J-Pop in the jazz lounge mystery songs revealed.

Hehe I just thought that this photo ad of Amurochan had somewhat of a jazz club singer vibe to it…..and a few weeks ago I posted up a  few mystery J-Pop/J-Rock songs here in hopes of seeing if anyone could guess their song titles. I guess it turned out to be a much more difficult task than I had originally anticipated as only two people were able to identify any of them with one sending feedback coming through private messages as they knew quite a lot of them but didn't want to take away from the chances of another person winning Tackey & Tsubasa's new single as they already own it. Congratulations to Sankaku_Girl on correctly naming Kinki Kids' hit song "Garasu no shounen" and Amuro Namie's mega hit "Can you celebrate?"!! And for this I will send you Tackey & Tsubasa's latest single release "Koi uta." I'll contact you through PM in order to get the information for shipping. All of the songs chosen for this challenge were huge hits in their own right and so here I would like to reveal the titles of the rest of the songs posted. Now when you listen to these jazz renditions of J-Pops songs you'll probably be able to recognize their melodies much easier knowing their titles and jazz music creates such a unique and sweet atmosphere…enjoy! 🙂

Mystery song A is Smap's hit song "Celery" which had sales topping the 700,000 mark reaching #2 on the Oricon chart.

Mystery song C is Le Couple's smash hit "Hidamari no uta" which was featured in the popular "Hitotsu yane no shita" series where it served as a theme for Sakai Noriko's character.

Sankaku_Girl was able to identify song E on August 25th.

F: "Time Goes By"
Every Little Thing

Mystery song F is Every Little Thing's hit song "Time Goes By" which sold more than 1.1 million copies.

Sankaku_Girl was able to identify song H on August 25th.

I: "Deatta koro no you  ni"
Every Little Thing

Mystery song I is another ELT song, this time it's their hit single "Deatta koro no you ni" which boasted sales exceeding 600,000 copies.

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2 Responses to J-Pop in the jazz lounge mystery songs revealed.

  1. denadel says:

    Nice Namie photo! It really looks like a lounge singer. she reminds me of those girls who sold cigar off of trays in american jazz clubs in the 30's. Great you revealed the jazz songs (except namie's). i have never heard the originals, so no wonder i couldnt guess them correctly!


  2. Thanks Denadel I was thinking the same thing…really gorgeous photo! These are all a bit older so maybe it was difficult for some to identify although I thought a couple of friends here would surely know some of them. ^-^ Someone actually PM'd me and named almost all of them but they already owned the T & T single so they didn't want to take that away from anyone else which was sweet. Still I hope you enjoyed the songs. 🙂


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