Ito Yuna’s “Miss you”…J-Pop just doesn’t get any prettier than this!

Order Ito Yuna's "Miss you" CD single here.

Ito Yuna continues her sweet string of J-Pop joy with her latest release "Miss you" and although she debuted with obvious strength in her vocals here the continued blossoming of said vocals are fully apparent. Yuna's Hawaii ties make her even more special for me personally…living in Hawaii. The title track "Miss you" is as sweet as mid tempo ballads come and with Yuna's distinct "gaijin" style of pronunciation which I've found to become a "trademark" essence of hers albeit most likely unintentional, I'm really finding her place in this genre of J-Pop stylings to be unique in this sense. And this can be viewed as two fold as where a song may contain English lyrics hers is a clear pronunciation without the off sounds of mispronounced words which can sometimes sound slurred by native Japanese singers in some cases. With the English language containing far more in terms of consonants, vowels and syllables totalling well over 3000 there simply are far less native to the Japanese language which is composed of just 107 syllables in comparison so with Yuna's American nationality this truly becomes a win situation when vocalizing English lyrics in combination with Japanese. "Miss you" is a beautifully constructed lively ballad which has enough of a driving rhythm and infectiously intertwined melodies in verse and chorus to engage the listener from the very first listen…and Yuna's seemingly effortless vocals float upon the ambience of acoustic piano, acoustic guitar and bass with a mesmerizing passion…very sweet love song!

The coupling with track "BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!" really captured me with it's wide open chorus and I'd call this perfect "driving music" with its great toe tapping beat and fun, loose feel. ^-^ The lyricist Kami Kaoru wrote a great deal of English lyrics mixed in with the Japanese and it works really well here.

LOL I just got done in the previous post being rather harsh on remixes in general and oh my what do we have here? A great remixed version of an earlier release titled "Urban Mermaid."

With upgraded beat and catchy enhancements without any unnecessary repetitive nuances this is one version of "Urban Mermaid" to enjoy as much as the original!

Here's the pv with the original version for comparison and if there's one thing I wish her single "Miss you" included, it would be a LE edition with accompanying DVD because pvs should always accompany their studio releases IMO. 🙂

Yuna is so beautiful and I just love the styling in this pv and look at all of the girls following her! Kawaii deshou!!


Still my most favorite Ito Yuna song remains "Truth"…

Ito Yuna "Truth" pv (band version)

…her vocals are at a premium here and this is just one of the best songs written ever! ^-^ This alternate "band" version of the pv is really awesome too!

And "Truth" without any doubt earns the "Maochan knockout seal of approval!!" XD


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2 Responses to Ito Yuna’s “Miss you”…J-Pop just doesn’t get any prettier than this!

  1. Tiggerkun says:

    totemo kirei desu!Nice post! I thought it was right on. "Miss You", "Truth", along with "Alone Again", "Gate" , and the duet with Celine Dion "Anata ga Iru Kagiri" are my favorites. I like the "gaijin" style of
    pronunciation like Hikaru and Ai. Does she ever make any public appearances in Hawaii? Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh I really wish she would but as of yet nothing official. Yuna's a really pretty girl and her vocals are just exceptional! It's so great seeing someone with Hawaii ties make it big in Japan and it's amazing seeing her perform on all the regular music t.v. shows over there. Her parents own a little eatery in the Moilili area named "Akinono"….I've yet to go there but there is always the chance meeting of running into her there while she's back visiting Hawaii. The only thing is knowing when…you'd have to be lucky!! ^-^ Thanks for listing your favorites and I'm happy to see "Truth" in the mix! It really does say a lot about her vocal talents as Celine Dion contacted her after hearing Yuna do a cover of one of hers. She must have been so impressed and coming from a top tier vocalist such as Celion Dion I think that's so wonderful for Yuna.


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