Momusu returns!!!…time to go out and buy that disco ball you’ve always wanted! XD

I don't know why but it feels like I haven't been this excited about a new J-Pop release in ages!…and you've all heard me swoon over releases time and time again but bear with me…I'm just on another cloud with this one! ^o^ Groovy!, Right On!, Afro!, Righteous! Okay now that I've got the lingo out of the way I can begin. 🙂

"Pepper Keibu"
Morning Musume

If you're like me you pretty much missed that entire 70's era but luckily through our parents listening habits you may have become enlightened in the wondrous sound that is the 70's….and one day I do promise to watch "Saturday Night Fever" on DVD. 🙂 The 70's were a glitter with outspoken fashion and coming out of the decade of "love" the remnants did linger on as heard in many songs and personalities of the decade. The styling and outfits on all 3 editions are heavily reminiscent here with a loud and sharp approach to the decade and it looks like all of our favorite Musume's have undergone a makeover of sorts as they all sport new looks….well that is all except for some reason Reinachan looks exactly the same. :/ Hmm….maybe she knocked out the hairstylist and told them where to go! 😛 Either that or the hairstylist(s) ate the very last of the meat at the company all you can eat H!P lunch buffet before Reina had a chance to pick! :O And we all know what happens to those that dare mess with Reinachan's meat! =) SEXY looks for all here and with Reinachan standing at the center of it all on all 3 editions it gave me the initial impression that perhaps this was her "feature" single of sorts………I'm not hearing that in the recording but having not viewed the pv(s) just yet the visuals may tell another story but for that I'll  just have to wait as I'm holding out watching the pvs until the actual DVD release is delivered mid next month. Kamei has regained that Egyptian Queen appearance along with Linlin……not sure I'm acutally liking Linlin's look here as much though. Hot awards go to Gakisan, Aichan and Reinachan…they just appear to scorch the most in the visuals of this release thus far.

Okay now that you've got your brand new disco ball hung high on the ceiling and your lava lamp plugged back in we can continue….(by the way what is the purpose of the lava lamp?) :/

Something fascinating about music in general is how its defining moments and changes have all come in decades. Music fans speak of the 50's, the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the 90's and now…all in increments of 10 years isn't that funny how things have just worked out that way thus far? 🙂 So when someone says: "That's so 80's…" you know exactly what they mean albeit its abstract sense.

Momusu has effectively brought back to life in an all new era the 1976 release by Pink Lady and while apprehension may have at first filled me up prior to its arrival…that's all evaporated now. Perhaps a retroactive nostalgic period has hit H!P……or maybe it's just that Tsunku has gone lazy…just kidding!…but it's quite something not seeing the always familiar Tsunku name in the lyrics and music writing credits but what it does offer to fans is something outside and fresh. Presenting to a younger audience a piece of work that is so far back in memory that no doubt the majority of fans today may not have even been born during its original release can present a challenge I imagine. But the production behind "Pepper Keibu" does so with flying colors gaining a perspective of the now with the infusion of the past seamlessly and oh so effectively. And while Aku Yuu's composition may have been given the treatment and nuances of today's stylings it for the most part has seemingly been kept to a discreet level, allowing the original song composition to shine through without losing any of its original appeal. Awhile back I was treated to a visual and musical introduction to the 70's mega hit group ABBA by Zdorama and having only known very few of their songs beforehand it was quite an eye/ear opening experience putting it lightly! ABBA released some of the most catchy music of the decade and although I don't know of any ties here, "Pepper Keibu" whole heartedly seems to capture that ABBA magic in it's uber catchy melodic sense and hooks which hopefully are filling your room at this moment if you clicked play above. ^-^ The vocal arrangements specifically are channeling ABBA in the layers of harmonies and phrasing used most notably during the pre-chorus and chorus itself. I'm talking pure ♥ here!!

Morning Musume

Not to be outdone by its sister track "Romance" in its own right should have made this a double A-side outright. Also penned by Aku Yuu, "Romance" is an equally well written groove fest with a bit of a more even temperament but in no way is it any way less alluring musically or vocally. At just 3:40 long this track is rather short but it makes the best of it during this duration and in particular I find Aichan's vocals to lead the way here rather poetically. Disco Queen? Perhaps! ^-^

Well I'm off to watch the 20 minute jacket making of and interview segments which are all part of the bonus DVD accompanying the LE jacket A version so from here the rest will be the visuals captured from this momentous release. LE jacket B brings back the much yearned for extra photo booklet collectible with outer slip case!!…a most welcome return would be putting it mildly for sure as I think most fans would prefer this over DVD extras in general so hopefully there will be more of this to come in future releases as well. ^-^ All three editions came with those serial numbered event cards which are only useful if you happen to live in Japan, and that being the only extra accompanying the Regular Edition…well that and the alternate cover art as well. 🙂 Best looking jacket? Well I have to go with LE jacket B by far due to the member full profile images which sets it apart from the other two versions. In closing, what an amazing release for Momusu coming off the success and mature impact of "Resonant Blue"…surely the future looks and sounds bright whether it be original or cover tunes. 🙂

And now for a look inside the much anticipated photo booklet…

…I've scanned it front to back. Enjoy! ^-^

Aichan & Gakisan so beautiful here!!!

I have a feeling Reinachan's upcoming pb will eclipse all her previous releases!

Such incredibly styling throughout!


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6 Responses to Momusu returns!!!…time to go out and buy that disco ball you’ve always wanted! XD

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I'm so pleased to see that the photobooklet is back, I was so worried that we'd the last of it. And by the sounds of it at last the bonus DVD seems like it's containing footage that's going to make a decent watch! I can't wait to get my hands on my copy…I ordered it along with Sayu's PB and as always with preordering PBs from YesAsia I've had to wait for them to find a suppier :S but it looks like it's all in stock so I should have it soon.The artwork on the covers really are focusing heavily on Reina, much the same can be said about the PV, which isn't a bad thing as she does look amazing! I wasn't too keen on Kamei's haircut when I saw the PV, but with the quality being low you can never be certain as to how anything looks, and from the shots in the booklet I'm glad to say I'm loving her look along with Junjun's as well…lol, i say that if I don't stop now I'll just work through all the girls saying how great they look ;pI used to have a lava lamp when I was younger and the only purpose I can possibly come up with is for it to keep you awake at night, serisously the one I had was so bright!


  2. momo says:

    I got my copy yesterday. The covers and photobooklet are great, it's nice to see the photobooklet back again. Everyone looks great!


  3. Rad♂ says:

    These are among the most stunning photos of Morning Musume I have ever set eyes on! Plus, as for the '70s angle, Tsunku borrows from the era generously in many of his works. It's a great combination!


  4. Paul they should have never abandoned the photo book edition!! ^-^ It really makes type jacket B the most collectible and these photos are just beautiful! I've ran into the same situation with YesAsia but they're shipping is way more affordable than most anywhere else. Ah that's right Sayu's pb and DVD should be arriving soon too! Was it in Guam? I can't remember what I read. That's interesting as the song itself doesn't seem to focus heavily on Reinachan although I may be totally missing it having not watched any of the pvs just yet. But I really was thinking this was going to be her song with her being front and center in the CD covers but with Momusu you can never really tell. Hmm….it's true that the straight across bangs is difficult to pull off and I'm not particularly fond of it either but if they style it by brushing some of it aside it looks fine. ^-^ Looks like everyone got a little makeover here for these photo shoots too. Ah that's awesome!!! owned a lava lamp!! They're such strange things…lol! to keep you awake! 🙂 I imagine that some may spend some time staring at it for prolonged periods of time until you tell them to snap out of it! =D


  5. Momo the styling here is so sexy cool! I'm really hoping that these outfits make it to the concert stage too. I love this retro thing that H!P has been going through recently with "Edo no temari uta II", Dschinghis Khan", and now with Momusu's new single. I wasn't familiar with this song before but I really love it now and Momusu performs it so well.


  6. Tsunku truly is so well rounded as a composer and it's so true how he is inspired by many eras in music giving us such great songs to enjoy with such diversity. ^-^ The 60's are still my personal favorite and going back to Tanpopo he really created his own sound with that genre and I was so happy to hear Ongaku Gatas explore it further with their latest single.Love this photo booklet! Everyone looks amazing and the styling is perfect! ^-^


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