn't he…um…er…..huh adorable!! Going for the gold!

Sa! ….I wonder what he lost in there???!!! And note how the man above pretends to not notice. 😉

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to A few furry moments to help ease the pain…

  1. Wow! -Right when I was about to tell you "I find your lack of cats disturbing", cats appear here! ha ha ha -Just kidding!
    Luv the pix you've posted!
    Both of my cats have had surgeries this past month… -My girl Sparkey Lou had three abcessed teeth we had to have removed. -She was miserable for a couple of weeks, but she's fine now! 🙂
    My boy Cinnamin had surgery, just this morning, to remove a fat-tissue tumor-growth under his left arm. He's still a bit groggy and stumbling around from his medication, so we got him a cage to keep him safe while he sleeps it off.
    -I wasn't sure if I should have talked about it on my page, but maybe I will, and post a couple of pix.
    -We'll see.


  2. Kimiko says:

    lol that is awesome! I love the first one with the kitties looking out the window. Sheesh, I'm such a cat lover that I couldn't help going "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute" all loud! I think I scared my own kitty!I couple years ago I took a picture of my then 2 kitties looking out the window of our adopted chicken Luna (she found us, we don't live in farmlands! lol) and it was so hilarious I had to take a photo ^_^So thanks, I needed that!


  3. pettomomo says:

    hey MB ^^
    thanks for sharing the pics 🙂
    they are really k a w a i i ^_^


  4. I will post the kitty picture I was referring to , in my joke there…


  5. AkiHimemiya says:

    The dog is great!!!!! 😀


  6. It's amazing what sights one can capture when there at the right moment! I'm always getting these types of cute animal photos and yes! lots and lots of kitty ones. I just read your update about Cinnamin's surgery and I'm really sorry for your loss….I wonder what went wrong post surgery. 😦


  7. Hi Kimiko! I love cats too! We have two of them…a boy and a girl and it's funny that the girl gets the better of him while they're play "fighting." 🙂 Either he's a gentlemen or…no I think she just kicks his butt! 😛 Ah you have a chicken? That's so cute it just showed up and stayed with you? I'm guessing that since your cats were still kittens that they may have even gotten along? 🙂 LOL…'farmlands!'….I think some people think that here in Hawaii I live in a grass shack and walk around barefoot all day! 😛


  8. Kimiko says:

    aww I wish I still had Luna the chicken. This was a few years ago, but when we came back from camping one year, she was gone. It was so cute though, she just came into our back yard one day and stuck around, so we made a bed for her in one of our sheds, and she actually laid eggs! We live in the bay area (california) so it was really weird to have a chicken come to us lol And she was small too, not one of those giant chickens. And she stayed outdoors and my cats indoors, so they never actually "met" hehe.


  9. Pettomomo take care on your hiatus! ^-^ Ah these were too cute not to share! 🙂


  10. Thanks DK! Just had a look…really cute and funny ones. The samurai kitty scenario is ♥!


  11. The thing that I love about that photo is that the dog has kind of an expression of surprise or something like that! And the soil is everywhere lol! ^o^


  12. 'Luna's' such a cute name…that's so sad that she left so suddenly. 😦 That's so strange that a chicken adopted your family like that…and in California? Hmm…do chickens run wild there? 😛 A friend at work used to have a chicken too and they have a really large yard area where it stayed along with their dog. I think their dog was afraid of the chicken..well until it grew up.


  13. Oh and just in case a day or work ever gets you down…click here. ^-^


  14. pettomomo says:

    *hugs* Thank You so much ^___^


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