Jimmie Johnson wins race #3 of The Chase at Kansas Speedway!! (^o^)/

Just a quick congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and his Lowe's team for capturing the checkered flag at Kansas Speedway today!!! After a great pit stop got Johnson out ahead of Carl Edwards he sailed to victory but it wasn't without some heavy drama and nail biting right up till the final turn when Edwards who had been gaining steadily about a 10th of a second a lap before making a real charge underneath the #48 on the final turn of the final white flag lap! I breathed a sigh of disappointment initially as Edwards overdrove the final turn on purpose seeing it as his only way around the #48 but with that came an expected encounter with the outside wall as Edwards battled to keep his car off it without success…so it was Johnson back to the lead heading for the start/finish line as he extinguished Edward's last try at the cross over move. Jeff Gordon who was battling illness all weekend long remained in the car for the duration of the race and finished with a great 4th place spot as well! ^-^ But the day belonged to Johnson as he now leaves Kansas with sole possession of the points lead.

Watching good clean racing is always best and Carl Edwards is a perfect example of just that type of driver and while he has had his run ins with one Mr. Kyle Busch this season it's not at all a reflection of who he is on or off the track. If he drove for Hendrick Motorsports I'd add him within a heartbeat to my favorite drivers no doubt! He had some really amusing comments post race when asked about his last chance effort to pass the #48 as Edwards made a connection between driving the car in a NASCAR racing game vs. his actual car on track where the outside wall wasn't quite as forgiving to his last lap contact as the video game would have been. It's true you can bounce your car off the outside wall sometimes in the video game and keep going without losing speed and his reference here was the best! ^-^ I wonder if EA Sports was listening so that they can add that little nuance of realism to their 2010 edition! 🙂

Well now it's off to watch "Dororo" which was just released domestically here in the U.S. I've read a few mixed reviews about this film but I'm thinking that a bit of fantasy samurai action will be entertaining viewing for this lazy Sunday afternoon…

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