The true meaning of “SMAP”, an odd concert title, pvs, and some Nacchi to tide me over.

Cdjapan sent me a Smap poster this time and the biggest quesion is are they actually pictured on it?!! Recently Smap has taken to the liking of not appearing on their single or album covers and I guess since we all know what they look like since they've been a substantial part of Japanese culture for such a long time maybe they figure don't need to see a photo of us on our covers anymore. 😛 As you can see their new album's cover is white, black and gray…no group photo in sight! The limited edition does look promising though with the inclusion of 2 discs and a total of 19 tracks! Disc 2 has 5 songs on it and it's very similar to what Arashi has been doing of late with their LE's so I'm guessing that we'll have individual member songs here which would be a delight! Add in the fact that Smap doesn't release very many singles these days and you have a ton of new songs for this album!! That's one postitive of not being too active in the single release catagory. And it looks that the actual meaning of SMAP has changed. I remember awhile back finding out that it stood for "Sports, Music, Assemble, People." Very accurately correct acronym no doubt! But the little wrap tag on the poster above reads "Super. modern. artistic. performance." That too is appropriate and at least we can rest easily knowing that S M A P isn't some strange secret concoction thought up by a Johnny's higher up just for kicks as it actually means something specific. And we have a surprise appearance!…

…the members of Smap are actually picured on this advertising poster! (^o^)/ A rarity in the land of their releases and related material. 🙂 Really great shot of them here!! The red really creates a nice accent against the black and white for a mesmerizing effect. It's just a shame that there's no room on my walls for this unless I take something down…or else it will end up in storage. 😛

Heading into the DVD player soon will be Ayaya's latest concert release "Aya The Witch" concert tour 2008 Spring…interesting title really…eh? I don't get it! ??? Maybe after watching the concert I'll understand. 🙂 One particular photo on the back of the case does intrigue to great lengths though! I'll report back if indeed it's what it's suggesting to be! ^o^ 134 minutes of Ayaya greatness…sounds like an evening well spent don't you think? 🙂

Nacchi's "Nacchural" DVD also arrived and Nacchi on the island of Oahu here in Hawaii is enough to attract my attention! This one to go along with its accompanying "End of Summer" shashinshuu has a running time of 52 minutes as is shot in wonderful 16:9. ^-^ Hmm…looks like she went fishing…

Last but not least is Canaria Club's first pv DVD collection and I was so amazed to see that it's 92 minutes long?!! Tons of versions and behind the scenes footage galore!! I purchased  a bunch of their singles awhile back so this should be fun to watch no doubt. ^-^ ♥ pvs!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to The true meaning of “SMAP”, an odd concert title, pvs, and some Nacchi to tide me over.

  1. I'm still here!!!
    I'm glad to see that things here, on your page, are STILL well-nicely put-together and GREAT to read!!!
    I've missed you, and I'm sorry for it!
    -Glad to see that all is well with you!
    + I just left a small note, on my page, just for you!


  2. Thank you DK…sorry it's been awhile hasn't it. I'm still babbling here…lol! 😛 Just went to have a look. ^-^


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