Mano Erina set to be framed…

The search is finally over for a UFA photo set which will compliment Manoeri's autographed card well! I found that Manoeri's 3 1/2" X 5" photo sets usually come in pairs of two's and they just seemed to be a bit too little for the size of this card which would look better with three photos as the Sayu/ Reina/ Kamei set does here…

So I finally decided on a 5" X 7" UFA photo set instead where two photos would fit above the signed card perfectly and these are recent UFA photos which seemed like a better idea to use as her card was also signed recently. Ohta found this set for me, he's so great!! So now it's off to the frame shop next week!! Hopefully it won't take too long to complete so that I may have the finished framed set posted here soon. ^-^ I thought these photos were really vibrant and cute and the red of her shirt is actually brighter than these scans make them look…..strange. Plus she's got her name written across the front…kawaii!

Also check out this live performance of "Manopiano" posted at Paul's Hello!Blog!! Complete with Manoeri on piano as well!! You'd have to go way back to the days of Rinne on acoustic guitar in concert to find a H!P member performing on a live instrument in a concert situation. Manoeri's so talented and I'm always extra impressed whenever an artist performs on piano and sings simultaneously!

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8 Responses to Mano Erina set to be framed…

  1. Craig says:



  2. paul.thomas says:

    Looks like you've chosen the perfect 2 photos to go with it, Manoeri looks really cute in both of them and the size of the photos really go well with the autograph.I picked up that latest issue of Kindai towards the end of last week and it has a couple of shots of the Hello! Project 2008 Summer Wonderful Hearts Concert, it's cool as it shows you the line up with accompanying photos of the performances and there just over half way through the songs is Manoeri playing on her keyboard 🙂 I can't wait to see her performing at one of these large concerts.


  3. Took awhile to choose these but I've finally decided…I hope it turns out great! ^-^ Did you get to watch her live performance?


  4. At first I was searching for a 3 photo set of hers but I just couldn't find one so then it hit me….larger photos instead. Red really suits her too I think! So it's off to the frame shop this coming week, that and search for Momusu who should be flying in from Korea in a couple of days! 🙂 They get their photos printed here on Oahu and a few of them have been leaked…hopefully they'll let me into the temp store this week! Ah by any chance is H!P on the cover for this issue? For sure their next DVD concert release should feature Manoeri on keyboards live!!! ^-^ Still love watching that clip that you posted!! With her performing on the keyboards it really has added an extra dimension to H!P's live performances! Now all we need is Erikachan on drums, Airiin on horn, and the Captain on piano! 🙂


  5. paul.thomas says:

    Ah the quest to bump into the Morning Musume girls, my fingers are crossed that you'll spot them. With the temp H!P stores over there do they have people on the doors to stop non FC members coming in? Lol, take a photo of your collection and if they stop you just show them the photo, they'll have to let you in then.Kindai has a really great cover this month, as it features Buono! on the front and then on the back cover there's an advert for Buono!'s new single, so it had me smiling when I saw it. There's quite alot of H!P in it, Buono!, Ongaku Gatas, Manoeri and the Wonderful Hearts concert page. I'll try and get some scans up at some point.


  6. In the past times that I've been there they don't really watch the door, but they perhaps will ask for credentials of membership when you approach the register…I just don't know. But Ray actually shopped there at an event not too long ago and this was after the supposed no "sales to non fan club members" and he purchased lots of merchandise and even took photos of the room and their employees. 🙂 So I'm thinking it'll be okay. Ah that's a brilliant idea!!!! Now if only I could fit everything H!P in my room into a photo or two… 😛 Hmmm…we're all very loyal fans who actually purchase their releases instead of download them so surely they should let us in…right? Well it won't hurt checking it out in any case. ^-^ If I can get in I'll get you some stuff too. 🙂 Cross your fingers and toes for me too! :)Wow maybe I should start subscribing to Kindai again…I did a long time ago but maybe I should start it up again. H!P seems to appear quite often in their pages and even greater on their covers!!! It's ironic in a way that while UTB is published by WaniBooks who publishes the majority of H!P pbs, that still no H!P group or member has appeared on their cover in ages. :/ I guess a few years ago when they dominated every single issue for well over a year…it had to end at some point so that others would get a chance? Kindai may be the one to get now.


  7. paul.thomas says:

    I've managed to get a copy of Kindai for about the 6 months and as far as I can remember they've appeared in every issue and always generous number of pages are given to them, so you're right it's worth considering. The whole UTB thing is a little odd, especially with the latest issue, the fact that we've got Nacchi, Sayumi and Reina all scheduled for releases soon (well Nacchi's is out all ready) and yet they featured so poorly in it, it's got me thinking especially with the last issue where even Koha's PB featured only had the one page, I just presumed that because she was in it earlier as part of the Milky Way feature that they didn't want a whole magazine filled with Koha photos…although it sounds like a good thing to me.


  8. I think you may have just convinced me….need to subscribe the next time I'm down there! 🙂 Plus they get covers too!! UTB's new format is a bit iffy and I can't quite grasp where the magazine's heading. I'd just as well ask them to go back to one of their earlier formats. 😛 The quality and presentation is still nice but just not as much H!P in there it seems. I'm still going to hang in there and wait to see where they head. They're so invested in H!P pbs that it would only make sense to feature them more so it is puzzling…they need to "advertise" more for sure!!


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