Sayumin “Love Story” in Guam DVD.

Let's see what 62 minutes of Sayu in Guam can produce in her "Love Story" DVD!….heheh it's just begun and already Sayu's declaring her inability to read any English although she does manage a few words from the signage aside of an eatery. "SSSSSSSShrimp…." and then she finally gives up on the rest of it! 😛 Okay now some old man asks if she's a model….and I think that huge guy in orange thinks he recognizes her….nah just staring. 😛 We learn that Sayu can be both tactful and that she dislikes coconuts as she appears to first enjoy a sample given to her but then off site declares it bad with a shiver (so cute!)…good thing she wasn't in Coconut Musume! Hey this one place serves something called "yaki sova"…."sova??" eh nani? O__o I'm pretty sure the workers at all of these eateries must be puzzled by Sayu as she walks back and forth between them not able to decide on anything to eat and worse…not knowing how to read the menus printed outside. 😛 After a shrimp sample and with the aid of a translater Sayu's chosen 3 items including a few slices of a scary looking slab of roast pork. :O Reminds her of 'aburage' eh?

Dessert comes in the form of a close your eyes quiz as Sayu tries to determine its ingredients…."Pineapple?" X chigau…."melon"…X chigau…"watermelon"…X chigau…and then a whole slew of wrong melons to follow….until finally asking "nani kore?" Shut your eye quiz over. 😛 It's mango and a screaming Sayu runs from the table in horror! :O She says that she isn't supposed to like mango…….but I guess if you Jamba Juice it, even Sayu can be fooled. I wonder if they can get her to eat dog's face like they did to Airiin if only it were combined with ice and blended together for discreetness. 🙂 Sayu doesn't do any better with the second mystery dessert which turns out to be a concoction of nuts, tea and ice or on the third and final try. :O

Now it to the private pool and what a beautiful one it is! Slow mo Sayu + elegant piano… After some dizzying effects and I'm not even sure what she's holding onto as she's pulled about and spun, we're reminded that Sayu cannot swim. 😛 And if you remember gen-6の-公開体力測定 DVD she really cannot swim! 😛

Sayu slingshot! :O Seriously you just knew there was going to be some sort of freak your idol out moment coming up at any time! I wouldn't ride it….I'd rather drink aojiru or noni. Sayu slingshot cancelled at the last moment amid panic!! :O

Back to mizugi and poolside and I think it's to make up for the disappointment of not being able to see your favorite idol shot into the sky a couple of hundred yards. I think there are cats that work here too.

Vocal diary day 1….the visuals here are pretty bland but having a fly land on Sayu's nose is still amusing. 🙂 What we have here is a staring contest pitting cameraman vs. Sayu. XD…until she laughs. 🙂

Shashinshuu making of…………..

Secret takaramono hako…….staff gives Sayu some rocks..I mean coral. Returns it.

Short Story #1…..I'm trying to figure out the "plot"…Sayu looks bothered….Sayu looks happy……Sayu is running….I don't understand. 😛

Shashinshuu making of…………..

Vocal diary day 2….this time accompanied by more pb making of footage which works much better I think.

Shashinshuu making and pink paper airplane making…..that was the worst pink paper airplane ever! Just kidding I was never good at making them either! 😛 Beautiful waterfall but lying in that stream of water does not look comfortable in the slightest! :O

Short Story #2…..sunset…Sayu shouts out a revelation to the sky!……Wakannai! Eh?

Vocal diary day 3…..the scenery is picturesque but the shot could've been much more lively I think although I wonder if that's not the case at would possibly take away from the focal point of the narrative. It's a photo shoot using a single shot.

Shashinshuu making of & off shot……brocolli is good!!! Wait a minute is Sayu having waffles, brocolli, with orange juice?!!! Eh?!! O__o Oishii desu yo! Beans in a pod bad though!! Next up Sayumin batsu game baseball! And you thought Ichiro had a weird swing! :O X X X The penalty? Field maintenance. Eh? Where's the wheat grass or dog face….oh yeah Airiin already ate that. :O

Ah if you also purchased the DVD you can mail in the included post card for a chance to win Sayu's ichigo present!! Kawaii deshou! Are hoshiiyo! After a brief continuation of shashinshuu making of footage the DVD closes with one final Sayu "vocal diary" set to a ton of pretty stills. Sayu in Guam deshita! ^-^

The bubbly Sayu I'm so used to seems to have moved on at this point, well at least for this DVD release as I imagine the next time I see her the old Shigechan will be back in an instant. But seriously don't expect too much of the "old" Sayu here as the production as a whole takes on a much more mature approach and I guess rightfully so as Sayu's no longer a little girl although I'm sure "she" still resides within her as I type this. ^-^

Sayu's "Love Story" DVD can be ordered here from Cdjapan.















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