“井上真央十五の夏に”…art, salt, sweat and the occasional right hook.

Can your idol DVD do this? Before she was punching out Matsujun, Maochan was living the good idol life and here are just little snippets from her December 2002 DVD release.


This was shot about six years ago but it's still amazing how much her looks have changed in that period of time. Maochan, now the accomplished actress…let's meet Maochan the adorable idol by turning back the clock a bit.

I guess no idol DVD would be quite complete without the presence of seifuku and even without any dialog for a prolonged period of time it's funny how you still keep watching. And let's not forget…seifuku makes for a great Halloween costume too! XD Thousands of Japanese girls can't be wrong can they?

…………(silence)………..just enjoy the seifuku I guess. 😛 I wonder if that's why Sailor Moon is so popular?

So adorable here but remember that you're always just one step away from this happening to you!…


The art of the funny face apparently has been practiced by Maochan for some time now and expect a few of these during the 50 minute duration of the program. Although this was released during the winter, the theme throughout as the title suggests focuses directly on the summertime and with that comes many sweaty moments, lots of fans, and of course Maochan's drawing of just what makes her think of summer…


Okay this one's cutely done so far and who would've known that Maochan wears glasses….maybe not reading but drawing glasses if there's such a thing. 😛 And if you ever bumped into her one day while she was wearing these you'd probably not even recognize her…I guess it's that whole Clark Kent/ Superman thing going on here. Here she draws something which she finds symbolic of summer, the watermelon and really who could resist one at this time of year?

However as we get closer to the finished drawing it eeriely begins to channel Kamei and particulary those hands….they just look like something Kamei would draw too. ^o^ But it gets better though as I just never heard of this before……salt on your watermelon…..EH?!! Nande? If anyone else eats their watermelon with a dash of salt please let me know! 🙂


Back to the drawing board and here we get to see exactly how all of that hard earned money spent at the Kamei School of Art was sooooo worth it! So odd it's great! XD Okay actually it's very cute!


And odd. But you have to admit it's sort of Kamei like or perhaps Mikitty like…no wait her dog does have legs. 😛 And I don't want to know what kind of scary dogs Mikitty grew up with…and you thought clowns were scary. In any case smile but don't laugh or this could be you:

And of course summer wouldn't be complete without the use of waterguns!…

That's Maochan's…um water drawing of a ♥. I think it has a face too… O__o


Nor would summer be complete without baseball…

Is it just me or does she look a little pissed here…like you just pitched a little too far inside for her liking. Well you know that that means. It's time for one of these:

You really should stop pissing her off…it's not good for your jaw or ego. ^-^

I was so waiting for Maochan to give us the Ichiro stance. 🙂 I wonder is she's really an A's fan? 🙂

Summertime festivals also see the emergence of beautiful kimonos……I'm just not too sure what they're trying to stuff into her obi here but it doesn't seem like it'll fit. Not for a lack of trying though! :O



………………..Chotto kyuukei!………………….I imagine that one day we'll see an entire video of an idol just sleeping and I know some will still watch. 🙂

Or just reading…………and this went on for a good 5-8 minutes or so it seemed and yet I didn't fast forward. What's wrong with me?! 😛

Just in a daze…


I've had some friends open bottles with their teeth and other such painful practices but never have I seen chopsticks separated in such a manner! :O Maochan sugoi!! Generally the summer is a bit too warm for ramen but after watching Maochan eat guess what I had today! 🙂 Itadakimasu…



Summertime also means sand and surf….or maybe just striking a pose on the beach with your um……boots on!


Or bathtubs and bubbles……hmmmmmm okay.

Just remember lots and lots of seifuku= idol DVD!

And here just one last peek inside Maochan's world of artistic talent! This is really a good one and I've always thought of drawing people as being the most difficult challenge. I have quite a few friends who can readily scribble out a caricature of a subject but when it comes to drawing an actual person in proportion…well that's quite another story. Maochan's pretty amazing here check this out!

Hehe wait until you see the guy!


LOL it's him I tell you but why's he sweating so much?!! ^-^


…don't forget to brush or else:

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to “井上真央十五の夏に”…art, salt, sweat and the occasional right hook.

  1. Junshin says:

    oh this contains a really lovely pics of her
    as for me .. i think Mao chan she the second perosn who grows young .. haha cus oh chan holds the first place hahah . She has not changed that much i guess . She still has that kawai -cute looking! I never watched any solo work of here before Hanadan IBut that does not mean that she was not doing good or anything . I have watched First Kiss * directly after watching Hanadan* where she acts a really different role of her's in Hanadan and she was doing good .
    interesting article!


  2. matsuzy says:

    i really love this post!! maochan really looks good in glasses.. lol.. so cute!


  3. Purity that's so true about Ohchan…he too is blessed with a really youthful look. It seems that I've become fascinated with Maochan from just one show so far but now you have me curious…I'd love to see "First Kiss" too! ^-^ Hopefully I can find it somewhere for sale online as I will have to check. Maochan is blessed with the best bangs…love her hairstyle so much! ^-^


  4. Matsuzy her DVD was really fun to watch and to think that just a few weeks ago I didn't even know who Maochan was. 😛 I really should watch more dramas…in sort of a drought right now but Hana yori dango is filling in the void…on series 2 right now which may not be as good as the first series but there's still Maochan and Matsujun which is reason enough. ^-^ Hmmm….I wonder if she still wears glasses. 🙂


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