♥Suenaga Harukachan♥ coming to a Hawaii television set near you… XD

If you've been reading here for awhile then you're quite aware of how I from time to time obsess over Harukachan…it's a blatant weakness really! :P…she's just too adorable and how can one resist!! Well great news is that for the very first time (to my knowledge) she's set to appear in a drama that will air here in Hawaii!! XD Harukachan has an impressive t.v. resume behind her and she just about single handedly brought the gravure idol genre to stature as their #1 representative back in the late 90's. More Harukachan can be found here by searching under tags: suenaga haruka but for now here are some "new" scans that I just did from two issues of Pure Pure magazine which is a junior idol mook.

I've actually never  heard of this publication before and just the lure of Harukachan on these two covers was enough to ask Ohta for his assistance in acquiring these through Yahoo! Japan Auctions. The original owner kept these in really great shape..haha and I just creased their spines on the scanner! 😛 Not even the trading card pouches were open which is quite remarkable considering these were published way back in 2002 just as Harukachan was preparing to make the move from gravure to actress.

And check out the on the far right side of the August 2002 issue…it's Inoue Maochan! LOL she looks so tiny here!

But before the rest of the scans here's a brief synopsis of the two part drama series that will air here in Hawaii titled "Freezing Point" ("Hyoten"). Airing times are Sunday September 21st & 28th at 9:00 p.m. on the KIKU channel. The entire broadcast is subtitled in English. The following synopsis is from Kokiku magazine, a monthly publication aimed at Japanese t.v. and culture especially produced for Hawaii. The original version of "Hyoten" was broadcast in January of 1966 by TV Asahi and it starred Aratama Michiyo and Naito Yoko and is noted as having been a success.

"New Years of 1966, Yoko (Suenaga Haruka) finds out that she's really the daughter of the man who had killed her older sister. She tries to poison herself on the river bank early in the morning, but her older brother Toru (Tegoshi Yuya) finds her lying in the snow and she is saved. Regaining consciousness, Yoko learns a brutal truth. Her biological mother's name is Mitsui Keiko. While her husband  was off fighting a war, she became pregnant while seeing another man. That child was Yoko. Told the truth, Yoko is further burdened with a sense of guilt resulting from her shady origin. In the past, she had dreamed of a normal marriage send-off with the blessing of her family, but things had changed in her ever since she attempted suicide and learning of her origin. Now her immediate goal becomes to get a college education and she burns the midnight oil to study hard and passes the Hokkaido University entrance exam. At college, she becomes close friends with Aizawa Junko. During the summer, Junko visits the Tsujiguchi's and becomes pale when she hears about Ruriko's death and the name of the murderer."

Otanoshimi!! Sounds dark and emotion filled but really the reason why I'll be watching is Harukachan. 🙂 I just purchased a new DVD recorder for the t.v. just in time so I'm all set. XD I've never seen Harukachan in a dramatic role so this will be great I know! These first set of scans including the one above are from the August 2002 issue:

So kawaii!!♥♥♥

A little add was in one of these issues too for an event promoting her oh so cute idol DVD. "Beach" is cute too!

And these scans are from the February 2002 issue:

Harukachan is so perfectly beautiful!! Doesn't she just melt you!


Sometimes she has the uncanny ability to look so much younger too as seen in some of these shots despite them all being taken at the same time period. It has a lot to do with her hair styling I think…the free flowing look in many of the previous shots above this scan makes her look so much more mature in a way.

So beautiful! I sound like a broken record I know! 😛


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11 Responses to ♥Suenaga Harukachan♥ coming to a Hawaii television set near you… XD

  1. Cory Roberts says:

    haruka suenaga is so kawaii ^^


  2. Watching Harukachan tonight as I had to record it last night as it was a bit after bedtime and then it's the first episode of season 3 of Heroes! XD I'm finally up to date for the very first time and can watch the new season in real time! 🙂 Harukachan is too cute for sure!!


  3. nhu says:

    minh ham mo chi ay lam luc nao ve cung xem boukenger het a


  4. Anonymous says:

    chi ay co dep hon mio va chise nhieu phai k ne chieu nao cung coi bouken ma bi ong bo chu xui that do moi lan ma met moi can phim de coi la nghi ngay toi bouken nhin khuon mat xinh xinh cua chi ay la het met lien aluc dau cung ham mo mio nhung ma minh ham mo chi nay hon do


  5. haruka says:

    minh ham mo chi nay hon mio nua ne guong mat de thuong phai k rat dang yeu nhin haruka tre hon mio nua 15 tuoi ma gia gan chet


  6. gau con says:

    minh ham mo chi nay lam do nha con nua chi ay xinh phai k ne dong phim rat hay rat giong mot nguoi lanh lung ne bieu hien rat tot do la ly do ma nha minh ham mo chi ay dac biet la anh minh do


  7. my says:

    anh ban nay giong anh minh qua ham mo co nay gan chet luon ne haruka co mot net rieng cho nen anh minh thich anh minh noi vay do do chi la dong phim chu con ngoai doi co nhu vay dau p k lan dau anh minh nhin thay chi haruka la noi ! TROI OI AI MA XINH VAY GIA MA MINH CO NICK CUA CO NAY HA *
    nha minh ai cung yeu haruka chan nhat luon


  8. maytrang says:

    harukachan la than tuong so mot cua beyeu nay day minh ham mo chi ay khi minh xem phim boukenger
    la minh da thich chi ay chi ay roi luc dau minh chi coi gao thoi nhung ma minh thay boukenger co an tuong hon do dac biet la co nang nay day minh me minh noi harukachan nhin xinh hon chise va mio boi vi haruka co net dac biet rat hien diu ch nen nha minh than tuong co nay so mot luon


  9. haruka chan la so mot NUMBER OEN TRITRI LOVE CHI HARUKA


  10. rina aizawa says:

    lan dau minh thay chi haruka minh da chet vi cap mat qua dep cua chia ay mat bo cau long lanh nhu pha le vay do cham may cong rat dep kieu nay chi ay lam cho bao nhieu dan ong chet vi chi ay mat thoi


    • Hmm……you’re um……no it can’t be lol :P………..again I don’t understand the language but your choice of “name” is well a bit odd to say the least like i..well i don’t think you’d be responding so… =/. WP didn’t think this to be spam? xD


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