Helium + Power + Finesse…Hello! Project’s J-Pop utopia rolls on! XD

Order Buono!'s "Gachinko de ikou!" LE w/DVD PCCA-02731
Order Buono!'s "Gachinko de ikou! RE PCCA-70223

With "Shugo Chara" being fitted with a new Egg unit as a suitor for it's theme songs the future of Buono! not only seems to be that of a "permanent" unit but with that also the fresh possibilities of a musical catalog not solely tied to anime is on the horizon. The anime tie in has been both brilliant and inspiring musically and visually for what is arguably H!P's best group of this time but surely many would also love to see/hear just what else this powerhouse trio has to offer outside of this genre and we'll soon get just that. H!P has had far too many units make a nice showing to only fade into nothingness and many times the potential had just been tapped upon leaving fans with an unfinished void of what could have been. Happily Buono! doesn't appear to be of this premature formula and with the awe inspiring succession of each release one can only believe that the best is yet to come.

Much can be said about the chosen members of Buono! which hail from Berryz Koubou and C-ute and just how well whether forseen or not, their personalities, vocals, and energy compliment each other in the larger scheme of things. And what it comes down to is the perfect blend of vocals which are unique enough but at the same time not a distraction from one another in solo or ensemble compositions and saying that Buono! got it right is far too understated. "Chemistry"…that's what rubs off on the viewer/listener as they experience Buono! for the first time or after repeated dosages of J-Pop goodness…really the members choices here seem in hindsight obvious ones, but really who could've predicted such musical perfection? Helium + Power + Finesse = Buono! XD

Pony Canyon has long been known for its amazing connection to housing some of the greatest and most notable idol and female J-Pop acts that the genre has seen and some light parallels can be directly drawn to idol group legend Ribbon which was active from the late eighties till just shy of the mid 90's. Both groups share: 3 members with vocal prowess, a distinctive rock edge, the same parent label in Pony Canyon, and perhaps most importantly…the best songwriting J-Pop has to offer.

Here's just a little taste of Pony Canyon in the early 90's via the trio sensation Ribbon…

"Heart dake ga universe" has a wonderful rock edge to it and here in 2008 the formula still works to perfection with Buono!

And two more timeless J-Pop classics…

Pony Canyon has ingeniously separated the making of material into two parts and getting them both means purchasing both the LE CD single as well as their pv DVD single. The bonus DVD accompanying the LE single release has a running time of 13 minutes and includes primarily the jacket shoots along with the always appreciated behind the scenes of the pv's shooting which includes a fair share of off shot moments. ^-^ The pv DVD single has a running time of 26 minutes and includes original, close up, and dance shot versions of the pv as well as an extensive "making of" segment which continues where the LE's "part 1" left off.

The LE also includes a photo card with "Shugo Chara" decorating the back.

Above is the original pv version of Buono!'s latest infectious offering. "Gachinko de ikou!" embodies everything great about J-Pop and I'm really loving Buono!'s transition to a heavier rock sound and the very intro itself is deeply reminiscent of a Luna Sea/Glay tune with the harmonized guitar riffs flowing over an full throttle rhythm backing…simply awesome! I also love how the drums have been recorded here in particular as they give off a very "live" and raw sound.

The song's energy is captured perfectly with the visuals of a band atmosphere and perhaps we're getting closer to…


…this!! Okay dreaming I know! 😛 But what if Momo, Airiin, and Miya took instrumental matters into their own hands one day?….Momo does share with us during the making of a few drum licks ala Momo style and really it's one of the cutest things ever! ^-^ Another notable aspect of Buono!'s recipe for success includes what all idol groups should adhere to…equal vocal presence for each member and at no time does this concept ever seem compromised which is a simple and much appreciated brilliance of what ideal production can bring to the table. 🙂

All monkey business aside!..here are the "close up" and "dance" versions of the pv:

So many accolades to hand out here including the dance choreography which captures the mood and feeling perfectly…seriously Buono! and their producers can do no wrong. Buono! to me has become somewhat of an out of body experience for H!P as they're just a cut above everything else being pumped out by the busy H!P family and while this is not to knock the H!P that I love, it's just undeniable at this point of how Buono! almost seems like an outer entitiy of their works.

And with that "Gachinko de ikou!" definitely earns the "Maochan knock out song seal of approval." =D

"Gachinko's" coupling with track "Rediponsaa" had me wondering what is that?!!…okay it's "Lady Panther" thank goodness or that would've drove me bonkers the more I tried to figure it out. "Lady Panther" is yet another outstanding b-side and this time it's in the form of a rock 'n roll shuffle. Catch filled chorus…check. Small venue adrenaline…check. Walking bassline…check. Melody that sticks with you…check!!

Buono! style is also notably a bright spot and whether it be suits or fun and sexy fashion the results are pure ♥!

In trying to keep from creating a never ending post I've included here a visual cap "synopsis" of just what to expect in both parts of the "making of" segments…from digitized mosquitos, Jenga, trumps, darts, water art, fun with the band!, more art, and pop goes the tennis ball head thing…



Funny how you always try to blown down the tower when you opponent(s) are choosing a Jenga block! 😛 Momo! 🙂




…………………lol Momo's so adorable!! ^-^


"Hmmm……all in? ^-^

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8 Responses to Helium + Power + Finesse…Hello! Project’s J-Pop utopia rolls on! XD

  1. maiZe says:

    Hey MB! I haven't read the entire post yet, I was actually just about to head off to sleep when I saw your blog had a new post in my feed… But I browsed through here really quick (will read the entire thing tomorrow) and noticed your wish for the girls to really play instruments…


  2. maiZe I can't resist reading what you've shared here…I'd be way too curious to last!! 😛 OMG! FC DVD? Must find it when it's released!! I can't believe it's been 1 year already…time sure flies!! I guess Momo's little pattering on the drum set wasn't just for show in the making of and even if they all just grab guitars that would still be equally as awesome!! I've never gotten a fan audio recording before but my brother downloads them a lot….hmm maybe I should be on the look out for them too! Thank you for the information as this invaluable to know!! ^-^Wow I think you're 6 hours ahead there and you're up really late again! Thank you for the talk about IW and on concerns that I have as it's really reassuring. I've been so busy lately that I haven't even been able to get online like I normally would daily so I've been absent for the past few days but starting tomorrow things should be back to normal. Thank you for everything maiZe…you're the sweetest! ^-^


  3. Zush says:



  4. Zush I do remember those posts! When the FC DVD is released I'm hoping that the rumors turn out to be true even if they're just casually giving the instruments a go! I'm with you on the notion of wanting to them to seriously take up the instruments and learn to play them…really what could be better than that in a H!P concert!


  5. maiZe says:

    LOL… Yea. I am 6 hours ahead of you, I think… I was 6 hours ahead of Ray when he was in Hawaii, and I'm assuming there's only 1 time zone over there. XD I'm usually up until 1 or 2 am… sometimes until 5 (with work at 7) because I chat with IW people too much… And sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I thought I'd give you some inside info on the sleeping habits of maiZe…. XD (yes… i referred to myself in the third person, because I am awesome. :D)


  6. Wow I thought that I went to sleep late sometimes!! :O I'm always rushing in the morning to get ready for work because I've overslept and with 3 alarms who would've thought?! 😛 Haha that's cute…ah it's past 10 p.m. already there and that'd mean I'd already be in bed! ^-^


  7. Zush says:



  8. So true so true…and it really sets Manoeri apart from the others right now so I'd so much love to see more members take up learning instruments seriously. Momo on piano is so cute too..she and Manoeri should have a sing-off! ^-^


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