Inoue Mao…so adorable it hurts.

So I was just watching one of her earlier idol DVD releases and I'm high strung on "Hana yori dango"…..hopefully the movie gets released soon! I'll be posting some of her art shortly and at first I thought she was actually channeling Kamei but she really has a knack for artistic talent….well in a different way! Still so kawaii…she's like the sister Manoeri doesn't know she has. 😛 Well in the time being here are scans of a Inoue Mao feature which graced an issue of "G The Television" ("Gravure The Television") a little while back that I was able to acquire…


I've actually never heard of this publication before as I've only previously encounterd "The Television" but nothing pictorial in this manner. "Gravure" meets "Television"….isn't Japan wonderul! ^o^

This publication is quite impressive as it also includes an accompanying DVD with 10 featured idols with cute features and messages. The magazine itself of course also offers idol news, numerous pictorials, and of course upcoming drama news with your favorite idol/actresses. Well in all honesty much of the other pictorials featured here are a bit more on the spicy side…so they're definitely a must look for fans the "gravure" genre. Here I've scanned 3 features not on the "spicy" side but cute nonetheless!

H!P is also featured in this issue so I've also included scans of Konkon and Yuichan's photo shoot features:

Inoue Mao is first though………..OMG how adorable is she?….at least when she's not kicking Matsujun's butt, well actually I found that adorable too! 😛

Kirei desu ne! ♥

Channeling kawaii right about now…

And here's Konkon!

And Yuichan!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to Inoue Mao…so adorable it hurts.

  1. Risuzu says:

    Inoue Mao is quite cute.Oh, and…. KONKON!<3 She's actually my other #1, although I've concentrated my love on Atsuko lately.:)Love&Peace,Risuzu


  2. Love this photo shoot…I'm not even sure when this magazine was published. 😛 I originally ordered this issue for the cover and Inoue Mao but was pleasantly surprised to see both Konkon and Yuichan in it as well when it arrived! Konkon is a favorite of mine too…Gen.5 is just amazing!!! ^-^


  3. Risuzu says:

    5thGen is love. I'm so glad to see both Konno and Ogawa back in the fold. We need a 5thGen unit. (*^-^*)


  4. Risuzu the four would really pull off a great unit together and it's amazing to think that everyone's back as I was never too sure if either Konkon or Mako would decide on returning despite their words of that possibility in the past. Difficult to decide on a favorite generation but the 5th would make a strong case. ^-^


  5. Risuzu says:

    My favorites would be 2ndGen and 5thGen.<3


  6. Risuzu I'm thinking it would have to be Gen.1 & Gen. 5 initially but it's so hard to pick though…just so many favorite and strong members from every generation for me to decide. 🙂 But in the end Nacchi wins me over.


  7. Risuzu says:

    Yasuda is one of my favorites, and I like Yaguchi, so that's why I like 2ndGen.:)


  8. Risuzu I adore Marippe so much too! She truly is one of H!P's best members ever…such a ball of energy and overflowing personality. I only wish that UFA would utilize her talents and charisma more these days, it's like she's there but not being given enough to do. :/ MCing a concert and doing a few fan club DVD spots is just not enough. If only her leaving Momusu had come in a different way back then, then I like to think that things would be different today. H!P will probably never see another like Marippe ever again. ^-^


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