One C-ute shirt!

My very first C-ute T-shirt arrived today from Ohta and I've been holding off on getting one in hopes of a wonderfully subtle design like this one to pop up! Except for some small writing in the back design the "C" logo with the little maru is the only indication of the group's name. Well the "C" and maru are quite well known now but still it just has a much cooler look than if it just read "C-ute" across the front and let's be honest….here in the U.S. your bound to get a few looks just because of what it seems to imply about yourself to those not familiar with the Hello! Project group. 😛 Love the blossoming flower design which forms their logo above as well…how c-ute is that?! And gray is a much favorited color of mine!!…seems to go with anything. ^-^

And since this is a complete T-shirt set it also came with a set of 7 UFA photos which each member wearing this design which I always find to be a strong incentive to own these as well as the ever present wristband which is embroidered with the "C-ute" group logo as well.

To the unfamiliar eye this design may cause some cute misinterpretations. XD

It's so funny, I now have his huge stack of these H!P group/member wristbands in a varitey of colors…mostly bright!…and the wacky notion of sending them to one Mr. McEnroe still resides in my mind everytime I see one. Just imagine how he could wear them along with his retro red headband during a charity tennis event bringing publicity to H!P although he wouldn't know it because I wouldn't tell him 😛 and he just sweats more than anyone else that I've ever seen on a tennis court as he's constantly wiping his forehead between serves or returns……..huh………………….wait on second thought that's kind of gross and I guess I won't be sending him these wristbands after all. ^-^

Hmm…I just noticed that the last concert date printed on the back is yet to arrive as it's happening tomorrow. This shirt is from their "Wasuretakunai Natsu" tour and on November 12th they're releasing a concert DVD: epbe-5308 which is of their August 30th show.

Here are scans of the accompanying UFA photos which came with this concert T-shirt…

Maimichan's beauty never ceases to stun..she just gets more beautiful the more she matures.

Erikachan is definitely one of the prettiest in the group as well as she's close to rivaling Maimichan as well. 🙂

I hope "they" never cut Nakki's hair or ever create another character like Jar Jar Binks…just seems wrong in so many ways. Whenever it occurs I get this icky feeling which lingers for days…..of course I'm talking about Jar Jar. Nakki for vice president! =D

Airiin has the uncanny ability to make me feel like I'm back in high school again. She looks just like _ A _ E _ A    _ _ E _ A who sat near me during _ _ _ _ A _   _ _ _ _ _ E _.  You can play hang man! 😛

Chisa continues to be one of the most underused members in C-ute and I love her agressiveness, especially when there's a treat around! 🙂 Truly one their best vocal talents.

For me personally Maimai is the most adorable and most interesting member in C-ute. She has the mind and personality of someone much older ala "Freaky Friday" and that voice…that voice is by far one of the most unique in all of H!P and so wonderful to the ears and mind. I wonder what she'll be like in ten years, will she revert back into a little girl?

Ahhh Kannachan!~ Sweet, cute, and intriguing if you know what I mean. 😉 I do wonder if it's true. Hmm….but true or not I'll always adore her. ^-^ And if those mean fans continue to ignore you to make their unnecessary point at hand shake events then I propose one of these for each of them:

I'm sure Maochan will be happy to oblige. =D

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to One C-ute shirt!

  1. Craig says:



  2. paul.thomas says:

    I was hoping that my tshirt will be turning up in the post some time soon, and after seeing your close up shots of the shirt I'm really wishing that it'll be waiting on my doorstep or with a neighbour when i get home, the design is simply awesome the flower print of the C is just great! And much like yourself I'm a big fan of the colour grey…infact as I type this I', wearing my grey Koharu tshirt :)The photos…seriosuly amazing, the girls look amazing, not a single bad photo and I don't think I could choose a favourite out of them, lol perhaps that'll change when I'm flicking through mine who knows, but wow….WOW!


  3. Shirow says:

    D: no0o0o0o0o0o0o0 ….. I want it so much!I wonder if Ohta could still get hold of one for me? I love the design :3


  4. Momotaro this has quickly become my overall favorite H!P shirt that I own so far. Best design ever on the front and it's gray! ^o^ Interestingly this shirt isn't quite as large as some of my other H!P shirts so it fits perfectly!


  5. Ah I wonder if it's one of the same ones that I own too…I've got two gray Koharuchan shirts so far but it seems that that's not her appointed color anymore unfortunately. You're probably passed out by now…or maybe not :O but I hope your shirt set was delivered today and I imagine you may have wore it right away earlier tonight. ^-^ The simple "C" design was really key here when I decided to order it as I really prefer that over having their group name printed across the front….simple, subtle, XD. Hmm…favorite photo here?…..Maimichan & Maimai…lol but then again I'm totally biased it seems. 😛


  6. Shirow I do hope so!!! Plus doesn't gray go with anything! 🙂 This concert tour is still going on till today so I'm thinking that Ohta hopefully should still be able to get them unless they are sold out already. C-ute going gray instead of pink, yellow, or orange is a nice change too even if it's rare. ^-^


  7. Rad♂ says:

    Again, a fabulous set of photos! As for a favorite photo, Hagiwara wins again as far as I'm concerned, but not by much, as C-ute shows again why they are the best song-and-dance ensemble in the world today (and getting better).


  8. Wow~ Mai's really growing up fast! ^o^!


  9. Their songwriting has been superb too thus far and let's be hopeful that this trend continues as you just never know what to expect when it comes to H!P in general. Love the design and everyone indeed looks great in their photos!! ^-^


  10. The size thing with H!P seems so odd and at times I can't quite figure it out as they supposedly sell them in only one size that being large and that was even re-confirmed here at the temporary Hawaii store a few weeks ago. The shirts being sold here were also only in one size but since they were being printed here they were using U.S. medium as it's supposed to be close to a Japanese large. But here's the part I can't quite figure out….some of the wotas spotted in Waikiki wearing various Japanese H!P version shirts were well….quite large like you could fit two and a half of me in there so I'm wondering where do these shirts come from. Are they being fan made? But it didn't look like it as the designs were the very same ones that I've seen on Ohta's store in the past. But they couldn't have been the same size and when it comes to the girls in H!P surely those are much much smaller as well! So I keep thinking that there must be smaller sizes but I just haven't seen them up for sale anywhere as of yet. Some of the H!P shirts I've been able to shrink with a few times in the dryer but others are really defiant and they've kept their large size so they don't fit very well…haha maybe just to sleep in! 😛 But when I put brand new ones next to another on occasion I do notice little discrepancies in size as well so it's kind of baffling really. And there's just no way that a large sized wota would ever fit into these shirts!


  11. paul.thomas says:

    The Koha shirt that I have is from the Morning Curry tour and it's one of my faves, one of my favourite colours and members, you can't go wrong with that. Although I was a little sad that her colour changes, I was pleased that it was to red as ever since I got a red Mikitty shirt I've been in love with the colour. I have to make sure to grab a Koha shirt in her new colour soon.I think I own a brown Koharu shirt as well…although if I remember rightly it's not an individual member shirt but one celebrating her first concert performance..I'm not to sure, lol.


  12. Ah we have the same one!! 🙂 I think I've worn that one the most too as it's one of my very first H!P T-shirt purchases…or was it my first..hmmm. Red is awesome…power color! Suits Kohachan so well…power and hyperactivity!! ^-^ I have one Manoeri shirt that's red too with her Gatas number on the back like a uniform. Eh 'brown?'…I've never seen a Kohachan shirt that color before. 🙂 You just reminded me of the brown Buono! T-shirt that I got outbidded on. 😛 LOL I really wanted that one but the price went way beyond what I was willing to spend!


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