Smells like Miya…

…and just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger it does! ^-^ Just the thought of a H!P member air freshener (I love how they spelled it “FRESHNER” =D ) is giddy in its own sense! When I saw this I had to have one! ^-^ Has me now wondering….okay….if Miya smells like “tropical” as indicated above on the label then what do the other members of H!P smell like? 😛 Well I’ll be honest, I really just want to know what Kamei smells like….no no no not in the way that you may be thinking!! :O, but as an essence. I’m thinking strawberries…or maybe pineapple, or could she smell like papaya? Definitely not lemon or sauerkraut or even pickles. 😛 Then again why would anyone smell like a pickle?! 😛 But it would have to be the sweetest because she’s so adorable so I’m sticking with strawberries for sure! ^-^

I love the warnings on the back!!…what not to do with a Miya air freshener!! :O Just imagine how bizarre it would sound to go like that!…..”what happened officer?”…..”Looks like the Miya air freshener took another one tonight.” :O

But what this all gets me to wondering is, what is the most unusual H!P merchandise item out there? I ♥ collecting odd things well because I’m odd :P….and it seems that new ones keep popping up every so often. Still waiting for UFA’s release of the “Riiferigerator” due out some time I’m certain but in the meanwhile I have just three to choose from so far that I think qualify as a going beyone the call of oddness and perhaps that’s an understatement in itself. =D

Please click~* for Vizu poll.

You probaby remember the Kamei Italian parsley that Paul @ Hello!Blog got for me! :)…….

…….and then there’s of course the Nacchi linen box! 🙂 Who would’ve thunk it?!!! :O So what’s stranger here?

And if you have something odd H!P related pleeeaaaaase share!!!! (^o^)/ Oh and while you decide…here’s my favorite H!P song of 2008 so far to listen to…the year’s not over yet so this may change but It’s going to take something really awesome to overtake………

^ ^

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to Smells like Miya…

  1. Risuzu says:

    "Still waiting for UFA's release of the "Riiferigerator" due out some time"Perhaps they'll do a promotion where you buy some cheese and inside is a raffle ticket that could win one.Or perhaps go the Willy Wonka route and include a golden ticket in one package.Refrigerator in cheese!Love&Peace


  2. Hehe you saw that one!!! If only "Yorosen!" was an English learning segment instead of what it actually appears to be so far. 🙂 Kamei cracks me up to the fullest!! More than anyone!!! But I'll restrain myself before a Kohachan AMP energy drink like rampage starts up right now in this little text box! 😛 LOL the "Rii"ferigerator idea originally came from Mizunohi here on VOX. 🙂 It's a official UFA refrigerator which bears Sugaya Risako ("Rii-chan") images on the outsides…just imagining it…cho kawaii!! ^-^


  3. anninjapan says:

    you sure know JP better than me..pls check out my blog for more of totoro pix.
    by the way, did you mum enjoy hokkaido? and you are a male?


  4. He Ann! I really doubt that could be possible!! After all you are so lucky to be living in Japan right now and for a good duration of you're in the daily work force too! ^-^ That must be such a wonderful experience and following your online journals really shows this. 🙂 Ah I've just seen your Totoro keychains!! ^-^My mom had a great time in Hokkaido and it was just her second trip to Japan as she went there awhile back when she was very young but it was her first time visiting Hokkaido! She brought back a lot of wonderful photos…some of which I've posted up here. Just search under tags: hokkaido , and it should come up. 🙂 Sorry about any confusion and I hope the PM I've sent clears things up. ^-^


  5. DJ_MaiMai says:

    Eri Kamei Italian Parsley is definatly the oddest one there xD
    Another odd product I've seen is the Mini Moni toaster, which burns Minimo-chan on your toast O.o


  6. I wish I could see what the entire set included…there must be more member spices available right? Still just this one has appeared so far and had Paul @ Hello!Blog not picked it up for me while in Japan I would've never even heard of such an odd and wonderful item. ^-^ I'm imagining an entire Momusu spice rack out there somewhere in some wota's home. 😛 Oh I wish I had gotten one of those but I didn't hear of it until it was much too late to find one…well unless one appears on auctions one day! 🙂 I'd definitely want to bid on that for sure! But then would I actually use it or keep in in new condition?….Minimoni toast♥♥♥. =D


  7. Slasha says:

    A Miya air freshener…well now I've heard everything. I need one of those. It would make life a little sweeter.
    I remember the parsley but I don't remember the linen box…I wonder what you could do with it? Is it large enough for pets to sleep in? Could you store all of your H!P goods in it? Ah the possibilities!


  8. I couldn't resist, it's just so odd and I only wish that I knew what scents the other members got. I'm guessing that at least BK got these but if Momusu got them too that'd mean banana scent for Junjun!! ^o^ I'd hate to put laundry in it since it's actually more of a collectible than anything else but I imagine some wota in Japan has his dirty laundry filled to the top in Nacchi's linen box!! :O Hmm…actually yes it's pretty good size and my cat could sleep in it if she got the chance but then I think she'd scratch and destroy it within a few weeks! :O Heheh I'd need a larger Nacchi linen box for that! 🙂


  9. paul.thomas says:

    Hahaha, H!P do like to release the oddest items. My vote goes to the parsley it's really really odd! I'd still love to get the complete set it would be an amazing thing to have sitting in the kitchen.Hmmm, odd H!P items….I don't have anything as odd as those three items, I have an Ayaya colouring pencil set, which I have absolutely no idea where they came from I was just tidying up one day and there they were sitting on my side :S Also I have a GAM air freshner (lol) and other things for the car. I also have something else on the odd side, not to sure what though, hmmm going to have a hunt around when I get home.


  10. Thanks you again Paul for sending me this most great and unusual item from Japan! ^-^ Plus it's Kamei!! 🙂 Had you not found it, we'd know nothing of H!P spices and their existence! I think Mikitty could be a habanero sauce of some sort! 😛 Eh? that sounds really cool! Hmm…maybe they were a gift from Chris who slipped them into your place one early morning while you weren't looking. 😛 GAM air freshener is great too…is it like Miya's one or is it a liquid? The Berryz Koubou car goods that you sent me are a bit interesting too…perhaps I should have added those to the poll mix. Now I'm really curious to know what you're going to be hunting for at your place tonight….or should I say morning?!! Please do share!


  11. paul.thomas says:

    The GAM air freshener is part of the car goods, I have a GAM version of it, I've been so tempted to go and put in my car, but I don't want to ruin it, lol. I don't think they are as odd as the items you've posted above but I think they are on the slightly odd side. I've found what the other thing was, my pocket Morning Musume calculator, again no way near as odd as any of the items here, but in my mind it's on the odd side of things….but again much like the colouring pencils I have no idea where it came from it just turned up one day.Hmmm, now that you mention Chris it could actually be possible he did give them to me, a couple of years ago he went to Japan with out me (damn him!) and when he mentioned that I was Morning Musume fan a friend of the family he was staying with brought around a couple of old CDs and photos for me..I guess it's possible this could have been with them to and I've just forgot, lol I certainly don't remember ever buying them. Lol, I have the worst memory in the world


  12. Oh okay I was thinking it was like Miya's..the hang up type. That's right there's a BK air freshener too with the car goods. 🙂 I'm with you on saving it as a collector's item and keeping it out of actual use. The heat in the car could no doubt damage it. I've never seen a pocket H!P calendar's a little book type? Ah those are the most wonderful "gifts!"…those that appear out of nowhere! Huh maybe Santa? 😛 Ah that's really thoughtful of Chris to bring those back for you and just for mentioning your Momusu fandom to them. 🙂 Really sweet of them to share!


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