Olivia’s “Trinka trinka” finally surfaces.

Olivia's 6th mini album was on hold for months following its initial announcement for release earlier this year and finally surfaced on September 17th. Two editions were made available for this 6 song release with one including a bonus DVD with the pv for the track "Rain" while the other edition includes a Olivia art and photo booklet (first press edition only). While I would have loved to have gotten her booklet I ended up opting for the LE DVD edition as her pvs have only seen a single DVD collection release years ago making her more recent pvs commercially unavailable. A bit of coverage of Olivia's earlier releases can be found here.

Olivia's "Trinka trinka" Limited Edition W/DVD release can be ordered here. (CTCR-14579)

Olivia' "Trinka trinka" RE W/Booklet (while first press is still available) can be ordered here. (CTCR-14598)

Olivia's music of late has been of a heavier and moody breed and "Trinka trinka" continues right where she left off with her more recent releases. What continues to impress is that Olivia not only is credited with writing or co-writing all lyrics and music for this release, but she also takes a hand in production and the arrangement of a few tracks as well. Truly then her true vision for her works remain unaltered by outside influences as has been the trend of her releases for the most of her career and with that her personal involvement has continued to progress through the years making her "solo" status truly just that of an artist.

The title track "Trinka trinka" opens the mini album and it's actually on the tamer side but all of Olivia's trademark vocalization stylings are firmly in place here and from reading through her musical influences which have an impressively broad range you can really hear their inner workings here in a most delightful track. Her vocals have a particular "cute" edge here which isn't always the case as often her tone opts for something much more powerful and aggressive but the approach here I find equally remarkable nonetheless. I'd call this a light form of J-Punk with lack for a better description at this moment. Great song!

Track 2 is titled "Rain" and since the bonus DVD contains the pv I chose to include the music video instead of the mp3 here.

The visuals for "Rain" are a psychedelic trip and they play the perfect compliment to the layers and wall of sound heard in the accompanying track. This is really Olivia at her best. Sung with such conviction and with much of the variety and nuances her vocals have to offer on display here, "Rain" takes its place as a heavy favorite on this album and the quirkiness of the pv itself only adds to the enjoyment. Okay the elf like thing is weirding me out a bit but the very way this pv was shot and laced with psychedelic imagery throughout is a delight in itself and enough to keep you watching.


"Because" has one of the sweetest verses heard on the album and whether you enjoy Olivia's brand of vocals or not one thing is without a doubt true as evidenced here: Olivia possesses within her vocals the uncanny ability to convey emotion to its deepest and she delivers each lyric without compromise. "Because" builds beautifully from what initially sounds to be a ballad into a strong mid tempo rock composition and has the listener on an emotional roller coaster till its very conclusion which closes as softly at it opened with only the tappings of piano notes.

Listening to "Collecting sparkles" reminds me a bit of Bjork and Kate Bush, the former being a noted favorite of Olivia. Olivia's vocal control has always been astonishing to me personally and the vocal arrangement here carries the song for the most part with an aura of a sort of floating feeling….for lack of a better description for what would otherwise possibly be a much too ordinary compostion for Olivia. "Dreamy…" 🙂

"Miss you" stands as the most elegant track here and it has a most interesting rhythmic feeling as a lively beat compliments a most sound ballad structure creating a conflicting dynamic. The more I listen to Olivia, the more I realize how her vocals really are that of a well conducted orchestrated instrument…more than just following notes and harmonies hers is of a rare breed indeed.

The album closes with the track "Your smile" which was originally slated for release under the title "Real love" earlier in the year. "Your smile" bookends "Trinka trinka" in grand fashion being what I consider to be the best 2 tracks on the album. And for this brand and styling of psychedelic rock, simply no one does it any better as "Your smile" resonates as a stand alone single bringing with it a high level of infectious grooviness to tide you over. 🙂

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2 Responses to Olivia’s “Trinka trinka” finally surfaces.

  1. denadel says:

    I really like Olivia's mini albums too. I dont know why, maybe because this way her albums are filled with good tracks, and it avoids us getting album fillers (like many artists give us unfortunately).I kinda passed on this (i didnt buy it) cause i was a bit disappointed in the cover art. the pv is nice though. looks kinda like it was directed by an amateur pv director, but i really like the pshycedelic lights. some of the screenshots you'v eposted shows how pretty it is. i wish they had chose something else for the cover, mayb something in the direction of the screenshot called vlcsnap-123883. But the songs are really good, so i might end up buying it anyway xD


  2. Denadel so glad you enjoy her mini albums too! The cover art really could have been better looking and she's so attractive that I can't figure out why they don't tap into that because beautiful covers I think can increase sales as shallow as that may seem. So true, all great tracks here although I don't know if Olivia's quite everyone's cup to tea in musical taste…but I think her music is incredibly creative and catchy! ^-^ The pv is a bit of a acid trip! Love the psychedelic look too and the energy throughout the video really compliments the song so well. Ah that screen cap took me awhile to capture without blur but it's my favorite so I placed it right below the pv clip. Wow these video uploads to VOX seem to look and play better than on YouTube but they sure take up a lot of the allotted memory here on VOX! I've already used up about a third of the 2 GB here and it's only the 5th of the month! :O I guess I'll have to go back to YouTube and only upload directly to VOX with selected pvs from now on, only those that may be taken down at YouTube as has happened in the past. Too bad because I'm really just trying to boost their sales.


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