‘Cellphonegate’…Broomhead you’re brilliant! ^-^

At first didn't pay much attention to hearing that someone had stolen Tokunaga Chinami's cellphone….intrusive and unsettling no doubt and to think that someone thought it in their interest to post various photos contained within is just disturbing and totally wrong. And yet the title posted here wholeheartedly gained my interest in seeing just what was leaked…Broomhead you definitely have an infectious way! 🙂 Something of this nature should never be leaked and I'm guessing that the perpetrator was just busting at the seams just waiting to upload those private photos found on Chiichan's cellphone…for personal "glory"…well most likely so but who knows what the frame of mind of such an intrusive individual actually holds. It'sad really. What one deranged wota would have to first do if in such a situation is thoughtfully place themselves (probably impossible though) in the shoes of the said idol/celebrity and consider their privacy, personal feelings towards the matter in hand, and well….return the cellphone you……!! Well in the real word I guess this has little chance of happening so what we're left with are "real" life shots of familiar and adored idols in personal unguarded situations and I'm happy to see that everyone here is happilly portrayed…and I'm guessing that now at this very instant all Japanese celebrities/idols are on full alert with the light of this personal breach occuring so hopefully 'cellphonegate' ends here. We really don't need another Deep******.

I purchased these at the (Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center) Hello! Project Information Village "permanent" store…but really all weirdness and inevitible circumstances aside wouldn't Kamei's cellphone hold much more…I mean the deep secrets to the idol universe and just what makes it tick…"big bang" idol theory and all at one's fingertips. Surely Kamei's cellphone camera would have the answer. ^-^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ‘Cellphonegate’…Broomhead you’re brilliant! ^-^

  1. Sofia says:

    That's just mean! You are so rigth dear, the one that did this should really try to put themselves in the shoes of the one they are doing it to.


  2. Slasha says:

    Yeah I thought that the person who started 'Cellphonegate' was very wrong. I guess whatever 'glory' that they wanted to achieve backfired on them. I hope that person gets punished.


  3. Sofia I'm thinking that one must really lack a conscience to do something like this and really just for personal "glory?" If this person were really a fan they wouldn't have done such a thing…really sad. I hope Chiichan is able to cope okay with the circumstances. 🙂


  4. Slasha I do hope so…such an unnecessary act and really I'm thinking karma here. "Do onto others as you'd like them to do onto you." Seriously how does someone like this sleep at night? :/


  5. Sofia says:

    That's true. A true fan would never do that. Hang in there Chiichan!


  6. Rad♂ says:

    Hmm. If the cell phone photos are as innocuous as they appear to be, so what? All this reaction to the story is just what the idiot fan who stole the phone wants — attention. It is, though, an intriguing tale and something I've never seen done.


  7. For me the most bothersome thing about this is the invasion of privacy issue. Hmmm…I'm not offering this fan any positive or good 'attention' and it's really a negative article written about him here so I'm not thinking this fan would 'want' this type of 'attention.' I stand by saying it's an awful act that's been committed and hopefully it won't be repeated onto anyone else…celebrity or otherwise.


  8. Hiyokokun says:

    My.., your post shock me… Did a fan actually do such thing…
    Love the Kamei stuff, btw ^^


  9. Hiyokokun it's sad but true as this really did happen. It's unfortunate when someone uses the internet for such a selfish and uncaring act. I hope Chiichan is dealing with the circumstances okay and I'm sure she'll guard her cellphone like crazy from now on! ^-^ Fans need to respect their favorite idol's privacy and this clearly crossed that line. I'm noticing your Kamei avatar with kame! She's my fave Momusu member and second only to Nacchi in the whole of H!P. I'm guessing she's your favorite member too?


  10. Hiyokokun says:

    Definitely, but recently after watching the concert and Haromoni@ thing, i began to confuse between Kamei and Ai. They kept switching position in my brain. 1st Kamei then Ai then Kamei again. LOL, Love your blog btw…


  11. Hehe that's so understandable, those are my two favorite Momusu members you mention and Aichan was #1 for a long time until Kamei inevitably took over. 🙂 Thank you Hiyokokun!


  12. Hiyokokun says:

    You're welcome, i always jealous (in a good way, it's not that i'll kill you, LOL ^^) seeing other people can buy H!P stuff. SO NICE…. ^^


  13. I think it's part addiction now and there's so many H!P releases coming out at the end of the year! Just got an upcoming artist e-mail from Cdjapan. :O It's difficult to keep up but I do my best to try…H!P runs in my veins I'm afraid. 😛


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