Unprecedented mass Hello! Project graduations to occur in March of 2009. :O

According to the recent article posted at the official H!P website on March 31st, 2009 something unprecedented will occur as members Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, Konno Asami, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki, Inaba Atsuko, Satoda Mai, the entire group Melon Kinenbi, Maeda Yuki, Matsuura Aya, Miyoshi Erika, Okada Yui and Ongaku Gatas will graduate all together on a single day. I'm hearing now that a final concert event for everyone mentioned in this graduation article will be held to commemorate the event and I imagine everything that these members have meant to H!P over the years spent there. The article is below:




・ 稲葉貴子・里田まい(カントリー娘。)・メロン記念日・前田有紀・松浦亜弥・三好絵梨香・岡田唯・音楽ガッタス

なお、上記メンバーがハロー!プロジェクト・エルダークラブとして出演するコンサートは、2009年1月31日(土)及び2月1日(日)横浜アリーナで行 われる「Hello!Project 2009 Winter 決定!ハロ☆プロ アワード ’09 ~エルダークラブ卒業記念スペシャル~」で最後になります。


代表取締役社長 持田 陽司

So many questions unanswered as of yet as to the reason(s) for this mass graduation all of the sudden but one can speculate that it was brought upon by perhaps an ever growing financial "burden" put upon UFA as it continually is expanding and adding artists at an almost alarming rate. New Eggs are entered into UFA all the time and with the recent Taiwan auditions UFA is seemingly heading into a new direction here. I guess some of those upcoming "Mega Best" CD collections may have been an early sign of things to come now looking at them in hindsight. So what does it all mean? Of course some of these members may still be under UFA label but may go on to other record companies and outside management to venture into new music possibilities. Hello! Project seems to be heading in the direction towards youth more than ever with this move although it's always been a prominent part of their image throughout the years. Eggs are the future and the usual graduations aren't keeping up with the new members being added giving H!P a ballooning effect…whether that be good or bad. And in so many cases, just looking at the names here on the upcoming graduation list you have to really consider that so many of these artists are grossly underused and some to a point of seemingly total inactivity. Yasuda Kei? Where's she been recently…filing papers in Tsunku's office? Marippe….has become a host of H!P events and makes only scarce appearances on various H!P fan club DVDs only it seems. Such a waste really. Iida Kaori…..???? I can't even guess as to what she's been doing in H!P as of late. Nono…is listed as back but what has UFA really given her recently? Even artists such as Nacchi, Maeda Yuki, and Yukosan to name just a few have seen so little music releases as of late. I mean getting your one single a year just doesn't seem right for someone listed as an official member don't you think. Inaba Atsuko….another member who's activity in H!P is next to non existent these days. Some groups have faded from their once successful standings as well. Melon Kinenbi for instance has seen both their release frequency and sales drop dramatically. LOL and UFA didn't even bother putting them into one of their latter pv releases. :O  And this graduation is easily being bundled up as the graduation of the "Elders Club" so that in itself says it all. UFA is most likely indeed heading into a younger generation approach. Are then Aichan and Gakisan on the edge? I hope not.

Ayaya and Mikitty on the other hand could really possibly benefit from the change of address. Mikitty in particular whose been for the most part aside from an enka flavored single (which was great!!) been inactive on the music front could really use this new freedom to find other more promising venues to get back into the music arena and I think she could be very successful if given the right approach and right production team who know how to utilize her vocal prowess and image. Ayaya. I'm just boggled by this one. She's the most mainstream out of the entire H!P. Why they would want to part ways is puzzling but at the same time maybe it's for the best as well. UFA seems (looking at it in hindsight) to now be not only focused on the youth but perhaps their ability and capacity for producing talent and new talent has gone even beyond that….as to say that UFA is maybe only capable of producing the younger idol acts and not anything that occurs after 20 or so years of age…that being a generously high age number in this case. Gomaki got out not too long ago and her joining Avex really supports this thinking although entirely speculative. Avex is what H!P isn't and vice versa so perhaps it's just time to move on as these artists are doing. Some may not return…I don't have any doubts in that but along with that is the large hope that many of them will. Some haven't even been given a chance here…Biyuuden disbanded and since then Erika and Yui have gotten no new venues to carry them. So I guess this has maybe been in the works for some time now..but who knows when it comes to anything related to H!P. I've been part of their rollercoaster ride since it began commercially in early 1998 and then saw the sudden addition of three members…and the ongoing additions and graduations that ensued afterwards through the years. Sometimes surprising but really nothing and I mean nothing like this!! :O 

So I'm trying to find the silver lining in all of this and what I can come up with is perhaps that the music writing will become less "diluted." With less artists/groups to tend to, the cream of the music compositions will see an easier less stretched distribution. There was a time when Tsunku's name would appear in just about every H!P related release in the lyrics & music writing credits and over time that has become less and less. No doubt he's super busy with all sorts of projects but it would truly be nice to see his name a lot more frequently. Solo artists in particular have seen the Tsunku name vanish from their music writing credits recently and for some time now and one can hope that with less songs needed the demands will become much easier for Tsunku to accomplish. Of course the outside writing is welcome as well but I just love Tsunku's diversity which he has displayed time and time again! And will this mean more kids units…only time will tell but one thing is for certain…Hello! Project has had more face lifts than Joan Rivers! Surely they'll survive this one as well.

So while some members will most likely benefit from this event, others will whether welcome or not be left on the outside looking in I'm afraid. Going solo isn't in the cards for everyone as it's just the hard truth no matter  how much I wish it differently for everyone involved here. Ayaya's sales may have fallen off as her fan base in H!P is largely of her younger pop tune genre and many may have not taken well to her mature approach as of late. I for one think that she not only needs to appear her age in music but also that I can enjoy where she's been musically and where she's headed in this new phase of life. Idols no doubt can't keep singing "Momoiro kataomoi" (my upmost favorite Ayaya song of all time!) forever and they must move on musically and image wise so, Ayaya has. But perhaps her fan base to which H!P caters to isn't buying in on it. Not right or wrong…just difference in taste. If she does indeed plan to further her music career elsewhere after the split in March of next year then I do think that she can really embrace that new start and it will be with a venue which produces something much more suited to her at this stage in her career. Not to say that she can't sing any more fun and cute songs…not that at all but it probably needs to be done by a production team more suited to the mixing of genres that what H!P is capable of…or so it seems. Excel at what you're best at. H!P will always be H!P in that sense…great at it, while other labels such as Avex or Pony Canyon will go about it in their own best way. Rikachan &Yossi have their new gig "Hangry & Angry", I'd love to see Yukosan get back to regularly scheduled releases if that's what she chooses, Nono/Konkon/Makochan…it's just so hard to say what will happen with them as it's like they just got back and now this?, Shibata "bunny" Ayumi…I'd love to see her in a new group somewhere, Okada & Miyoshi….ditto!, and OMG Nocchi?!!…what will become of Nocchi?!!! I shutter to think but someone with her appeal, charm, talent, and charisma must not go unseen!

And then there's my beloved Nacchi. Hello! Project without Nacchi sounds so odd and it would be like Chocolate milk without chocolate or politics without lying. 😛 Seriously though….really saddened by this announcement the most. And it really can't be helped. After all Nacchi is and has always been my favorite member in all of Hello! Project. Some may have gotten close to toppling her top spot in my heart such as Aichan, Ayappe, and Kamei but none have ever succeeded. I will miss Nacchi as part of H!P. Sounds really eerie just to type those words together. Watching Nacchi grow up litererally in her time in H!P has been the most joy for me. She really symbolizes its beginning and now with her announced parting I'm feeling really depressed now….so I must stop typing and I bet some of you are thinking…"thank goodness!…I thought this would never end!" 😛 So whatever the outcome here I wish every single member the best in their future endeavors whatever their hearts so choose! But I will miss them all and most of all I will miss Nacchi, for Hello! Project is the house that Nacchi built.

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22 Responses to Unprecedented mass Hello! Project graduations to occur in March of 2009. :O

  1. Rad♂ says:

    I had planned in going to this concert, but it's going to turn into a funeral. What brought this on? Melon Kinenbi is still one of the best club acts in the world. And Yossi, Rika, Abe … Ayaya? You can't tell me they're all losers. Something is very wrong here. How can Berryz and C-ute hope to carry the whole company? I'll probably cancel this trip. Too sad, too sad.


  2. denadel says:

    Someone at hello online said ufa fired all their talents and kept their idols. I kinda agree with that statement.What
    was good about having all these girls in H!P was that we knew for sure
    they'd release music, either through dinner events, live performances
    at concerts or by giving out singles. Right now everything is very
    uncertain. At first i was shocked to see all this mass-firing,
    and i couldnt believe nakazawa accpeted it with such grace. Since she
    seem to accept it (if it isnt all a facade), I am guessing this mean
    that they all will stay with ufa, but what will ufa do with them? Will
    they relaunch everyones carriers in the path they wish to go. will they
    keep the "succesful" ones and let the other ones go? Will a new record
    company pick them up? This is a good idea, IF someone is clever enough to do something about it.I
    am also wondering how we all can keep up to date with what they are
    doing in the future? no more news about them at the H!P site anymore.I am excited to see if there will be future releases commemorating this, or if they will just have the concert, then goodbye…


  3. momo says:

    I doubt it was a firing, there is no proof that it's a firing. This is a complete shock something like this happened. @rad, we don't know what caused it, we probably will never know how it happened in the first place.You can probably blame it on Tsunku, he is the producer after all. Maybe this is a restructuring plan or something like that. I would call it a graduation but definately not a firing. Calling it a firing is too harsh.


  4. strawberrie says:

    @momo: As I stated before you can't really blame Tsunku as he is just a face for Up-Front and it is the President's choice on who goes or stays in the company.

    I was hoping Aya would graduate and move on to better things that Hello! Project as I am enjoying her mature music compare to her older pop music but I think Aya has a beautiful voice and its used very well in ballads. Tsuji and Ogawa….so sad as these two have just return, I was hoping Nakazawa's recent birthday concert would have a DVD release so we could see Tsuji after a whole year but here's hoping she would appear in the winter concerts. But the whole Thank you for you LOVE title for the Elder's club and the mega best releases (including Abe's) was like a warning sign and then BOOM it was annouced! I hope we still see these girls outside of H!P.


  5. So true that this concert will be one of the saddest ever…I mean I really want to celebrate their time in H!P with this event but when all the good-bye's are going on I'm going to be a absolute mess. It's difficult enough saying good-bye to a single member in a H!P/Momusu concert but all of these members at once?!! It's going to be so emotional and crying isn't going to be an option. No everyone here has been an important part of H!P along the way and while some are more active than others at this time, none are any less valuable. Still shocked today…


  6. The more I think about it that is a really quite an accurate statement. UFA must be making a point to head in a different direction..one which caters to fans of idols rather than a mix with "artists." I hate to separate them but there really is a line in between there although some members transcend over to both sides. Like Ayaya. I think she's really both…an talent and an idol and so much more. I think some will maybe leave the entertainment business on the music side at least while some others may pursue other venues which suit them. I really hope everyone is able to find their way and be happy and successful at whatever they choose. The whole contract thing with UFA is so uncertain. Whether they keep some of them in a contract sense is yet to be seen but certainly some of these members really should be able to get contracts with other record labels. There's just so much potential here that's yet to be tapped in to. Nocchi…I'm so sad for her. She never really did get a chance to shine fully and I really think she could have gone solo much like Manoeri did. I think her vocals may even be a bit better developed at this point although Manoeri's piano skills are not to be overlooked!!! Nocchi has such a natural thing about her that really works well in performances and in front of the camera in general. It'd be a shame if she doesn't continue on or if she isn't given the opportunity to do so. :(So true as it's going to be much more difficult to follow all of them afterwards as they'll no longer be under the one roof of H!P. I'm so torn as to whom to follow and support…I just hope that Nacchi continues on in music. On the flip side I think that Momusu, Berryz Koubou as well as C-ute may really benefit from this. Bigger budgets with less production going on could mean better produced pvs and maybe even live bands for some of them. One can hope that this will play out this way as what is done is done. So shocked still….sad really.


  7. 'Firing' may not be the right word to use here although I do understand why this impression is out there. Some may benefit while some may not from all of this. Really shocking but only time will tell. And this is such an early announcement so I hope that all fans will take in and enjoy the final releases that these artists come out with up until the time of their graduation. Still so much time to rejoice in their presence in H!P. ^-^ Nacchi's upcoming release now has so much more meaning to it no doubt….it'll be bitter sweet. I'll miss her the most but everyone will truly be missed as H!P will be so downsized after this. Momusu, Berryz Koubou and C-ute may actually benefit from this though as I'm trying to find the silver lining here. Bigger budgets for them may translate into more elaborate pv productions and bigger concert events….maybe even a live band for Momusu. One can hope. 🙂 I wouldn't put any of this on Tsunku though. Really it looks to be a business decision and that would be UFA making the call here. Perhaps the ever expanding H!P member lineup finally caught up with them in terms of cost verses profit. Really sad to see this occur but maybe UFA needed to make a move now in order to "save" H!P. I'm just speculating…just trying to find answers when there aren't any so far. Hopefully we'll learn more in time.


  8. I totally share your hopes and visions as you've so well stated here. Ayaya in particular…love her later music as well. ^-^ I really consider "Egao" to be one of the best H!P songs ever! The "Mega Best" were really a warning sign….I was wondering why these collections were being released and why now. Commemorative. We still have a lot of time to celebrate them though as this announcement is coming really early so which each final release by these artists I think fans can rejoice in them and perhaps make them bigger and more meaningful. Nacchi's final single release will probably give me goosebumps…just the thought of it being her final release as a member of H!P. Nacchi really did help build Momusu/H!P so it's going to be such a poignant release no doubt. So true that some of these members just got back as with Konkon and Makochan, must be really surprising and shocking for them as well I imagine. Bottom line: I hope this means that Momusu, Berryz Koubou and C-ute will each get larger budgets for their releases. Translating into better pvs, more elaborate productions, higher quality songs as there'll be less members/groups to distribute to, and maybe just maybe a live band for Momusu! It's been much too long since Momusu has had a live band with them on stage. I wish the best to all in their future choices and I hope opportunity knocks for those wanting to continue on in the entertainment/music business. ^-^


  9. Kimiko says:

    This definitely was a shock for me when I first found out. I'm still speechless, because all of my favorites are in the Elder Club.. But most especially is Nacchi. She has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. I always watch the dvd with Nacchi's graduation from Morning Musume because I think it was the most emotional graduation out of all of them.. Or maybe I'm biased because it's Nacchi lol, But I cried for all the graduations, not just Nacchi's!In any case, this one is a bomber and as much as I look forward to the Elder Club concerts, I'm scared to watch this one.. will they all be crying? what will they say? what will they do? Gosh, I know I will be crying up a storm.. I just wish some of the past H!P artists would come back for this final hurrah.. like T&C Bomber, Michiyo Heike, Aya Ishiguro, Asuka Fukuda, Sayaka Ichii, Rinne.. *sigh*, heck bring them all back. I mean the H!P we all came to know and love will be gone, simple as that. I can't continue calling it Hello! Project after the original members are gone. I just can't! lol *end tantrum*.. Thanks for listening ^_^


  10. There's so many possible reasons as to why this may have happened. I'm thinking that maybe UFA had stretched themselves out too thin by adding on artist/group after artist/group. Not just song material wise but also in a financial sense. I remember when things were much simpler when there was only Momusu and nothing else. Seems so odd but maybe they're trying to get back t basics and keep things much smaller so that more attention can be given to the groups/artists that remain afterwards. Maybe more elaborate productions for Momusu, Berryz Koubou and C-ute? For Ayaya and Mikitty in particular this parting may benefit them as well as their releases have become much more seldom recently so maybe a new production company may be able to push them further into the spotlight with more activiy. I'm really hoping for this because it would be so sad to see them all just go away and leave the music industry in this manner. I'm so much like you….the Elders' Club has so many favorites in all of H!P so this is really devastating news to hear. And Nacchi's my overall favorite H!P member too. Graduation concerts always hurt and you just can't fight back the tears. They all make me cry to. That would be such a wonderful and meaning thing to do…bringing back all of the past members to commemorate this graduation event. I know that for sure when they start saying their good-byes and they embrace with flowers I'm going to lose it. That's so true as this will really be the end of the H!P that we've all come to love and know. It's going to be so strange not having these members there anymore. They're really cutting out a huge part of the heart of H!P. I just hope for whatever reason(s) they're doing this that it works out for everyone although I know that may be wishful thinking. The origins of H!P and Momusu itself will be washed away on that night…..I still can't believe that they're doing this. It's sad.


  11. paul.thomas says:

    @Rad, if you have a chance to go to the concert you have to, although it's a sad affair it's something that you'll look back on with fond memories and just imagine amazing the concert is going to be, with being their last concert they'll be so much emotion that I can just see it blowing away any concert, the line up is so great that UFA have to make this an amazingly special thing."Hello! Project has had more face lifts than Joan Rivers!" hahahahaha, so true!Much like any graduation it's a sad thing with it being such a large number of amazing members, but as you say this isn't the first time H!P has got rid of members, sure it's the first time this many in one go but I have faith and I'm sure they'll survive it and we'll see a whole lot of new talent shine through, there's all these up and coming Eggs and the new Taiwan unit to look forward to as well. With the news that Melon Kinenbi are still going to be around after the graduation has given me a lot of hope that much the same will be said about over members as well…fingers crossed.


  12. Sorry just a bit of wacked out humor there….I couldn't resist but she actually makes fun of herself in this manner as I saw on E! once. 😛 It's shocking to say the least and so many favorite members will be leaving at the same time come next March that I'll have much mixed emotions going on when it occurs. Still not sure if I'll be prepared for it as of yet. Especially Nacchi and Ayaya….I just don't know what to say. I was thinking back to the early days when Momusu was all that was there and how with a bigger budget and less to focus on perhaps this is part of UFA's plan of restructuring. To give the remaining groups bigger budgets to work with on pvs, concerts, etc…and perhaps even the songwriting which used to be pretty much Tsunku exclusive will return to more of that as you notice that so many artists/groups in H!P right now are getting their music material from elsewhere…of course the variety of songwriters isn't a bad thing at all but I just wonder if Tsunku feels like he's being pulled thin with so many demands right now. And then yes the Taiwanese audition winners…so many new things happening right now and that really must put a strain on UFA both artistically and financially I imagine. Some for sure will continue on I think but I imagine that some members may leave the music business for good…just difficult to imagine everyone sticking around after they're released from H!P. The Melon Kinenbi annoucement was an encouraging one. Recently their fan base has really seemingly fallen off with their sales plummeting so badly but maybe a new start elsewhere is exactly what they need. They were really popular early on so I'd love to see that fan love return for sure. With my overall favorite H!P member Nacchi leaving though it's very hard to take.


  13. Hello!Jessie says:

    When I first found out about this I was Fabbergasted!! It totally blew me away, I never even thought something like a mass graduation would occur. It makes me very sad, because I think that some of those artists are amazing and just imaging Hello Project without them is hard. Even though its noticeable that the sales and stuff havent been doing so well, but its hard to except. I would love to go to this concert but like Rad said above it'll be like a funeral. And the fact that I cant afford a flight to Japan anfd then to actually get there. lol


  14. I felt very much the exact same way too…..I'm still bothered by it all and I'm probably going to be a teary mess (´⌒`。) when I see the actual graduation concert. I mean it's difficult enough when one member graduates during a concert but to have so many at one time is going to be no doubt overwhelming in the truest sense. 😦 I guess UFA really decided that they're going strictly with an "idol" approach as they're sending away all of the "talent" so to speak. :/I imagine that as the concert draws nearer this will be a difficult ticket to find and I'm dreading that there will be price gouging at online auctions too. :/ I surely would love to attend to. ^ ^


  15. when i found out,i was shocked! i didn't know what to say.
    here's how the conversation could have went
    tsunku:"we spent all of the budget on the new berryz pv so we're gonna fire the elder club in order to get us more moolah"!


  16. Hello!Jessie says:

    lol That would have been interesting ^^


  17. Awwww bad Tsunku! 😛 I'm really going to miss not having all of the members in the Elder's Club….(sigh) it's been awhile now to have it all sink in but yet I'm still depressed about this announcement. I'm happy that Ayaya and some others will be getting a final single before their graduation in March…still so bittersweet though!


  18. Hmmm… these are some of the points that I picked up in your comments that I wanted to share my opinions with:"you have to really consider that so many of these artists are grosslyunderused and some to a point of seemingly total inactivity."- Well… I think that it is not that these artises are underused or inactive, it is the producer that did not make a wise move to use them often, hence they seemed to have slid down to the bottom of the graph. But, if H!P were to use them wisely (as they are the known ones) together with young generations, I'm pretty sure that both the young and the elder ones can spark off together. Isn't it the way MM always is? The elder of the group will lead the young ones, and sooner or later the family grows bigger, the the young ones now will become the elder of tomorrow to lead the new ones? That's basically how MM and H!P grows to become a bigger family since 1998 isn't it? o __ O; but of course, graduations and loss of talents will occur no matter what as there will always be ups and downs in a graph(metaphor). I will be glad to see if Tsunku uses a lot of them together and audience will enjoy at the same time, but then again, we cannot use all of the artises lol~
    "And this graduation is easily being bundled up as the graduationof the "Elders Club" so that in itself says it all."- Hmmm… I kinda don't like the name given to this group of wonderful elder artises… can't we change it to like perhaps… eh…the 'Well-known Group'? Since almost all of them are the starters and already well known of… as members of H!P and MM~

    "Are then Aichan and Gakisan on the edge? I hope not."- I hope not too… How can they? They are the important young ones then and leaders now, if they were gone… IT"S TERRIBLE!!!!

    "Rikachan &Yossi have their new gig 'Hangry & Angry'."- What's that all about? sounds 'omoshiruii' (interesting)… I wanna know about it more, can anyone kindly share about this 'Hangry & Angry' thingy? I always love to watch Rika chan and Yossie act together hahah~Especially the 'Ganko Ittetsu' family- H!P series then wahhuahahuhahaha!!!!

    Finally!":P So whatever the outcome here, I wish every single Member the BESTin their future endeavors, whatever their Hearts♥ so choose!"- Well said Hahahaa~ \V/ ( 'O __ <)


  19. They made one great effort though to connect the newer and elder generations by teaming up Nacchi & Maimichan for their awesome single! \(^o^)/☆ I love that song so much but unfortunately more fan support (as in sales) was needed to show UFA that this was marketing and chemistry genius, so perhaps efforts such as these began to wear on UFA's mind and ultimately led to their mass graduations decision. :/ With Momusu's constant graduation of elder members UFA really benefitted and so did fans with each new solo career but at the same time UFA really didn't support some of them as much in their latter years…such as Yukosan in particular who rarely releases even a single now days. It got down to just one per year and that was really disappointing I felt. Again though, fans support (sales) really fell off so it really pushed UFA to make a decision like this unfortunately. If more fans purchased the solo artist's releases in H!P I'm sure these artists wouldn't be graduating in this way because UFA wouldn't want to let go of them. The bottom line is that it is a business and businesses need to be profittable to survive or make sense to begin with….so sadly it's come to this as the fan support just wasn't there wholeheartedly. :(I so agree~! ^o^ The title of "Elder's Club" really made them sound….omg! old at times and although I've grown used to them using this title it still maybe could have been named better with something a bit more cute or elegant sounding perhaps. =)So true! so true! Aichan & Gakisan are really two of the most important members in Momusu right now and it goes beyone them being leader and co-leaders. In addition to that they without doubt bring the best and strongest vocals to the group and surely that would be sorely missed if UFA were to graduate them at this present stage before the younger members have yet deveoloped fully. Momusu definitley needs Aichan & Gakisan…as much as Aichan & Gakisan need Momusu although Aichan could easily move into a solo career any day now as she's already such a proven soloist in her single release, duets as well as her musical starring roles. She's just so amazing and I don't think that fans give her enough credit for this as they often key in on her personality which I think is perfect the way it is. She's the ultimate professional in Momusu making her very appropriate as leader and I ♥ her wonderfully quirky personality…it's perhaps more subtle than that of her fellow members but she shouldn't be expected to be someone she's not as this very side of her she presents to fans I think is perfectly endearing♥. ^ ^ LOL Rikachan & Yossi's family skits with Aibon & Nono were the best!!! They cracked me up so much!!! I miss those too! ^o^ I posted about Hangry & Angry a short while ago and their debut mini album can be found here as well as a few thoughts about their group. I hope this post helps! ^ ^Arigatou~ K@NeatieS-kun! ^ ^


  20. Hmmm… yea… I guess it's still business no matter what, in the media and entertainment industry, especially in Japan… with big companies like AVEX as competitors… money is always the issue… arse~ ='PIt's a good decision to make lol…BUT… I'm not that sure if H!P will prosper (not limited to money sense) as ideally as what is intended, planned and visioned…without them at the current stage~I mean… it is still quite a shocking news and I'm not sure if most H!P fans can acknowledge swiftly without rioting or sort lol… … X'P

    MAN! Yossie & Rikachan is an 'Eye-opener'!!!!Their images are even more shocking haha! Not bad… not bad at all~Isn't it great! Finally partnering together just like the way when they entered the industry together; and the best thing is… they sound 'THUMBS UP'!!!!I ♥ all 5 songs! POWER! Especially 'Wall Flower'! hahahaha~You're so very welcomed~ M.B eh… chan or san { ='EI never really know nihongo lol… just bits and pieces haha…~Broken Japanese~ =;O


  21. OH YAH! Forgot to mention… It's quite funny how Yossie & Rikachan's hair shaped hahah… as if I could almost plucked out pikes off them! '> __ <; \V/


  22. Oh it really did create quite a big stir when it was announced last year. I know a lot of fans are going to truly miss so many of the members in the Elder's Club! Me included! I have a lot of favorite members in there with Nacchi and Ayaya leading the way. It's so sad that they'll no longer be a part of H!P but I do hope that they each can continue on in some way in the music industry if they so choose to. ^ ^ Oh I'm so happy that you got a chance to listen to Hangry & Angry. =) I ♥ their image and rock sound! And so true that they just fit so well together as polar opposites of each other….entering Momusu together and now continuing their careers after H!P together…really sweet to see! Arigatou ne~!LOL..their hair is really cutting edge! Spiky spiky spiky!!! =)


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