「Featured post」えっ!七面鳥ソーダ?!!信じられない。。。:O (♥Turkey soda anyone?♥)

So I was watching the HYD2 Returns “Hanazakari no kimitachi e” special in New York after finishing the second series last night and while it was great to see the main cast in some really fun and candid situations out and about in New York…dining in fairly priced eateries….singing with the “Naked Cowboy”….riding in a mall ferris wheel….cooking with Abe Tsuyoshi…..singing with a NY choir….etc…etc…, one thing really stood out by far.





And it all begins with Domyouji’s often wacky use of the Japanese language where he says the oddest things albeit unintentional as his vocabulary is a bit underachieving throughout the HYD drama series. It’s all about the batsu (penalty) game and the punishment of not so great tasting “beverages.” :O First there was the……

….dreaded green pea soda!!! :O!!!…after one failed game where Matsujun is unable to remember just what odd phrase ended one of his misleaded Japanese language hickups. 😛 And everyone present pays the price…….

………yech!…..and now………………..

……….F4 is leaving! :O More fun ensues later though as…………………..

…..the unsuspecting cast is faced with another batsu game challenge and this time the most odd and frightening beverage ever thought up has them staring down the barrel of ickness!!! (Just check their aprehensive first reactions to the beverages name! (above). :O So what could it be? The penalty drink is…………………….

……………..the NY terrible turkey soda beverage!!!!!!!!!!!! :O Okay we have V8 to drink your vegetables but drinking your turkey?? EH? Who in the world thought up such a thing????!!!! Mazui Mazui Mazui Mazui!! :O!!!!

OMG how gross is this!!!!!

So the question is…..just how many times does Tsukushi’s character hop before delivering the pain?!! And it’s a cumulative total that they’re looking for here so poor Susumu who’s been chosen for this challenge must now add up in his mind just how many times did she hop in each sequence before delivering the knock down blow.

And if he’s incorrect in his count….the dreaded turkey soda awaits them all!! :O!!! It even has a label…seriously who invented this?!!!!!!!!!!! O__o

And now for the moment of truth. Makino Susumu’s  answer er…um guess is “24 kurai” (about 24?) Hehe I don’t envy him here!

………….17 and counting……………the vtr continues its count of her cute little hops……………..

…but alas Susumu’s count is four short of the correct answer. Uh oh! Feel Matsujun’s pain!!! And he hasn’t even tasted the awful turkey soda beverage yet!

No one is spared….cheers all the way down the table. Bon apetit!….I guess I can say that even though it’s only a drink as there’s um turkey involved! :P……… :O………………………….

And now for some reactions…





…hmmm….must not taste very good. 😛 Heheh seriously yucky! I think Matsujun’s expression says it all! But cutely he deems it actually delicious and gets their batsu game host to try some shortly afterwards. =) And those results???

So it’s down the hatch! XD Oishii?

LOL!! she spits it right back into the bottle!!! 😛 Oishikunakatta!! :P……………..

Fin. ♥^-^♥

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to 「Featured post」えっ!七面鳥ソーダ?!!信じられない。。。:O (♥Turkey soda anyone?♥)

  1. DJ_MaiMai says:

    xD I can't beleive that it's Jones soda. That is my favorite brand… seriously, they make so many flavors (black cherry, bubble gum, raspberry), and it doesn't feel like you're chugging corn syrup.


  2. I wonder what their reactions would be to the "dirt" and "grass" Jones sodas!! XD;;


  3. That's so funny, I've never heard of Jones soda and was only half thinking that it was real! 😛 I can't believe that they actually make such um "flavors"… :O 'Black cherry, bubble gum, and raspberry' all sound great, especially bubble gum!! Love bubble gum!!! ^o^ And I take it they're not too sweet which is a nice change from the norm…heheh 'corn syrup' overload. 🙂


  4. I'm still astonished that Jones soda is real!! :O I never imagined such "flavors" could exist and that……eh? people actually buy them?!! DJ_MaiMai mentioned some yummy sounding flavors and I'd love to try those especially 'bubblegum' flavor but…'dirt?!!' and 'grass?!!' lol that's so wild! I wonder if there's any store here in Hawaii that'd dare to sell these flavors?! I could offer them to friends when they come over…but then they may never come back! 😛 Or it would be like…"thirsty?"…."no thanks!!!" So these are 'seasonal?', like limited editions only available during particular times of the year? Please let me know if you find any odd flavors here. ^-^ But then again maybe I should just stick to the yummy sounding ones! 😛


  5. DJ_MaiMai says:

    Heres a list I got off the Jones website:
    Orange and Cream, Cherry, Green Apple, Crushed Melon, Cream Soda, Blue Bubble Gum, Fufu Berry, Root Beer, M.F. Grape, Berry Lemonade, Strawberry Lime, Lemon Lime, Pure Cane Soda, Black Cherry
    And the "retired" flavors list: Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Drop, Strawberry and Cream, Ginger Ale, Chocolate Fudge, Fun, Fruit Punch, Peachy Keen
    (I made the oddest flavors bold)
    Turkey isn't listed anywhere there O: Weirrrddddd.

    They also make carbonated candy, which is amazing. I've had Fufu Berry and it was really good ❤
    Heres their website where you can actually order the soda ;D

    xD Since when was soda so interesting?


  6. Wow thank you DJ_MaiMai!! ^-^ I can't believe there are so many flavors and I love the descriptions as they all sound yummy!! 'Crushed Melon'…love to try that one! Interesting that they retire flavors….hehe maybe it's like Momusu and these flavors graduate after awhile! 'Fun???'….hmmm I wonder what that tasted like and chocolate fudge as a soda is a bit wacky too. :O I wonder if the turkey flavor is exclusive to the New York area…..aw why do they get the good flavors?!! 😛 Carbonated candy sounds awesome and I don't even eat candy very often. 🙂 Thank you for posting their link and for all of your research! ^-^ Maybe flavors such as "dirt", "grass" and "turkey" need to be mailed from a friend who lives in the area. It's just so bizarre!!…just want to see one first hand. I asked a few friends at work today about Jones sodas and a few of them have actually had them too but none of them have seen the really really out there "flavors" but it's on this program so it surely must exist. Just need to find someone who lives in or near N.Y. to send me some. 😛


  7. paul.thomas says:

    Green Pea and Turkey soda?! Wow, why would someone make them? They'd probably go down very well with Egg and Bacon Ice Cream!! I really wonder what must f been going through people's minds when they tried these odd combination…at what point does it sound good?Lol, but on the plus side we get to see other people drinking them and it's always great to see their reactions in these style of games. Lol, I think the hosts reaction to it has to be the best, straight back in the bottle, mmm must taste good, lol.


  8. OMG this was so strange and yet at the same time so amusing~!! I was like Eh?!! why why why???? O_o It sounds truly disgusting!!!! Hmm….'egg and bacon ice cream????'…..you may have an idea there! 😛 Eggs, bacon and ice cream…you've just named 3 foods that I dislike! It would me like my worst nightmare! 😮 Scary ideas for a soda ne?Batsu games are the best though!!!…well as long as you're not one of the participants! 😛 Ah I can't even imagine! I probably would have sent it straight back too. >_<


  9. mikeymikez says:

    Jelly Belly has so many weird ones too! And Ben And Jerry’s has some unique ones also!



    Of course these are fairly normal. But they have some bizzarre ones too – like vomit flavor! nom!!


    • It makes me think of those jelly~beans in Harry Potter as frightening those are like with ear wax flavor and well….much yuckier too lol (´。・д・。)!!、..oh they have a watermelon flavor and Dr. Pepper too sugoi! I think those would be most yummy and I don’t even like candy very much :P.


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