嵐 “A.RA.SHI”

I got into Arashi so late but I still love to collect their older releases whenever I can find them at an affordable prices. First place to check of course would be Yahoo! Japan Auctions, however I couldn't believe it when I saw Arashi's debut single "A.RA.SHI"  on eBay for only $8! And it's in really great shape considering it's been around since November of '99! I was so surprised when I first learned that Arashi actually announced their debut here right in Hawaii and it's really added a special kind of connection to them in a sense. And I wonder what Arashi will have in store for us late next year as their 10th anniversary approaches…I'm sure there'll be something special planned! I get a kick out of seeing how little they are here on this cover and I wonder if Riida will ever grow his hair out that long again. 🙂 In happiness of this recent find I've uploaded their debut promotional video clip for this single…wow the resolution got really fuzzy there didn't it! :O…

Arashi "A.RA.SHI" pv

…what's amazing is how athletic Johnny's artists are and even at this initial stage of their debut as a group all five members are so nimble and acrobatic as this debut clip shows. JE seems to have a regimen for developing their members this way. Awhile back zdorama whom I'm thankful for introducing me to Arashi, sent me a clip of various Johnny's members performing acrobatic stunts on a t.v. show and Nino along with Tackey stood out as the better athletes back then while Matsujun….um needed a bit more practice as he fell on his butt a couple of times. 😛 He's great now of course! Also Arashi vocally was always great and Riida's vocals were just as pure, mesmerizing and powerful back then as they are today!

I've scanned the front and back covers here….

And here my Arashi obsession…I mean collection continues ^-^:

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8 Responses to 嵐 “A.RA.SHI”

  1. aiLaMarie says:

    i wish truth will sell as much as A Ra shi


  2. Saburo says:

    This is one of the GREATEST karaoke songs of all time. The gals love it, even after all these years.An old comrade from the KZOO days actually met the Arashi boys when they debuted at the Sheraton Waikiki, along with Shogun Kitagawa, whom he said turned out to be a nice guy.


  3. LOL! Hey that better be meant in a positive way!! 😛 A few songs suggestions that I think you'd like are "Be With You", "Hero", "LIFE", "Blue", "Tomodoi nagara", and "Love so sweet." Let me know what you think if you find them or if not maybe I'll see you this weekend?


  4. Arashi always tops the charts and it'll be interesting to see how high "truth" can get its sales!! I was amazed when I saw how much "A.RA.SHI" sold back then!! Amazing debut for them and so exciting that it was held here in Hawaii. ^-^


  5. Awesome that they debuted here in Hawaii back then and if only I had known of them at the time…..but really what would I have been able to do. :PI love that Arashi still performs this song regularly in their concerts as it's great nostalgia for fans and for them I imagine…and yes a really great song too! Shokun's rap in their songs could be a challenge though.


  6. zdorama says:

    We were just listening to 5×5 and reflecting just how darn good this group was and still is!


  7. While this single was only $8, ""5X5" still remains as one of the most expensive limited editions that I've gone after….really hurts when it's already out of print and you're getting in late like me. Arashi saikou!


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