Still shopping for a 2009 H!P calendar for next year?…this may help. :)

Okay it’s true one doesn’t really need 3 calendars to know what day it is! 😛 But being that there’s amazingly still room on my bedroom walls for 3 poster sized hang ups I just couldn’t resist! All 3 of these were released on October 11th (tomorrow here but today in Japan..I hope that makes sense! 😛 ) so CdJapan must have sent these out a bit early as they arrived already today! 🙂 Please return to the top here afterward to pick your favorite. ^-^ I think you may agree that 2009 represents without a doubt the very best H!P group calendars to date!! All 3 are impressive and don’t let even BK’s cover fool you, as what’s inside will quickly change everything. ^-^

Japanese 2009 calendars can be purchased here from Cdjapan and here from YesAsia. What’s interesting is that YesAsia is offering a 10% discount on their calendars but the original starting price is $27-$32 whereas CdJapan doesn’t have them discounted yet but their starting prices are between 2200-2300 円. So what it really comes down to is shipping charges and how speedy you want the delivery to be. From my past experience CdJapan is second to none when it comes to prompt delivery whereas YesAsia may sometimes take a bit of a while. But everyone’s personal experience with these online sellers is most certainly different and quick delivery may not be an issue at all. 🙂

Last year C-ute used the theme of music genres very effectively and being that this group’s long term goal is global domination ^-^, 2009 holds a world tour theme. The countries chosen to be represented in the varied shots through the year are France, China, Switzerland, Japan (hmmmm…interesting), India, and Spain. Okay that would explain the dot on Erikachan’s forehead as seen above. And doesn’t Airiin look like she just walked of the set off a new Jane Austin movie?!! ^-^

Instead of sets we have backdrops here but the look works really well…Airiin & Maimichan in French dressing…all that’s missing is some red wine. 🙂 Something new and great for 2009 is that each of the groups members’ birthdates are marked on each of these calendars in different ways…if I remember correctly only BK’s was marked last year but in any case the styling used for next years’ calendars are much cuter. Here the members of C-ute have their birthdays marked by cute hearts….hmmm I never realized that Maimichan and Maimai share the same birthdate! Lucky 7! Same as me but um different month. 😛

March & April show China some love…no wonder they all look like Chun Li from Street Fighter. =D

The Swiss miss look is in for May & June. Somehow I think Tsunku could make a new unit out of these three…not that we need any more mini units running wild in H!P as there are plenty enough right now.

Yep you guessed it! It’s Japan! Funny they chose Japan as they’ve already conquered that region of the planet and are from there. 😛 But seriously though….this shot is by far one of the best for 2009!!! I mean how beautiful are these summer yukata! Sooo c-ute! Pun intended too!

I appologize for the tops of some of these images being obscured as the calendars weren’t given quite enough time to flatten out properly when I took these shots all one after the other so the tops are rolling up a bit. Although “India” may not be readable at the top as it’s a bit cut off I think the image says it all. The light pastels work nicely here too.

Hey watch that bull in the back!! 😛 Absolutely love these dresses!! And it won’t be long before “little” Maimai is taller than everyone else in C-ute and H!P for that matter….only the giant Kumachan will stand in her way!!! 😛

And as has been the trend recently, all three calendars presented here have the wonderful extra page….some suitable for framing if removed. Isn’t Airiin the most darling here?

As many have been brought up to believe…never judge anything or anyone by it’s or their exterior. I can’t emphasize enough just how much this applies to BK’s 2009 release! At first glance truly the cover looks like somewhat of a repeat of last year’s design. Simple and perhaps even a bit homely dare I say. But in truth it’s nothing like that at all. Just one thing puzzles me about their cover though…they left out the two “U’s” in Koubou. Nandeshouka?

I know I’m right smack in the middle of this post but I have to argue right now that BK’s may just be the best of the three here. Take this image of January & February. Each member has written a character spelling out “Kotoshi mo yoroshiku” (“Please be kind/ stand by us again this year”). An idiomatic phrase used at years start. The personality of this photo itself is built upon through the coming months and each does a great job at making BK’s 2009 calendar the most personable here.

Birthdays are marked by cute little pink birthday cakes and I know they’re difficult to make out here but trust me their cute! ^-^ This one’s like a scene right out of Buono! pv! 🙂 The only thing missing is Momo being…uh “tormented.” 😛

Once again the charm of BK’s 2009 calender lies in the personality of these shots and the settings themselves play a large role in this. Cafe Berryz!

Summer Sanpo…and sometimes casual non costume like clothing works best.

Love this library shot and Maasa’s shirt reads something like….”I HAVE GOT EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT”…it’s almost as if she’s speaking to Shirow directly. :O

November & December are great!..returning to the class room setting. Now if only those three in the back would stop kidding around and actually clean the classroom! XD Chiichan I’m talking to you… 😛

And here is the extra page and with a group shot beginning and ending this calendar…just perfect! In particular I love Miya and Kumachan’s styling the best throughout this release…and of course Momo but that’s just a given all the time. 🙂

Not to be outdone though…Momusu’s release is every bit as well produced as C-ute and BK’s…so it really comes down to personal taste I think. Please don’t forget to vote for your favorite at the top of this post. 🙂 To begin with Momusu’s cover is immaculately beautiful. I think it’s their best looking calendar cover thus far…the poses, arrangement of the members and the scenery all pure ♥.

What sets Momusu’s design apart from C-ute & BK’s are the wonderful wonderful!! off shots included at the bottom of each page which are taken from the same photo shoot as the featured months. This adds so much already and then you have the member birthdates creatively and personally marked with flair by each member. Names and little doodles really add to the birthdates and for these two reasons alone this may have you heavily favoring Momusu’s release over the previous two….hmm but we’ll just have to see the results first to determine that. 🙂

This one’s got a Hawaiian inspiration behind it!! Ah Gakisan & Kamei!! The cutest month ever!! ^-^ Okay I’m biased…it’s Kamei! 😛 Kamei Kamei kamei…

It’s just soooooooo nice to finally see Momusu out of a studio in the real world with nature and things for once! They’ve been cooped up far too long on sets with plain backgrounds when it comes to their calendar shoots… least UFA gave them a budget to work with this year and the results speak volumes and volumes! ^o^ “Singin’ in the rain?”…adore those bright colored boots! =D

Reinachan & Mitsii….Momusu’s odd couple. It’s amazing how Reinachan’s sex appeal continues to rise every time I see her but I guess if one has legs like those they should definitely use them! ^-^

This fall design is another one of my favorites out of all the shots here…the softness of the brown and orange blend together perfectly in their outfits and their surroundings. Mentor and student reunited…Sayu poses with a case of Amp energy drink! 😛 Definitely not sugar free either!! Kohachan 好き!

Dreamin’ of a white Christmas?…cozy and cuddly is this shot…hmmmmmm….

…………why do I suddenly sound like Yoda…only not as wise? 😛 And with no light saber skills…

This final group shot would make one of the most beautiful Momusu posters ever!!!! Just imagine this one framed and matted in white! ^o^ If you remove this page carefully surely it can be done. Everyone looks gorgeous and the overhead shot makes for an ideal angle. Aichan…serious…..Reinachan….confident….Kohachan…..Amp Energy embodied….Mitsii….waiting for a chance to steal Junjun’s banana….Sayu….adorable as ever nyan nyan!…Gakisan…picturesque….Junjun….guarding her banana like Fort Knox….Linlin….lighthearted….and Kamei…..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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34 Responses to Still shopping for a 2009 H!P calendar for next year?…this may help. :)

  1. Thank you so much! You've made this decision so much easier. XD – Zac


  2. CK says:

    I love the Momusu calendar! But what the heck is up with Risako's body on Sept/Oct? Her legs and butt look HUGE!!! Is that just a bad camera angle? Thanks for posting these MB!


  3. Rad♂ says:

    I would have almost automatically chosen the C-ute calendar, sight unseen — until I saw the photos. Yeesh, where did those outfits come from? Did Halloween just arrive early or what?


  4. Shirow says:

    Hahahah I cant believe you got all 3!!Thats really hardcore! will you be putting them all up together?I'm so torn between the C-ute and berryz calendars …. It's so hard to choose! D:


  5. Shirow says:

    And yes, I think Maasa has everthing I want almost …I would let Maasa be my house wife and Maimi my mistress 😀


  6. mizunohi says:

    UFA really put a lot more into the calendar releases this year~~ I figured I may have to spurge and get one… and this has made it so much easier for me 😛 I just love the off-shoots of Morning Musume, and they all look incredible! It's much too hard to base it purely on the covers~ thank you!


  7. Cory Roberts says:

    I should get that BK 2009 calendar.


  8. One thing that I always remember happening back when I was working at a record store was how a few customers each year would try to return Japanese calendars which they obviously had opened but were disappointed by them when they got home….or they would open them up right there in the store in a little corner making them difficult to sell after as there would be creases in them at times. So I was hoping that this would help as I know how difficult it can be to decide on one just based on a cover photo at an online store…I'm very happy that you chose one of them to get!! ^-^ I'm going to guess Momusu but I'm really just going with the percentage odds…. 😛 Thank you Zac. 🙂


  9. You're very welcome Chris ^-^ and I hope this helps just in case you were thinking of getting one for next year. ^-^ Hmmmm…..remember the camera adds at least 10 pounds to your legs and butt…I think there were several photographers present! 😛 Seriously though has Riichan been gaining weight recently or is this just my imagination? Well growing up at this stage of adolescence is difficult enough but then you add in the whole public eye factor and it shoots up to an entirely new level. It could just be pressure or anxiety but I could aimlessly speculate on and on…my main concern is that she's okay and that this is just part of this stage in life which most likely will pass. I'm not sure you remember this but I witnessed in real time how Nacchi went through a brief phase like this…but ohh chubby Nacchi was pure ♥!!! I guess I adore her too much and it never really mattered one bit, Nacchi is and will always be my fave #1. ^o^


  10. Aww isn't that a bit harsh? But I know how big of a fan you are of C-ute so perhaps you may just be jabbing them a bit here. 🙂 I just think they were trying to continue going with a theme here and whether flattering or not all the time I think it's creative to say the least. ^-^ Yes personally I probably could've enjoyed them going with the Japanese theme the entire way…love July & August!…but variety can be the spice of life don't you think? ^-^ Huh Halloween? Time to get out that seifuku uniform! 🙂


  11. Surprisingly enough, I'm gonna go with the Berryz calendar. I've always had a soft spot for them, and as long as their calendar is decent, I plan to continue buying it each year. Thanks again for helping me figure out that next year's is, indeed, quite decent! 😀 – Zac


  12. Ah I was way off!! 😛 But Berryz Koubou's design is definitely the most personable of the three by far. ^-^ And to have personality grace your wall each day of the year is a definite plus for sure! I love the styling too….doesn't Miya just look amazingly beautiful in all of her shots?!! Well they all look very pretty!! 🙂 Great choice!


  13. Shirow if you ever saw my bedroom you'd wonder how it's even possible to put anything else on the walls! 😛 But I've managed to save three spots for next years' calendars…..I rolled them all back up for now as they have to wait till January 1st. 🙂 Hmmm…so you haven't voted yet?…..BK or C-ute?…….ah I don't want to be the one to over influence you so I'll zip it up! I know I must appear to be out of my mind getting 3 calendars for one tiny room….but you have to remember I do attend weekly H!P Anonymous meetings but they're just not working I'm afraid. 😛 So it's Maasa to marry and Maimi to….erm clean? Or is that a cosplay prospective? :O Maimichan the French maid in Shirow's room says Shirow is a messy fellow! 😛 Just kidding!!


  14. I'm really curious as to which you'd choose….they all really do hold a charm in their own right and I was hoping that seeing all of the photos in them would help make any decision easier. Covers can be so deceiving sometimes and especially this year with Berryz Koubou's I think. It's nothing like you'd imagine if you'd only seen its cover….so much more livelier, fun and personable in the approach taken. 🙂 And with all 3 offering actual shots outside of indoor sets it's so refreshing to finally see! \(^o^)/ Especially Momusu…they've finally escaped the digital and solid color backgrounds with their new design. 🙂 The off shots are an awesome idea…love how they enhance each main photo and they're really fun additions! I'm guessing you voted Momusu?…don't kick me if I'm wrong. 😛


  15. It's one of their cutest and best produced yet! I hope you do get one too! ^-^


  16. Risuzu says:

    LinLin in the red dress, so gorgeous<3 And Maasa in the gray shirt, so pretty.:)I'm actually considering either a Matsuura or Nacchi calendar, though.:)Love&Peace


  17. Oh get the Nacchi one!!!! I just didn't have room for one more but Nacchi would make anyone's room brighter each and every day of the year guaranteed!! ^-^ I purchased her calendars in the past but the space on my walls have been shrinking recently. 😛 I want Maasa's gray shirt!! XD


  18. Risuzu says:

    I actually want both calendars, but right now I'm saving up to get as many of the MEGA Best cds I can, plus the MM cover album, plus the Dschinghis Khan remix cd and DVD (Have you seen the new new PV on DohhhUp? Awesome Maasa! In a CAPE!<3)Ah, so many new items I want! I think I'll just send UFA my next few paychecks.Love&Peace


  19. mizunohi says:

    I did vote for Morning Musume's calendar….but the Berryz one keeps pulling me in! It's just so cute~ I think it may be the 'bonus' page for the Morning Musume one that ends up selling me on it….it's one of the best pictures I've seen of them!


  20. Are the "MEGA Best" CDs H!P releases by any chance? I'm thinking that there must be bonus tracks on them perhaps? I ordered the Momusu cover album too along with the Dschinghis Khan remix DVD single…..I've heard so much about the pv with the dancing sheep! But I haven't watched it yet as I want to wait until the actual release arrives so I have something to look forward to. ^-^ Or is this another version?….'Maasa in a cape? 🙂


  21. If I had more wall space I'd seriously consider cutting that page out carefully and having it matted and framed in solid white! So true, everything about that particular photo is perfect with each and every member right down to Sayu's "I'm cute" pose! 🙂


  22. momo says:

    Mine got shipped and i'll get it soon. It looks really good.


  23. Risuzu says:

    There have been two versions of the remix PV so far appearing on DohhhUp. The newest one features Maasa in a cape, imitating one of the German group's members. It's really cool and just shows how Awesome she is.;)Love&Peace


  24. Hiyokokun says:

    Well, i only interested in MM calendar, thanks for the review. and yes it so much better than last year calendar, outdoor picture is always much beautiful. love your comment on every page and your last comment very funny. ^^ Fort Knox ?? LOL i just knew that JunJun and Mitsii had a fight over a banana ??? LOL


  25. I'm guessing Momusu calendar right?! ^-^ I think it's their best calendar effort yet!!


  26. I do hope that both versions are on the upcoming pv DVD single!! 'Maasa in a cape?!!'…can't wait!! Great to see UFA utilizing Maasa more lately as she's such a fun personality in BK. ^-^


  27. I hope that UFA continues to produce things in this manner..not just calendars but their pvs as well. Music videos shot outdoors just add so much to them when the right direction is implemented. I just hope that costs don't hold any of this back as it's indeed so wonderful to see!! ^-^ Aw my wacky side crept out there!!……sometimes I can't help it! I write strange things! 🙂 Junjun should really rival Mittsi after what happened in a past episode of HM@…..Junjun + banana = ♥. =)


  28. paul.thomas says:

    Seeing the cute calendar really makes me wish that I bought C-ute's one last year. Next years calendar from C-ute I don't think is as good as this years, although there are some great photos in there (the China and the Swiss ones being my favourite) I don't think any come to the photos of this year.For me the choice is between Berryz and Morning Musume and I think I'm edging towards Morning Musume's as I really like the big picture + little picture combinations. I think my favourite out of all the months has to be Morning Musume's May/June loving the outfit combinations and wellies!!


  29. This shows just how bad my memory is as I thought you did purchase C-ute's calendar last year. 😛 It must be Momusu then or that'll be strike two for me and I'll stop guessing while I'm behind. I was actually liking their photo in yukata for July & August but I know they were going for a worldly theme here so I guess representing their very own country wouldn't be too creative if the entire calendar were to be shot in that manner. But still I wouldn't have minded at all if it was shot in a traditional manner and the more I think about it I think it would've looked really wonderful and classy! ^-^That's such a great idea for formatting their calendar with the off shots below for each pairing of months. It adds so much more personality too! Hmmmmm…just checked May & June and is um…Kohachan tantalizing your mind? 😛 Heheh that is a really cute page isn't it!! What are 'wellies?' 😛 English term or am I just having a stupid moment?!! 😛


  30. paul.thomas says:

    Lol, I had so much trouble deciding which calendar to go with this year, I kept changing my mind on what one to get all the time. Yep, you're right I got Morning Musume's one I've actually forgotten whether I bought it out of choice or because I couldn't get the C-ute one online…either way I'm loving it, especially the current months one, Aichan and Mittsi :)If the C-ute one was done in a traditional manner it would have been great, the girls always look so good in that style of dress.Lol, how did you guess, I'm that obvious aren't I! I love Koha's pose in this photo, her feet and knees pointing inwards, it really makes her look so damn cute! Lol, wellies is probably an English term, I think in America they're called galoshes? I don't know, lol, the rubber boots, they go so well with the outfits I think.


  31. If I were the producer lol! :P…I think I'd have gone with the traditional Japanese clothing for the entire year. It may sound like a boring idea at first but I really think that it would've worked perfectly and just imagine all of the great areas in Japan that they could've have done the photo shoots at! From rock gardens to castles! :)Hmmm….I had a very strong feeling that Kohachan was working on you there! ^-^ lol I hadn't even noticed the angle of her feet and knees. 😛 Uh oh….'galoshes' is an English term….I don't even know that one! 😛 Ah 'rubber boots'….I'm such a simpleton! ^-^


  32. chubeery says:

    kawaii!!!Can't you scan these?I really want them!!Gomen if I am too disturbing!


  33. I always wonder how people can scan something so large when scanners are so tiny! The surface of a scanner is so tiny compared to the size of these calendars and I just baffled by how you can put that together seamlessly. I am totally clueless on how to do this…gomen ne.


  34. chubeery says:

    Oh, ok!That is just fine~


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