Manoeri’s “Lucky Aura” and I think my scanner has the chicken pox! :O

Manoeri's second indie single effort is really a step in the right direction as after hearing her debut single "Manopiano" I was thinking wouldn't a more upbeat song suit her so much better? Really an idol at her stage should be given something lively and fun to perform but not to put down her debut and ballads in general as I absolutely love them but it's just in this case of a younger idol and what just seems appropriate to maximize her potential as well as her image devolopment for fans would be upbeat material I think. Take Ayaya for example…her career is basically the winning blueprint for success. Now deep into her career her songs and image have inevitably taken on a much more mature approach but she'll always have those early gems such as "Dokki Doki! love mail", "Love namida iro", "Tropical koishiteru", "Momoiro kataomoi", etc…etc…etc… So what Manoeri needs is material like this to get her started and I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps Tsunku the master of the fun pop genre should step in and take over the music & lyric writing duties. Just some food for thought though as it's only Manoeri's 2nd single release and I'd hate to judge too early. In any case "Lucky Aura" is a good follow up to "Manopiano" and it really sets things up for her to continue in this direction musically although I'm still thinking Tsunku Tsunku Tsunku for her music catalog! Or since cover songs are all the rage right now in H!P, have Manoeri do a 2008 rendition of "Momoiro kataomoi" with an all new backing track as it's still and always will be a pop gem for all time. ^-^

As with her debut indie release, "Lucky Aura" is also a single track CD which is only accompanied by a karaoke instrumental backing track. The song is rather catchy and the composition itself is a bit retro while Manoeri's vocals do sound better here and think baby steps…as she's new at this being solo thing so improvement over time is inevitable. ^-^ In some ways I kind of feel like I enjoyed "Manopiano" a bit better though but that may just be because that chorus is permanently stuck in my mind from play overload. 😛 This song is a cute one though.

Scan0064Manoeri "Lucky Aura" (inner jacket scan)

One thing is for certain. Manoeri definitely has a career in shashinshuu if she so desires. Just look at these shots…she's absolutely beautiful in them and she really carries a nice charisma about her and it comes through in her wonderful smile always. I wonder why my scanner sometimes creates scans which look like they have an acute case of the chicken pox! 😛 It only occurs on some scans so I'm really confused as to why this happens but I do apologize for the "chicken pox" like scans above. You can't really notice above since they're tiny here but if you click on to enlarge them there's blotchy little pixelated spots. Really odd. My older software for my previous pc would allow for smoothing out of images but this new one has no such feature..even odder. 😛

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11 Responses to Manoeri’s “Lucky Aura” and I think my scanner has the chicken pox! :O

  1. Risuzu says:

    When I was browsing iTunes earlier this month, I was surprised to notice "Lucky Aura" listed in the store. When I listened to the preview clip, I liked it, so I bought it. It sounds sweet.(*^-^*)Love&Peace


  2. denadel says:

    My scanner does that too some times. So annyoing! Sometimes it help to
    increase or decrease the quality of the scan you are making. that
    sometimes removes those spots. Or chicken pox XDWhat i like
    about mano erina is that they (=ufa) seem to portray her as a girl next
    door (kinda like MM back in the days). She seems very sweet and i like
    the fact that both songs are so different from each other. Matsuura is
    growing up and she wants to distance herself from her image back in the
    days. The songs she released back then are very good, but i am sad to
    see that her sales are declining when her songs are as nice as they are!I
    am worried that if mano erina goes in the same direction as ayaya in
    the early days, she'll get stuck with just "one image". right now she
    has both a ballad and a nice pop song. that gives her discography
    variety and diversity, like H!P was back in the days. I like the retro
    sound of this single too! And the art work, so nice to see that they can make nice photos, and not only poor photoshop cut and paste :/It wont be long before she'll release
    her first sashinshuu. i hope they pair her up with a good photographer,
    as i am looking forward to see what the outcome will be. H!P has a
    bunch of nice (artistic) pictures from sashinshuu.Speaking of
    those, Nakazawa Yuko will release a new sashinsuu. it's limited (from
    what i ahve heard) and already sold out. (i hope the pictures will
    surface, as it is "hand made" by her).


  3. Sorry about my late reply but I had the worst migraine yesterday and it was odd as I don't get these at all really. It lasted all day though and I really lost all of yesterday to laying down the whole time. Wow it's great that Manoeri's song got in there and with it being an indie release it's that much more surprising…but a very nice one at that! ^-^ iTunes must be really branching out their catalog and it's really nice to know that the international market is being directly tapped into by Japanese record companies. 🙂


  4. Thanks Denadel…so you've seen these "spots" too? It's always so puzzling as use the same settings for everything really but they only appear sometimes so I can't figure out exactly why that is. I'll try altering the quality settings to see if that helps me too. ^-^Ayaya's sales of late really sadden me too as I think they are some of her best releases to date. A song like "Egao" is really exceptional and yet it didn't sell very well. 😦 The approach that UFA took with her career was picture perfect I think…starting with the cute and upbeat idolly material and gradually moving towards a more adult sound. It matched her age the entire way and I'm hoping that they do something similar with Manoeri's career. "Lucky Aura" is a nice sign of this. 🙂 Love all of her cover artwork too!! The production team and stylist are presenting her in such a great 'girl next door' type of way like you mention! 🙂 It's just a hunch but with how much the camera loves her I'm guessing too that it won't be too long before Manoeri's 1st shashinshuu is produced. She has a wonderfully natural smile and charisma about her so I think she'll be a photographer's dream. I haven't even heard about Yukosan releasing a 'hand made' shashinshuu. I hadn't seen it on Amazon Japan who normally sends me e-mail updates of new H!P pbs….ah and its already sold out?!! I'd like to search for its title.


  5. denadel says:

    i am glad you're feeling better today, no fun having a migraine :(since we're speaking of nakazawa's shashinshuu.. her eis a picture of her making it (?), and some info in japanese:


  6. Thanks…I really lost all of Saturday and the odd thing is that I never get migraines ever. I don't know where it came from but I'm glad it's gone. :)Hmm…this link sends me to a thread with a lot of member messages but I'm not seeing the Nakazawa picture. Is it in one of those links? Or is it that one large photo of her sitting? Really pretty there!


  7. paul.thomas says:

    I received my copy of Lucky Aura a few days but as yet I still haven't had a chance to listen to it, but I've got a quiet night planned tonight and it's on the to-do list so as long as I don't get home and full straight to sleep I'll no doubt be spending the night with it on repeat. I think this song has a lot to live up to, Manopiano is certainly a grower and with each listen I'm loving it more and more, I'm really interested to listen to it…so tempted to click on the play button up there, lol.A Manoeri PB!! Sounds like a great idea! Certainly in the shots I've seen of her in UTB and Kindai (and the CD sleeves obviously) she is "absolutely beautiful", if H!P decide to release PBs for the members that are currently missing out, Manoeri is definetely another one to add to the list.


  8. Oh I imagine that you're asleep by now as it's…2:39 a.m. in the UK? But hopefully Manoeri's "Lucky Aura" was on repeat earlier all night. 🙂 Wow you didn't catch a preview earlier as I thought you would have for sure. I have the wacky habit of always wanting to wait for the actual release to arrive before hearing it although on occasion I have found myself caving in to temptation to hear something! 😛 Haha you resisted the embedded audio above! Just yesterday I was watching the latest Wonderful Hearts concert DVD release and Manopiano is performed a little past mid way and seeing it live has made it even more of a favorite!! Just watching and hearing her play the keyboards live was really something special and now that piano melody is stuck with me. ^-^ If you're curious I've posted her performance in one of the posts above this one. :)I'm anticipating that she'll have a pb within the next year or so…but I'm still wondering if some members object to having them as I'd much rather think that as the reason rather than UFA ignoring them when it comes to shashinshuu. But with H!P….you just can never tell. 😛


  9. paul.thomas says:

    I've been quite good lately when it comes to previews normally I hold out until the PV appears on :::Dohhh Up!::: and as there hasn't been any promotional clips for the single posted yet the first I heard was when it came in the post. Talking of Dohhh Up, it's a little odd that they're still promoting Manopiano over this new single? You would have thought that with it being out there would be some live clips, a PV or something?I haven't ordered the Wonderful Hearts DVD yet I must get around to doing it at some point as I'm dying to see a good quality clip of Manoeri performing Manopiano live. Oddly although this new release is better than her previous single I think I'm prefering Manopiano, there's something about the sound of it that I love, I still can't stop listening to it!Fingers crossed she'll get one soon, but it very curious as to why some members get PBs and others don't, lol you know my feelings on who should be getting PB releases next, but it looks like UFA are sticking to the usual line up. I really wonder if there is more to it then just UFA opinion on things and whether the members have a say, it's one of them things where I can't imagine one of them would refuse to do it as it's sure to increase their popularity amongst fans,,,,but then who knows, it's all so very odd.


  10. It's interesting that Manoeri hasn't gotten a promotional video yet as indie singles in the past in H!P such as all of C-ute's got them. They seem to be putting a lot into her releases so a pv would be expected. It would be a great bonus to find a pv or two of hers on the upcoming Pucchi best DVD release but I know I'm just dreaming. 😛 Hmmm….I don't know if the live clip above of Manoeri performing "Manopiano" lives up to being 'good quality' but I did encode it as large as VOX would allow (50 MB max for each individual video upload)…maybe you'd like to take a peek? I know exactly what you mean about "Manopiano" still holding an edge here. Especially when you see her performing live on the piano that piano riff is very haunting (in a good way of course! 😛 ) and it really captures you. It's so structered and precise sounding which gives it a powerful and memorable sound…hope that makes some sense. 😛 I'm still guessing that maybe some members are perhaps shy to having a pb shot. Just a lingering hunch…..or perhaps their parents object? Maybe not likely but I wonder about this too. The same members get pb releases repeatedly but I can't complain much as they're all of my favorites! 😛 And I know this is true for you too although I'd so love to see Erikachan, Nakki and other to get one too. Kannachan? I think she's so adorable so her too along with a lot of others! ^-^


  11. Wait!….I misspoke, Manoeri's live performance of "Manopiano" isn't above in this post but rather here. 😛 My the mind sure wanders sometimes….. 😛


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