Big guns, Harukachan, and…hmm “Hyoten” isn’t a 2 parter after all. :P

So I'm watching the second episode of "Hyoten" last night from the DVD recording I made on Sunday night and as the episode goes on I'm thinking to myself there's just no way that they're going to be able to end this show tonight with too many things yet to happen as mentioned in the synopsis and just too many plot ties left undone at this point! 😛 And I'm wondering why are they calling it "Episode" 2 if it's a two part series??? Well it turns out that I mistook what I read in the September issue of KOKIKU magazine regarding how long this show actually is. 😛 The writeup only mentions two specific dates: Sept. 21st & Sept. 28th…so I really thought it was a mini series just split into two parts…well to make a long goofy story on my part short, "Hyoten" is actually a full lengthed drama from what I can tell so that means there will be 8-10 more episodes yet to air here in Hawaii!! ^-^…as Japanese dramas typically are between 10-12 episodes in length. And thankfully so as Harukachan is most adorable in this show although things are getting a bit dark now with her evil "mother" dreaming of pushing her down some stairs to her death in the past episode. :O It's all really twisted really with the mother's affair many years ago which led to her real daughters death by some nut at the beach while she totally left her unattended for a long time only to have her understandibly upset and jealous husband do something even nuttier…adobt the baby of the the murderer (aka "nut at the beach") after he commits suicide in his jail cell in order to have his wife raise her lovingly only to later reveal the truth of who she really is…..yes the look on her face was something else when she eventually discovered that her adopted child (Suenaga Haruka) is that of the killer's. :O Emotionally charged revenge can lead to much worse things and this show's headed that way in a hurry so far!

I'm so glad that this drama is much longer than I originally anticipated as I've never seen Harukachan in a dramatic series before…..super hero, idol, and soccer roles beforehand but nothing like this! So in celebration of my goof up in understanding here's a few more Harukachan scans from "Heroine Max", and if you like your idols in cute and heroic butt kicking situations you really should subscribe! 🙂


Girls with large guns are both entertaining and sexy (top;left) and whether it be in super hero uniform, officer uniform or that black dress that Harukachan is wearing (top; right) I think the bad person should just give up and go quietly. ^-^

A lot of the photo shoots in this publication are like the one above although I'm not quite sure what the look Harukachan is going for here….glamorous rodeo girl? 🙂

From princess to army gear Harukachan always looks great!…and if you ask me any guy would deserve the collar choke hold at the hands of an idol (middle;left) if they ever left the house wearing such a freaky mask…well unless it were a masquerade ball. 😀

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