Ongaku Gatas’ “Come Together” and a few delightful concert performances

The title "Come Together" surely sounds promising especially coming from a Beatles freak like myself but what sort of Ongaku Gatas would we now have with the absence of both Mutou Mika & Manoeri? The group now consist of four Eggs, two ex group leaders, a reverse-graduated Konkon and does Country Musume really still exist? I've yet to watch the pv but based on aesthetics here…Sengoku Minami, Satoda Mai, Konkon and Rikachan are looking as cuddly as ever on the cover artwork. But then of course there's my beloved Nocchi who appears to have opted for a darker hair color but in any case Nocchi=♥ always.

"Come Together" initially sounded like it came straight out of a stage musical and really if this disc didn't come packaged in an Ongaku Gatas case I probably wouldn't have known it was OG with the exception of…well hearing Rikachan's most distinct and always adorable vocals. "Come Together" does however pull through with all the promise that comes with naming your song with the same title as Lennon's classic from Abbey Road. The bass line does breath a hint of that 60's vibe as does the retro distorted twang of the guitar's main riff which really sets the hook here firmly. Some other subtle touches of yesteryear can also be heard in post production including that very "George Martin" utilization of backwards tracking. ^-^ I'm hearing some similarities to an old Alice in Chains song from their "Jar of Flies" album (yep the one with the fake flies in the spine…what a "first press" surprise!). Without doubt the loss of Manoeri in particular poses quite a loss for OG but with this single I feel all of my anxieties have been erased. I for the most part prefer a "live" band sound in any studio recording versus a purely digitally produced one…in the use of real instruments and "Come Together" gets the knockout approval! XD

And you thought that I could go a single day without posting this drama capture. 😛 Instead of a numbered or star ranking I think I'll go with the "Knockout!!" ranking here. Some songs just capture that special umph!…and the guy's expression above says it all! 🙂 Reserved for only the most loved…hmmm…I have a feeling this may appear quite often.

But fear not the disco inspiration lives on in the coupling track "Aisaretai aisaretai" which is pure boogie down fever. We're talking disco ball…John Travolta…the whole nine yards. This track is much more reminiscent of their other releases and it really gives this single an intersting contrast to say the least. With less members hopefully we'll keep hearing better line distribution as is always the wish when it comes to H!P groups. I can't quite give this track the "Maochan knockout seal of approval" just yet…well it has been on repeat so I don't think that'll happen but still it's a solid track just not worthy of being knocked out by. 🙂

I wonder what the future will hold for OG as it's a bit iffy right now as to how long they'll remain active but if this latest single is any indication I'd say keep them forever. And it's always extra nice to see Tsunku's name in the composing credits as he penned both lyrics and music for both tracks…something that has become more and more dilluted with the ever growing H!P music family of artists. I just hope Tsunku never burns out like Komuro did awhile back and perhaps not writing for every single solo artist or group within H!P will help his longetivity in this sense. ^-^

Ongaku Gatas' concert DVD "Ongaku Gatas first concert Tour 2008 Haru mizaru iwazaru goodsal!" (EPBE-5292) has a running time of 112 minutes and in addition to their own releases it has a wonderful assortment of other H!P favorites performed live. I received this concert awhile ago but only recently have started to watch it. It can be ordered here at Cdjapan. If you love OG, you'll love this DVD for sure!

Here's an oldie but goodie and a real favorite of mine…"Honki de atsui theme song." Ongaku Gatas' live version rocks and I love their red outfits being worn here! Sengoku Minami so pretty above…second to only Nocchi on my favorite Eggs list. It was great to see/hear all of the Eggs get a fair share of solo lines in the spotlight throughout this concert and hopefully with the smaller group lineup this will only improve in time.

The video above may take a little while to load but will play properly afterwards. I may upload more videos directly here to VOX but I'm not too sure yet.

Another performance from OG's DVD that I love is their rendition of an old Country Musume favorite "Koibito was kokoro no ouendan" and of course Rikachan is up front and center here! ^-^ Such a cute oldie and I was thrilled to see OG covering it! XD

And last but not least here's a rather interesting and energetic rendition of the shuffle classic "BE ALL RIGHT!" Such  varied outfits being worn here and OG does a great job with this fun and catchy song as well. XD

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10 Responses to Ongaku Gatas’ “Come Together” and a few delightful concert performances

  1. mizunohi says:



  2. paul.thomas says:

    I can't believe that I completely forgot to order this release, I don't know what's going on with me lately I think I'm losing it, what with the recent doubling on orders it looks like now I'm doing the even worse thing of forgetting to order :SBut with my next order I'll have to make sure that I remember to put an order for this release in with it as well, I really love this song!Much like yourself the loss of Manoeri was something that really concerned me, but on hearing this release I agree that there's nothing to worry about as the song and members are amazing. On the plus side with Manoeri gone from the unit it allows me to focus some more of my attention on the other Eggs, none of them really stood a chance with me when Manoeri was in it, lol.


  3. Rad♂ says:

    I love the retro feel of this single, from the outfits to the sound. Yes, reducing the group to eight has actually strengthened it. Konno, long one of my all-time favorite Hello! Project members, is getting a lot more attention.


  4. Mizunohi I think 'epic' is a perfect way to describe Ongaku Gatas' concert! ^-^ The set list is filled with so many classic favorites and I love that they performed some gems that rarely see the concert stage now days. The vocals were great throughout and I feel embarrassed to say that I've only watched it once completely so far….sounds like you've found a favorite!! ^o^ I need to catch up! Love "Come Together" so much and it now has me intrigued as to which way they're headed musically. 🙂 Variety of course could make them the life of the party. It looks like they'll continue on for awhile or at least those are my hopes. ^-^


  5. Paul I'm constantly trying to keep track of what's coming out with H!P and other J-Pop….it's quite the challenge and especially with so many groups and soloist in H!P how can one keep up!! 😛 Ah things are stacking up just waiting to be opened and given attention and another order arrived just today….at this rate I'll never catch up completely! :O The pv DVD single just arrived today with the order and I must watch it soon! Definitely a single worth owning and I love the possible new direction OG has taken musically with this release..just wondering if they'll continue on in this new direction.Ah I'm hoping you'll love Sengoku Minami next!! She's by far my next favorite after Nocchi! But Nocchi really rules them all!!! ♥ She's just so full of personality which makes here irresistible!


  6. Oh I'd love to see Mikitty added to Ongaku Gatas as her vocals and fiery personality would spice things up for sure! ^-^ Mikitty definitely needs more work now days and it's beginning to look like that isolated single release may become just that….such a waste of incredible talent and charisma so hopefully UFA gets her more involved soon. This single could really be a sign of things to come from OG as branching out their sound would be pure joy! Anything 60's inspired gets my vote! ^-^


  7. mizunohi says:

    Their concert is my second favourite, just below Morning Musume's 2006 fall tour~ I'm wondering if Tsunku is trying to bring back a golden-age momusu-type feel in H!P. I figure he thinks Ongaku Gatas has the least to loose if they're not successful in it 😛 Variety is one of my favourite things about H!P, it doesn't seem like you're listening to different variations of the same 5 songs over and over. I don't care how creepy he can be, he's a musical genius 😀


  8. paul.thomas says:

    I'm glad that it's not just me struggling to keep up, lol at this rate I'm going to have to start looking for another job, one with less hours so I can concentrate more on H!P ;p The good thing with OG is that all they're single releases (and their album tacks come to think about it) are all of such a high standard, although it would be great for them to release a simialr sounding styled song for their next single, one thing is for sure, it's going to be great!At the moment my favourite Egg within Onagku Gatas would have to be Sawachan followed by Nocchi


  9. I've still got a stack of new releases sitting here beside me and a lot of it hasn't even been opened yet. 😛 Today was a great day to go through some of them though. 🙂 OG definitely has benefited from great writing and it's really fitting for a group with so much experience and potential. Nocchi & Sengoku for me! ^-^


  10. That's another great concert pick! Tsunku truly has time and time again proved his music writing prowess and he's really gone full circle at this point touching upon just about every genre of music out there for the most part. He always amazes me..although yes sometimes scares me particularly when he decides it's a good idea to sing some of the songs he's written for the girls and makes an album out of it! 😛 I think that's what he is trying to do in a subtle way by including so many great golden age H!P songs in the concerts now days…it's really nostalgic for long time fans and an eye opening breath of "fresh" air for the newer fans I imagine. ^-^


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