Mr.Children & Turtle Bunnies…”HOME Tour 2007- in the field -”

Note: If you run into any problems with any of the audio or video tracks directly embedded here on VOX such as these Mr.Children clips please open a new browser as that seems to correct the problem for some reason. The gray bar may load across the bottom of the clip but the video may not play in these instances so please bear with me as I'm not really sure what the issue is but I assure you that all of these clips do play properly, I've just needed to close and open up a new browser but I don't know why. Any ideas?

2 DVDs, 24 songs, 163 minutes, awesome packaging, and the greatest Japanese band ever!! But today it's just about live tracks so further musings on my favorite band can be found here!


The included booklet is just incredible!!!! Full of tons of band photos from the tour on stage and off as well as the inclusion of all of the lyrics from songs presented in this live DVD set. I've yet to post up Mr.Children's latest 2 singles (pictured above;left) but the amazing #1 streak of singles released by Mr.Children continues in grand fashion and they are only second to the B'z when it comes to the ongoing #1 single streak of 29 singles in a row with the release of "Hanabi." Their previous single "Gift" reached #1 with sales exceeding 326,000 and their latest "Hanabi" also reached #1 with sales exceeding 425,000! These next two stats are probably even more impressive as Mr.Children is also only second to the B'z when it comes to million unit selling singles and million unit selling albums all time in Japan!

Under each disc are cute photos of that little house, this one with the group members. 🙂


Here's the aforementioned 160 page color booklet which comes with this release and while I was worried about damaging its spine on the scanner I've scanned just a couple shots and for a few others I've taken photographs with my camera just to give an idea of what a great array of photos are included here:

Sakurai Kazutoshi, my favorite song writer in the world! ^-^


And now for a few live performances and one thing I love about Mr.Children's live releases of late is that they are encoded in wonderful Dolby Digital 5.1…perhaps one day H!P will release their live DVDs in this format as well, one can hope. ^-^

Some of the live tracks begin with a little interlude and this one actually ingeniously blends right into the live performance seamlessly…really cool and amazing! Sakurai begins "Shirushi" (740,080 in sales) solo on an acoustic as pictured above and just watch how incredible the transition is into the actual live recording!!! On some of these clips I sacrificed audio quality to video quality when encoding….perhaps not the best idea, I'm not sure but I hope you can enjoy them anyway. ^-^ On the contrary some clips have no loss in audio quality such as the "Innocent World" clip at the very end.

The musicianship of Mr.Children is second to none in my humble opinion 🙂 and with this tour they even employed an orchestra to go along with all of the other support musicians.

Here's "World's End"…kind of U2ish and the energy here is simply amazing.


"Namonaki uta", Mr.Children's most successful single ever with over 2.3 million in sales gets an amazing performance here! Who says originals can't be improved upon with improvisation! The little interlude with the band approaching that little house is great too! ^-^ And just listen to the sea of fans serenade the first chorus in its entirety!!…breathtaking!


For any longtime fan of Mr.Children just the sight of seeing "Cross road" on the playlist can bring immediate goosebumps here and with an elegant solo violin seranading its intro this is definitely not a version to be missed! Again the live aspect brings so many possibilities to songs and they can become reborn in a magical moment on stage on any given night….such is the case here.


"Tomorrow never knows"….need I say more.


One of the most beautiful songs ever written. "Tabidachi no uta" (sales exceeded 368,000) is presented second to last on the DVD as it is being presented here. How does one continually come up with memorable and emotional lyrics and music time and time again?


In a few live Mr.Children clips that I've posted here in the past as well as today you've heard the audience seranade the lyrics to a great extent while Sakurai gestures the microphone outwards and such a response is heard as they word for word clearly carry the vocals along for sometimes prolonged periods of time…just trying to imagine what that must feel like. Having your very own words remembered and sung back towards you that way…I guess there would be no accurate way to describe it as only the writer would know but how amazing that must truly feel…like nothing in the world could be better summed up in a moment.

The final clip I've uploaded here marks one of two "Song of the year" singles by Mr.Children, the other being "Sign." Here "Innocent World" (sales exceeding 1.9 million), only Mr.Children's 5th single received that very honor. Truly one of the most important landmark songs in all of J-Pop and for me personally a huge part in my ever growing journey into this music that I ♥. This performance is pure joy and is the very vision of how music can connect when at its very best.



Mr.Children's "Home Tour 2007- in the field-" DVD set can be ordered here at Cdjapan. It's 6000 yen but its worth every single penny or yen I promise! ^-^ The wonderful thing about this entire concert is improvisation. You'll hear versions of many familiar favorites as never heard before…the live renditions throughout are just amazing and largely different from the recorded single and album versions. Choosing to upload video clips directly here to VOX has eaten up about 30% of my allowed usage for the month and it's only the 5th of October! 😛 I just thought that these looked and sounded a bit better than those uploaded to YouTube but with space dwindling quickly I'll probably have to go back to YouTube for the most part hereafter….it's just that some record labels have taken offense to having their clips and pvs shown there and at times they've been removed completely. I only wish that they'd realize that this is being done only to help promote their music and artists but I guess it won't always be seen that way. Hmm…well I guess that will never be completely understood and with that I'll end this post…and so the Turtle Bunnies head home…^-^

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2 Responses to Mr.Children & Turtle Bunnies…”HOME Tour 2007- in the field -”

  1. Tiggerkun says:

    Hi MB,Thanks for another awesome and thorough review. Kazutoshi will be blown away when he read this blog. Mr. Children is also my favorite JPOP band. I truly enjoyed reading this blog and your previous one on them. The songs you uploaded here are my favorites along with, Dakeshimetai, Hana, It's a Wonderful World, Kurumi, Motto, Kutsuhimo, and Candy. You absolutely sold me on this one. I will order myself a copy as soon as done writing. Thanks again for sharing. Keep them coming…


  2. Hi Tiggerkun thanks for reading! ^-^ You've just brought a smile to my face hearing that Mr.Children is your favorite too! It's been a amazing musical journey experiencing their music over the years and just seeing how they've evolved and gone so full circle with their musical influences and original ideas has been so great for fans. Ah so many great songs to love! Thank you for sharing some of your favorites as I'm always curious to hear what songs fellow fans love too. ^-^ You're going to be so happy with this release!!! Give yourself a relaxed evening to take it all in…really memorable performances here. 🙂


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