Akiyama Nana…”Nothing’s gonna change my world.”

When we last heard Nanachan she was releasing music like this…(if you love J-Pop click play!)…

03 走る
Akiyama Nana

…………………………….J-Pop at its best.

And prior to that Nanachan was a gravure idol…

scan0063-1.jpgAkiyama Nana "Light Bright" (cover scan)AkiyamaNana6.jpgAkiyamaNana5.jpgAkiyamaNana4.jpgAkiyamaNana2.jpgAkiyamaNana12.jpgAkiyamaNana13.jpg

Akiyama Nana's last single "Ongaji hoshi" was released just over a year ago on September 19, 2007 and nearly to the day one year later she has finally returned with a new single release to my great delight! ^o^ I truly had begun to think that we'd heard the last musical release from this idol whom has so much more to offer. More songs, photos, and Akiyama talk can be found here and here. A special thank you to Andra for bringing this single's new release information to my attention! ^-^ It's so remarkable for a former gravure idol to release music of this depth and nature as I for one would normally expect something much more cutesy or bubblegum to say the least…and Akiyama Nana does neither bringing with her attractive vocals, music deeply rooted and inspired by the 60's, a decade I'm totally in love with.

Akiyama Nana's first press edition (9 left at time of this posting) of "Sora wo oyogu sakana" can be ordered here at Cdjapan. 

Sayu's new shashinshuu and DVD arrived today as well! A visual post will follow shortly. Every now and then Cdjapan sends a quite large box and it usually means a poster is included! My only wonder was…Sayu or Nana? LOL actually in all of these years of ordering through Cdjapan (roughly since 1999) they've only sent me one Hello! Project related poster that being a live C-ute poster. So really I knew it had to be Nanachan in the box this time. 🙂 The Akiyama Nana poster above is actually depicting the regular edition release of this single whereas I ordered the first press edition which also included…

…one Nanachan trading card out of 5 random designs as well as a special fold out jacket. ^-^ It's cute how they all depict a cell phone's face.I wonder what Nanachan has been up to over the past year in her musical absence…well one thing evident is that she's grown as an artist as the title track "Sora wo oyogu sakana" marks her debut as a lyricist! And with the same music composer back as well her infectiously wonderful breed of nostalgic pop continues as if she never left us.

Something else that I think is wonderful is that Akiyama Nana is also credited in the liner notes as the "stylist", now what could be better than being in charge of your own look? 🙂 A hair and makeup artist was on hand but from the sound of it Nanachan was directing it all. 

"Sora wo oyogu sakana" is noted for its direct Elvis Costello influence while its coupling track "Start Line" (below) is heavily inspired by The Beatles. XD The title track's title alone creates a vivid and imaginative picture in one's mind and neither track here disappoints. It's such a delight that Nanachan has taken that first step in furthering her musical career by penning the lyrics here herself and both tracks represent such a high quality of musicianship and song writing and I just love these arrangements whole heartedly. There's a different level of depth in Nanachan's music catalog versus your average releases and these genres in particular lend themselves to a tried and true approach to music which will never go out of style. The Beatles in particular are responsible for influencing countless artists and groups over the decades (even in their own) and with such a well rounded and developed body of works left behind for us to treasure it seems that individually each and every writer is able to take an aspect of theirs and make it their own in a sense keeping the music alive and continuing its growth as new styles emerge and grow in time.

02 "Start Line"
Akiyama Nana

I'm really impressed by this latest release and I'm hopeful that Nanachan won't give up her musical aspirations as she has really shown the type of quality and true artist that an idol can become with the right type of direction. She vanished for an entire year the last time…hopefully that won't happen again.

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5 Responses to Akiyama Nana…”Nothing’s gonna change my world.”

  1. Andra says:

    Osashiburi desu! :)I just loved her new single! It's brilliant. The chorus is my favourite part. Have you seen the PV? It's very pretty too! I bought the CD also and even got a poster too! 🙂 I just love her music so much… I really want her to release another album soon!I finally bought her first album… After always listening to the songs from your Nanachan posts. 🙂 BTW would you mind romanizing the title of the third song from her album for me… 音のない海 I mean. I was able to find all the other songs' romaji names in your previous posts but not this one and since I don't know any Japanese I'd appreciate it!


  2. HI Andra! How are you? Nice to see you're back! It's so great that her songwriters haven't changed and so the music remains 60's wonderful! ^-^ Ah I didn't even try searching for an accompanying pv….must take a look…YouTube? I'm really hoping that she one day releases a comprehensive pv collection so that we can get them all in one place. Isn't the poster pretty?!! This was such a nice surprise to see her return to music as I was beginning to think that perhaps she had given it up…luckily not true! =D Her first album is awesome but I don't have to tell you that! 😛 I'm happy that you purchased it too! ^o^ Okay this one is titled "Oto no nai umi" ("音のない海")…"the silent sea." ^-^ Let's both hope for more from Nanachan!


  3. Andra says:

    Yeah, Yotube is the answer. 🙂 I too hope that maybe she'll release her PVs in a collection some day. She's so pretty in them all.I'm pretty positive about her realeasing more music since she's back again now. Have you bought her "Still ProgresS" DVDs? They're supposed to tell about her journey of becoming an artist… It'd be pretty interesting to watch them I think.Thank you so much for the romanji name and even translating it! It's a great help. 🙂


  4. Oh you're welcome Andra! ^-^ Maybe this time around there will be a pv collection. Most of the uploaded ones are of low quality so I'm really hoping for one soon. I was looking at those and I guess they're like documentaries? I haven't purchased one yet but might. Going from a gravure model to a serious musical artist is quite a change and it would be amazing to see her reinvent herself into such a different career. I just noticed that she's even got a new shashinshuu so it really does appear that she's back. ^-^


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