The “Tsunku for a day” experiment results…

Sorry it's taken me awhile to post the results for the "so you wake up one morning and you're Tsunku for a day….." poll results as I wanted to get them up by the weekend. First I want to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in the voting for the Shuffle and "dream" units! This was the largest turnout yet as 1448 fans participated in the polls. I want to send a special thank you to Paul Thomas at Hello!Blog for linking the original post at his website as it was responsible for the majority of the voter traffic received for both polls I strongly believe. ^-^ Thanks so much Paul!!

First here are top 7 members voted in for the Shuffle group:

Niigaki RisaKamei EriJunjunFujimoto MikiYoshizawa HitomiTsugunaga MomokoOkai Chisato

From top to bottom, left to right the members are in order from highest vote getter. Gakisan and Kamei dominated the polls but the race for the top spot was extremely close here in particular as amazingly they ended up being only separated by a single vote. Junjun also received lots of votes as the top 3 vote getters here really were in a league of their own when viewing the voting numbers as a whole. This truly would be an amazing shuffle group as you have a strong vocal presence combined with cute. But also just the thought of Momo and Mikitty working together = XD! Helium meets brute force! 🙂 And members Junjun and Chisatochan so deserving of more attention. The dynamics in personality would be most welcome as well and the one member that I personally would have added to this party would have been in incomparable Yukosan. 😀 Ah a reunion of Yukosan and Kyamei…what could be better and once Yuko gets a load of Momo…all bets are off for good behavior! XD

I also wanted to include what would be the next two shuffle groups following the next highest vote getters. The second tier shuffle group would include these members as voted by you:

Suzuki AiriTakahashi AiNatsuyaki MiyabiTokunaga ChinamiYajima MaimiTanaka ReinaUmeda Erika

This second unit looks like a nice blend of Momusu, Berryz Koubou and C-ute and it's nice to see Erikachan and Chiichan getting some fan support. Vocally this group would be quite interesting as well with such vocal variety including Maimichan, Miya, Aichan, and Reinachan in particular as theirs are notably distinct. The strongest personality here would have to be Reinachan's so I'd appoint her leader by default…no offense to Aichan of course whom I adore very much!

The third tier of vote getters would round out our final shuffle group for 2008:

Matsuura AyaMichishige SayumiShimizu SakiAbe NatsumiHagiwara MaiSudo MaasaKonno Asami

Surprisingly Ayaya makes a quite late entrance as I really thought she'd rank much higher alongside Mikitty if for nothing else her top vocals in H!P….and beauty of course! But better late than never and this unit may be the most interesting or strangest of them all. Ayaya will bring the vocals, Sayu the cute, Sakichan…solid vocals and leadership, Nacchi…distinct vocals…warm mentoring and pure joy, Maimai will do battle with Sayu in a cute-off of gigantic out! :P, Maasa will help glue it all together with her unique brand of warmth and humor, and Konkon strong vocals…adorableness..and an amazing mind!

Happily every member in the shuffle group poll received multiple votes and here are the remaining members in order: Sugaya Risako, Linlin, Mitsui Aika, Arihara Kanna, Ishikawa Rika, Kusumi Koharu, Nakjima Saki, and Kumai Yurina.

And now here are the results from the "dream" group poll:

Niigaki RisaKamei EriYaguchi MariTsuji NozomiJunjunMatsuura AyaYoshizawa HitomiFujimoto MikiTakahashi AiMichishige Sayumi

Gakisan once again dominated the voting and not even Kamei could keep up towards the end of voting. What's interesting about this super dream group cumulatively voted on by fans is that with the one exception of Ayaya, every member past or present is a member of Momusu which perhaps indicates their dominance in fan affection when the whole of Hello! Project is looked at. After all the goal with this poll was to determine which ten members out of the whole of H!P would fans see as the best members to include in a "dream" unit of their own…cumulatively though. The poll included all 52 H!P members who have been active in music releases (including Eggs) so the results here really show the 10 members who hold substantial fan bases within the whole of H!P. Again Junjun shows up very impressively in the top 5 deeply beloved members Marippe and Nono make high appearances as well. I'm so happy to see Ayaya make the top group here as well as her showing in the "shuffle group" results were a bit low in my opinion. When it comes to H!P I think that any "super"group should by default include Ayaya…my personal opinion though. 🙂 Mikitty may be on a pretty low key level right now…but most of that I suspect is UFA holding her back though for her past defiance of them which was done so publicly….I do applaud her for standing up for herself though…. XD but here it really shows how her low visibilty hasn't hurt her fan base at all as she received a high number of votes making the top group as well. 🙂 So happy to see Kamei in the second spot in both polls as only Gakisan could keep her out of the top spot…twice! Gakisan = ♥

And to show how the rest of the voting went here are the next two 10 member "dream" groups as voted for here starting with vote getters 11-20:

Suzuki AiriTanaka ReinaTsugunaga MomokoKonno AsamiOgawa MakotoNakazawa YukoIshikawa RikaNatsuyaki MiyabiUmeda ErikaTokunaga Chinami

Yuko and Rika together again…Charmy & the tirades just about to begin! XD Just like old times!! 🙂 Lets see Konkon and Makochan too…almost the entire classic newscast is here! Talk about personality dynamics!!! The tier two "dream" group is overflowing with diverse personality goodness. Fiesty Reinachan, wacky Makochan, fiery Yukosan…add in Charmy and stir in "helium"…I mean Momo adorableness…slowly! XD But seriously all ten members would be a dream to see them work together…the only change I'd make? Add in an Egg for good measure so that Yukosan can mold (scare)…no I mean mentor them! 😛

And lastly here's the fan voted tier 3 "dream" group (top votes received, members 21-30):

Yasuda keiAbe NatsumiOkai ChisatoSudo MaasaYajima MaimiNoto ArisaKikkawa YuuKusumi KoharuMano EriArihara Kanna

At last Nacchi, Nocchi, Koharu, Kanna, and Manoeri make an appearance. I'm also a bit surprised to see Maimichan appear so far down just making the cut for the third level group. And no offense to Keisan but….Keisan > Nacchi?! O__o Nice to see Kannachan sneak in there too in the last spot and Kikkawa Yuu also received a decent number of votes as well. 🙂 Now is this hypothetical group strange or interesting or what?!! I don't know what to say. It's such an unusual combination of members. Hey it could work! And at least we know there would be a lot of excitement with Kohachan present…thank goodness she made at least one unit!! XD Nocchi + Nacchi + Maimichan = 幸せ。

A great stat for the "dream" group poll is that 51 out of the 52 H!P members on the ballot received multiple votes with Korenaga Miki being the only exception here. I would have loved to have seen her receive votes as well but with so many members to choose from I think it's a great showing to have nearly everyone included. Here's the rest of the members who received votes from high to low following the 3 "dream" groups listed above: Mitsui Aika, Shimizu Saki, Kumai Yurina, Okada Yui, Iida Kaori, Miyoshi Erika, Nakajima Saki, Sugaya Risako, Hagiwara Mai, Linlin, Inaba Atsuko, Kitahara Sayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Satoda Mai, Murata Megumi, Saito Hitomi, Maeda Yuki, Ohtani Masae, Shibata Ayumi, Sawada Yuri, Sengoku Minami, and someone even added Aibon to the ballot! 🙂

This is the first time that I've tried to gather a consensus of which members in the whole of Hello! Project hold substantial fan bases and along with that just which combinations of members would fans find most attractive and fruitful. Hopefully these results will shine some light upon those topics…well at least in this little corner of the blogosphere. Thank you again to everyone who helped to make these "dream" group polls a success! ^-^

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17 Responses to The “Tsunku for a day” experiment results…

  1. Wow! How fun was that! XD I'd like to see each and every single one of these groups made into shuffle groups. THAT would be so much awesome. Each set has a nice mix of mature, sexy, cool, and cute. I'd be really curious to see what kind of songs each group would get. *ponder*


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    Yuko, Konkon, Ogawa, Rika, Yossie, Mikitty, Ayaya, Nono, Yaguchi and Kei-chan! I voted for something like this in the dream group, this should work for some great Utaban appearances \\(^o^)// I'd put Nacchi and Kaorin there too if there were some space left.


  3. The member combinations came out really well and some are really diverse combinations in terms of personalities and vocal types. I think you've summed it up perfectly above! As the groups were forming during the ongoing voting it was really hard to tell just how they would turn out…the only certainty seemed to be Gakisan ruling over everyone! 🙂 At first it was Kamei but by the midway point Gakisan had overtaken her too. :O Now if there were only a way to get these ideas to UFA for serious consideration. 😛 What's interesting is that with such mixtures of 'cute' and 'cool' it would pretty amazing to see what styles of songs would be penned for them…haha maybe even bizarre for some members at times. 🙂


  4. Haha Taka-san and Nakai would have some serious fun with this lineup of members!! Poor Kei! 😛 My "dream" lineup: Kamei, Mikitty, Ayaya, Momo, Yukosan, Nacchi, Nocchi, Maimichan, Junjun and Aichan. ^-^


  5. La-Rush says:

    uwa..why ayaya went so down this time?huhuu..beaten by mikitty?? how come??nee~~thx fot thiscongrats for NIgaki~~!!yayyy!!


  6. Rad♂ says:

    Great poll! Amazing that Chisato cracked this group on a couple fronts while Hagiwara came up empty! And … Konno? I'm actually glad Chisato and Konno got in; I just didn't have any room for them in my topp-y7 shuffle. Nice contest!


  7. Risuzu says:

    Korenaga came very close to being included in my dream group. If I had one more slot, she would have made it, though.So how many Atsuko votes were there? I'm happy to see she has a few fans.(*^-^*)Love&Peace,Risuzu


  8. Risuzu I thought it was great that the vast majority of all musically active H!P members made it into the voting. I would have loved if Korenaga Miki too had received at least a vote so that no one was left out….ah I guess if you were given 11 to choose. 🙂 Atsuko received 37 votes which I thought was a great showing. 🙂


  9. It's interesting that in the "shuffle" group poll Ayaya really did show up late in the third group way behind Mikitty but in the "dream" group poll she's near the top and ahead of Mikitty…I'm not sure what to make of that. 😛 But so happy to see Gakisan and Kamei remain consistent at #1 & #2 for both polls. ^-^


  10. Maimai did sneak into the third tier shuffle group near the end but it's true that Chisatochan did quite well in both group polls. I'm so glad to see all of the groups come out so varied with good diversity in members. 🙂


  11. ladybird says:

    Am I truly the only person who wrote "Aibon"?! C'mon ppl, she deserves more luvv XD


  12. Rad♂ says:

    @Din: Aibon was never a team player, as good as she was individually. She left on terrible terms and dragged the entire company through a year's worth of mud. Both Aibon and Nono were essentially booted out of Morning Musume in 2004 because Aibon upstaged everyone (most of that unintentional, some not). "W" was put on a different playing field than the rest of the company in 2005. I can see Nono getting in; she was more of a victim of the Aibon uprising than anything else.


  13. ladybird says:

    @Rad This was just my kind of dream. it would be amazing to see her again in H!P world. It's an unrealistic vision but still great 😀 And I disagree, words like "mud" or "victim" seem too harsh to me. Right now Aibon gathers a huge fanbase while Nono stays in the background. When I see "fans" showing their disapproval to Kanna, I'm getting really angry. I'd love to show my support to Kanna and to Aibon. I don't seem to get the whole "scandal" thing ==


  14. paul.thomas says:

    Wow, looks like you had a great turn out for this!The results are really interesting and I'm loving the 1st dream unit, teaming Mari back up with Nono :)Although I have to say I'm quite surprised with the Shuffle Units results, seeing Ayaya and Nacchi coming in so quite low. But I have to say that the actual unit as a whole looks really good. Personally I'm all for seeing more Ayaya, she's such a great all round artist and mixing her up with Hagitty is something I love so much!!I wonder if/when the shuffle units will return? It would be so great if they did, my fingers are crossed.


  15. I think it had more to do with her name not being on the original poll list as I included only musically active members in H!P….but there indeed is a lot of fan support for our beloved Aibon out there!! ^o^ From all of the Aibon fan sites, her personal website and recent activity there's definitely lots of ♥ for Aibon. And I don't think that will ever change. 🙂


  16. I'm also very saddened by fans' reactions to Kannachan's situation recently and some of my thoughts can be found here. ^-^


  17. Paul I want to thank you so much again for linking and writing such a wonderful post connecting this one! You really took time to do this and I'm really grateful! The large turnout was really due to your post as after you posted the votes really started to come in quickly! ^-^ Greatly endeared members like Marippe and Nono really had a great showing here of fan support! Really wonderful to see…now if only Tsunku would actually place them into new groups some time in the future…..I may be dreaming this one up but it would be really nice to see! I imagine that Nono will be back in some way in the future but Marippe's just been so inactive for the most part since bowing out of Momusu. That's an awesome pairing isn't it!!..with Maimai and Ayaya! ^o^ They should do a single together, how amazing would that be….maybe a bit odd but still amazing and their vocals would be so interesting together I think. Maimai always gives me the impression that she's much older too so I think it'd work out okay. I was surprised most by seeing Ayaya appear so late in the shuffle groups…and Nacchi too!!! Especially!! It's somewhat odd that Tsunku has put the annual shuffe groups on hold for now…..I too wish so much for their return. Maybe in 2009? I'm hoping too!


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