Morning Musume in Hawaii Fan Club Tour merchandise…


…unfortunately, no the banner wasn't for sale so the best you could get was a photo of it. Still I wonder what happens to something like this after the event passes…hmm we may never know.


This is what decorated the far right wall when you first entered and without the mad bustle of the fan club the stands used to organize a wave of lines were left off to the side here. There are 20 or so photos showing the inside of the store which I originally hoped to post here along with every thing else but the cruz drive which they're transferred onto seems to have frozen up making those photos impossible to access so I'm going to have to just go with the merchandise itself for the rest of the way here. These temp Hawaii stores are typically set up with various H!P group posters adorning one main wall while the other is decorated with the full array of available UFA or in this case "H!P Information Village" photos divided into sets, and such was the case with this event.

Aside from the main photo sets which were shown on the main wall there was a long series of tables set up just in front and various merchandise was being offered including a towel set, bottle holder set, T-shirt set, pouch set, tour ID holder set as well as a larger bag and organizer which was the only merchandise that remained as exclusive to fan club members and it also came with a unique T-shirt design. Other than that one set every thing in the store was available to purchase by anyone. Friday marked the one and only day in which non fan club members were allowed access to the merchandise and happily there was only one item that was completely sold out on this night as I entered early in the evening but more on that item later. The store opened to the public at 6:45 pm for just a few hours and get ready for scan overload as I've scanned and uploaded all 165 Hawaii edition UFA photos which will follow shortly here that I acquired that night. =)

The merchandise sets on the tables presented a first here in Hawaii as they were being sold along with accompanying 3 1/2" X 5" UFA group photo sets which don't bear the "Hello! Project Information Village" insignia at the bottom which has become synonymous with exclusive photo sets that are sold here. And in addition their 3 1/2" X 5" size also differs as Hawaii sets have always been of the 4" X 6" size since the original opening of the official and then permanent shop which was located in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center back in 2002. The 3 1/2" X 5' photos are typically the standard size sold in Japan official shops until now. The special thing about the accompanying photo sets being offered on these tables is that the members of Momusu are all wearing the fan club tour T-shirt which is photographed above which has this tour's name "Aloha to you" writtten across the front while the back…

…displays the group name along with the tour's year.

Here are the ID holder strap, bottle holder (which I find quite interesting) and mini pouch which also came with accompanying Momusu 3 1/2" X 5" photo sets…which I'll start with for the scans to follow below.

As you notice these smaller 3 1/2" X 5" photos do bear the "Alo-Hello" logo in the bottom right corner but do not have the "Hello! Project Information Village" tag at the bottom which is something that you'll see when I reach the larger 4" X 6" Hawaii photos which will follow after these sets.

And I saved the best for last…Kamei rules them all! ^-^

Aichan "shaka!" =) I love here hair tied up like this…one of Momusu's most beautiful.

Junjun says…buy the shirt!


I'm really liking Mittsi's evolving looks and she's come so far in such a short period of time in the group both as a vocalist and idol.


In all I purchased 165 photos and we still have quite a ways to go with all of the scans here. All of the following photos were chosen from the sets being offered on the main wall of the store and these are all sized at 4" X 6". I purchased every set on the wall with the larger 4" X 6" photos going for $2 for a single photo which meant that the bank account took a huge hit here but with these events occuring only every so often I just thought it best to get them all here. And something that makes all of these photo sets just a little bit extra special is that none of these are sold in Japan at the H!P shops there. The Hawaiian styled turtle design adds a nice touch too as the background for these photo sets as well….I wonder if Kamei had anything to do with this year's design. 🙂


Something that I didn't notice until I got home was that within several of these main sets there are included member messages but what's ingenious on their part is that these "message" photos are strategically scattered throughout the sets so in order to collect them all you'd need to purchase them all. In the past "message" photos such as Aichan's one above, were sold all together in a single set…can you say collect them all. I call these the aloha shirt hand off photos. ^-^ From member to member this shirt made the rounds!

Gakisan's always so beautiful and very very pretty in pink here!! Although I do prefer to see her with her hair down though.

Kamei Kamei Kamei Kamei…sometimes nothing more need be said.

"Out-cute, outlast"…Sayu's motto. 🙂

Looks like Reinachan will be heading towards a screen near you as her upcoming DVD shot in Hokkaido is set to launch on October 29th!! (epbe-5306)

Kohachan's message photo is a "colorful" one as you'd expect and I really like seeing that she's sticking with her rather "time consuming" autograph styling…one of Momusu's prettiest!

I've really grown to adore Mittsi…just as long as she stops making Junjun cry. Or there will be no bananas for you! 😛

Truly one of the best additions to Momusu and H!P…interesting to see that Junjun's started to wear Sayu's old "Shigechan" look. ^-^

Admittedly I'm sort of still waiting for Linlin to hit me with the feeling of being fanstruck…I do think she's great though but the shadow of personality and adorableness cast by fellow Gen. member Junjun is quite one to overcome. I still know it will happen though. 🙂


Really cute top!!

Gakisan's "mame" signature still remains as one of the best alongside Momo's.

Kamei Kamei Kamei Kamei…

Soon we'll know what Sayu's shirt is declaring as "BEST DAMN…"

I hope Junjun keeps growing growing taller so that one day she can Kumachan can form "高いモニ。" Hmmm…stranger things have happened. 😛


I purchased an extra set of photo set (52) as a little gift for Paul at Hello!Blog and as silly as this may sound I chose this set in particular because the rest of the dialog on Sayu's shirt is visible here. XD

I thought this set was cute too…hope you like it Paul! 🙂

Ah Kamei's wonderfully simple signature!!! Although I wonder if one day she'll decide to add the little turtle (kame) drawing to her autograph…..nah probably not because that would mean she may not be the first to leave an autograph session or get through all of her autograph H!P cards, that just wouldn't seem right. 😛

And now I finally know just what Sayu's shirt reads….I've been wondering ever since I saw a few sample scans of these then upcoming photos for this fan club event. "BEST DAMN THING"……hmmmm I could think of a few other things that this shirt could have read:……"BEST DAMN _____." Be imaginitive not dirty! 😛

Reinachan never fails to accesorize the best in Momusu! ^-^


Looks like Gakisan, Sayu and Kamei have found a liking for Aichan's signature pose…aw isn't that adorable.

And the sisterhood of the travelling aloha shirt continues…

Now I'm wondering just what does Reinachan's shirt say?! O__o What's really amusing sometimes is how Japanese shirts say the oddest of things and it often has me wondering if the person wearing it has any idea what it means in English. :O I actually have no idea what Reinachan's shirt says here but all of the pink really suits her.

Now Kohachan's is quite clear, or is it? "I'm (star) New York? She has the yellow accesories working really well with the light blue here…very kawaii!



Sets #55-#63 are 4" X 6" four picture photo sets which feature each member individually and here you'll notice the absence of set #57 which was the only sold out photo set. In the past some of the larger sets have been sold out when non fan club members were finally allowed access to the temp store on the last days so luckily it was just this one set this time……the only sad thing is that it happens to be Kamei, my most favorite current member of Momusu! :/

My favorite photos from these individual member sets has to be the Hawaiian themed ones which were shot against a plain background. Here Aichan adorns a sweet lei and flower in her hair. Again so unique and fashioned to Hawaii's culture. ^-^


This photo's absolutely gorgeous!!! Gakisan at her best!!! Aloha!!!

This area reserved for Kamei just in case I ever find photo set #57…






The "aloha" photos are definitely the best….Reinachan looks so sweet here!!..and I love the Hawaiian styled attire being worn by everyone!









The temp fan club stores here in Hawaii also usually feature H!P members outside of those in which the actual fan club event is for and to my delight both Berryz Koubou and C-ute had two 14 photo sets available for purchase this year! Usually their photo sets are comprised of 7 photos (one for each member) but in this case they doubled up on each member presenting a wonderful 14 photo set. ^-^ I love how they also used the Hawaiian styled turtle backdrop for both groups despite them not being part of the actual fan club event….giving these sets a nice touch of Hawaii too. I have to say that Risakochan's pair in this particular set is my favorite followed closely by Miya's photos. Risakochan just has the best expression here: first one's adorable and the second one's interestingly cool! XD These are all also 4" X 6" photos and one of these sets sold for $28.


The second series of photos for both Berryz Koubou and C-ute has the entire group dressed beautifully in kimonos are here I think Chiichan takes top honors as her pair of photos are absolutely stunning! =D

♥♥♥The most adorable Chiichan photo yet!!!♥♥♥

Risakochan has a most amusing facial expression here! 🙂



And now for the two "Hello! Project Information Village" C-ute sets. Their wonderfully creative outfits from their latest single "Edo no temari uta II" are featured here beautifully! Overall I think the C-ute sets are a bit nicer than Berryz Koubou's sets…just a tad bit here. And pose wise everyone just looks so pretty and cute here! Difficult to pick a favorite here although if I had to…it'd be Maimichan, Maimai and Nakki.

It's such an interesting collaboration with these photos showing C-ute in spiced up traditional kimonos set against a Hawaiian themed graphic background….maybe a little strange but it works! 🙂

These two Maimichan photos alone made the trip to the temp store so worth it!!! This is about as radiant as one can look…..Maimichan so perfectly beautiful.

Kira kira….

I've always thought Nakki as having such perfect teeth…..large and XD. She and Erikachan formerly of Biyuuden could become the next super unit and I think a great name for them would be: "歯モニ"…..("Ha-Moni") wacky I know but come on a "teeth" unit in H!P would be wonderful. Just think of all the possibilities with tooth past commercial jingles, mouthwash, and of course see your dentist regularly ads! XD….. 😛

And of course leave it to Nakki to have the most notable pose of any members' photo out of these 165! Cute leg lift…kawaii!! And please keep those pesky H!P hairstylist away from Nakki at all costs!!!! She looks so cute with her longer hair and it matches her facial features so well I think…never cut it please!!!!

♥♥♥So adorable!!♥♥♥ She's like a woman trapped inside a little girl's body! And that voice….don't get me started!


And C-ute in traditional kimonos here…Maimichan, Kannachan and Airiin have my favorite photos here.






While the H!P Eggs didn't get a set this time around at the temp store as they have in the past, a few other solo artists such as Mikitty, Inaba Atsuko, Marippe, Makochan and Maeda Yuki did. Really happy and encouraged to see Mikitty featured here at this year's event and I'm really looking forward to her upcoming role in their musical remake of the most beloved "Grease."



It's been a long time since I purchased any new Makochan photos…welcome back!! And here's my first new set in ages…




…and here we are $375 later…whew that was a lot of scans!

And going back in time to the 2002 "permanent" H!P store which was located in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center here on Oahu, here's every Momusu photo set that they sold there from start to closing which lasted a couple of years…along with BK and other solo artists in the H!P family. They're so little here in the beginning and these photo collections bring back fond memories of shopping there regularly.

I purchased 3 "Alo-Hello" binders before they stopped selling them so the fourth binder is my homemade Kamei edition. Since then I've had to collect numerous additional H!P photo holders as these were filled up to capacity long ago. There are just too many to scan here so I've taken photographs of them instead and separated each binder's contents into separate links here: Hello! Project Information Vilage photos binder 1, Hello! Project Information Village photos binder 2, Hello! Project Information Village photos binder 3 and Hello! Project Information Village photos binder 4 aka "Kamei binder."

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13 Responses to Morning Musume in Hawaii Fan Club Tour merchandise…

  1. strawberrie says:

    Wow, lots of scans…would have taken me a year with the way my schedule is going this semester. I would totally love to rob your Junjun and Linlin photoset LOL. I finally got around to buying the event V for Resosnant Blue and Kanashimi Twilight. Been slow on H!P news (unless I get a e-mail like from CD Japan) since I been following closely on BoA debut in America. Morning Musume calender has been pushed back but it's okay for me since I was trying to get it closer at the end of the year along with other orders.


  2. momo says:

    wow, you got alot of stuff! I like the shirt, I managed to get the shirt from when they went in 2007. I sure would like to get some items like that, the photos look great too. I really want to go to Hawaii one day at a time when they are there. Congratuations on getting all these items!


  3. Craig says:



  4. DJ_MaiMai says:

    I have a new goal in life: to have as impressive a collection as MorningBerryz.
    Awesome post by the way! Its a shame Marippe only got 2 pictures in her set while a majority got 4.


  5. mizunohi says:



  6. Strawberrie I adore these Junjun and Linlin photos too! Junjun in particular is a real favorite of mine as well. 🙂 Her personality has won me over tons! The event V's are awesome to collect…so much exclusive content on there but they are a bit pricey at times but so worth it for sure!! It's very encouraging to know that Boa will try to conquer the American music scene and I think she'll do very well…my best wishes to her success. It was interesting that Momusu's calendar was originally scheduled to come out a bit earlier than BK and C-ute's….but I'm glad too that they're now all scheduled for the same release date as it makes ordering much easier since Cdjapan won't ship calendars with other merchandise. I didn't know which one to choose so I pre-ordered all 3 since I still have the wall space for them which is kind of a miracle! ^-^


  7. Momo when I walked in and saw all of the photos on the wall which was more than ever before at these events I just wanted them all. It sure added up quickly and when I heard the total I was thinking… :O! That's awesome that you got their fan club tour shirt!! These are great collector's items and I don't imagine that I'll even wear mine…just going to preserve it! 🙂 I do wonder if you were to hang out in the hotel's lobby where they're staying you're bound to run into them eventually. Thank you Momo, love all of the photo sets so much, especially the Hawaii themed ones!! ^-^


  8. Momotaro it's an ongoing battle in my mind between Momo and Risakochan…and just when I think one has the edge the other pulls me back in! XD Risakochan's expression there is quite an amusing one. 🙂 I'm happy that you got a chance to look through these photos. ^-^


  9. Thank you DJ_MaiMai…I'm a freak when it comes to shopping though! 😛 I was sort of hoping that they'd also have the H!P Eggs featured again in a photo set as they have in the past but still great to see these solo artists getting sets too. Marippe should have gotten a 4 photo set too, I sure hope that UFA has something musical in her future planned…a song, role in something, just anything at this point. It seems that she only hosts H!P concerts and appears on fan club DVDs right now but her fan base is still so strong so she really should get more exposure in the limelight. 🙂 Yukosan too, and I was really surprised that she didn't get a photo set this time as didn't Nacchi who's actually more active in H!P right now.


  10. Mizunohi I hope you get better soon! ^-^ Argh! tests!! I do not miss those!! 😛 The T-shirts color really does blend into the blue turtle background…such a nice shade of blue they chose this time around. The Diamond Head/palm tree design is really nice to…not too busy. Hehe it is Kamei's "background" design this time around and I'm sure she got a kick out of it! ^-^ This year's event had the most photo sets being offered that I've ever seen…I could't believe that there were so many when I walked in seeing the walls covered! When Rikachan's fan club tour arrives here in November I'm wondering if the sold out Kamei solo 4 photo set will become available again….I'm guessing not but I'm still hoping. I guess now we all know which Momusu member is tops for the wotas!!! Kamei Kamei Kamei!! ^o^ I wonder if they informed here that hers was the only set to sell out completely…I'm sure it would have made her happy. XD Have a great school year!! 🙂


  11. paul.thomas says:

    Oh wow, that's an impressive shopping trip it must of been just such a great experience lol, I know it sounds kinda silly saying that as it's only shopping but I know when I went into the stores in Tokyo I was so excited and just spent ages just staring at the walls. It's great to see that you managed to get a complete set of everything, it's a shame that those Kamei photos weren't available, but I guess it could of been worse with them only let you in on the last days. Thanks for getting me a photo set, they looks great! The photos are really cute, I'm really loving the one of Aichan, I love her pose. And Sayu…"Best Damn Thing", certainly looks like whoever was picking out the outfits got hers spot on ;p


  12. Paul it was a fun experience and you know it best as you got to shop in the official H!P stores in Japan. ^-^ I was so overwhelmed by how many photo sets they were offering this time around…much more than in the past by far. It was great that only one set was sold out although it was my beloved Kamei. 🙂 In the past numerous sets of the artist/group visiting for the event would have their sets sold out with only a few leftover so it was lucky that they produced more this time. And now we officially know whom the wota go crazy over the most in Momusu…Kamei! ^o^ Really happy that she's so popular amongst the wota in Japan too! I was so curious to know what the rest of her shirt read and happily there was a set which showed the rest of the print at the bottom. 🙂 When I get everything together well meaning the drama I'll have it sent out to you as soon as possible. Maybe it can be an early birthday or Christmas present. ^-^


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