Arashi’s “truth” & “Kaze no mukou e.”

The art of the triple release, perfected by Johnny's Entertainment. While collecting 3 versions of a "single" release may seem like overkill the effort and manner in which Arashi's latest double A side single release is presented makes for a very worthwhile purchase. Their two limited edition offerings give fans an all too rare musical experience as entirely independent full pv productions are featured on their accompanying bonus DVDs! And while we can never be sure when we'll be in store for their next pv collection as "5X5"'s first press pv DVD collection was released quite awhile ago, it's wonderful to have these latest pvs on special edition DVD.

Arashi's regular edition is no slouch either as in addition to the two title tracks it includes an exclusive third track titled "Smile" as well as karaoke versions of all three songs. And while the RE's cover doesn't feature our favorite Johnny's group…..

…there's a great photo of them on the inside sleeve!

"Smile" somewhat reminds me of older Smap songs with its infectiously upbeat dreamy chorus and for the most part this track is performed as an ensemble vocal piece which is also reminiscent of Smap compositions of yesteryear. The harmonious chorus again shows off the great vocal chemistry Arashi has together and in particular I love the middle break where Riida's incomparable voice leads us into a slightly jazzy riff as the bassline seamlessly moves into a "walking" style for a brief but brilliant nuance here in the song. Arashi composers always seem to have the perfect balance within the group of dividing up vocal lines and the unmistakable presence of Riida's vocals are always given their due in feature lines at just the right moment for "dramatic" appeal.

Jacket A's DVD features the pv for "truth" and the cover which is a deep contrast to Jacket B's cover artwork is a perfect reflection of the moodiness and deep felt conviction that "truth" entails.

Arashi "truth" pv

"truth" is one of Arashi's most intricate releases to date with it's layered vocals choreographed in striking unison laying perfectly behind the leads throughout the song. Yet again the vocal distribution is perfection as the uniqueness of each member's voice is heard in definining fashion and while "truth" does seem to feature Riida up front you never get the feeling that it's at any point not a total group "effort." The rhythm is relentless in its conviction coupling with the vocal arrangement seamlessly in an aura of a "concerto" like act…here the haunting presence of the violins providing the perfect dramatic appeal and background along with an edge provided by thick yet subtle distorted guitar riffs which appear in a timely manner. And acoustic piano alike adds a fine touch giving "truth" a deeply sophisticated sound…love the bridge which contrasts a tip toeing piano riff against the driving urgency of a wall of violins.

"truth" is also one of Arashi's most dazzling and visually stunning pvs to date and its direction really captures the dynamic feel of the song. An undeniable truth that all Arashi fans can agree on is that all five members are incredibly accomplished dancers each in their own right! The dance choreography here doesn't disappoint either as the track's moodyness and drive are expressed with pin point effectiveness! So much to be taken with here whether it be the haunting arrangement, well orchestrated vocals, or the sheer dark elegance of the pv itself.



Jacket B's limited edition DVD features the pv for "Kaze no mukou e" and my first reaction to seeing both LE covers was glee as the cover artwork unlike some of Arashi's previous multiple single releases, features a very different look here and very fittingly so as "Kaze no mukou e" is somewhat of a polar opposite of it's coupled with A side sister. I've always loved the soft pastel like colors which Arashi often sports and here it's a simple mix of stylish and cool!

Arashi "Kaze no mukou e" pv

Double A sides truly should stand out from one another and "Kaze no mukou e" is such a contrast to "truth" that I imagine that if someone not familiar with Arashi heard both songs back to back they may possibly think them to be from two entirely different groups. I always love seeing Ninokun on guitar or piano and here he struts his stuff in kakkoii goodness! And whether or not he's actually on the studio recording doesn't really matter as I'd just love to see Nino appear on stage with guitar in hand…leading off this vibrant tune as we all know he's very capable! "Kaze no mukou e" has somewhat of a "campfire" song feeling to it and the vibe here is one of euphoric emotions. I guess I'd describe this track as a jazzed up folk song and don't let the description "folk" fool you, this is definitely not a ballad by any means. Versus the serious tone of its predecessor "truth", "Kaze no mukou e" is the very embodiment of fun with a composition which is light hearted and gleeful. I'm not in particular a fan of rap music but I've come to love Shokun's raps so much and in a large way he's helped me to further enjoy and appreciate this art form. At first this particular rap in "Kaze no mukou" seemed a bit out of place but as usual Shokun wins me over as he does time and time again! ^-^

The pv presents a much simpler visual but is nonetheless effective in bringing to life the visuals well imagined for a song of this nature. The fun emotions and "lightness" of the song are captured beautifully here and the improvised feeling of the choreography throughout is also a deep contrast to "truth" which featured precise movements. A mixture of rotating camera scenes along with close ups carry the pv against a serene white atmosphere which gives the entire pv an uplifting appearance matching "Kaze no mukou e"'s vibe perfectly. I can't wait to see this song performed live in concert as I imagine a song of this nature will have the entire arena rocking in unison! ^-^


I love these images with the clouds flowing through the screen and in some way I think these would make great looking posters if only they could be blown up to that proportion.


Both LE versions are out of print but the regular edition is still available and can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

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14 Responses to Arashi’s “truth” & “Kaze no mukou e.”

  1. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    arigatou arigatou arigatou!! I loved all pictures!!
    sugoi arashi!!!


  2. Junshin says:

    arashi;s truth is one of my ever best songs .. thought i can not sing it heheh


  3. 盧家宜 says:

    That detailed review was good! ^_^ its nice to see the songs in another perspective, thank you.


  4. ryusa says:

    thanks for all the kakkoii caps!!!^^


  5. Their new single really just blows me away!!! I mean seriously Arashi seemingly can do no wrong ever! Both songs are incredible and I just love the pvs so much too!! ^-^


  6. "truth" is such a remarkable song and the pv's visuals are so rich and memorable!! The orchestration led by the violins really adds a haunting touch to the track and just love their dance choreography throughout!! ^-^ Definitely one of their best releases yet!


  7. I found myself so moved by this double A side and I felt like I was waiting so long to hear them as I fought against the urge to check a YouTube clip before my copies arrived. 😛 The songs are so different and it really makes you love and appreciate their diversity as a group! "truth" is just awesome!!!…can't wait to see/hear them both live in concert!!! ^-^


  8. Making these screen caps were a delight as I found myself watching both pvs repeatedly and after awhile I starting wishing they'd made a pv for "Smile" too….getting a bit greedy though! 😛 Arashi just keeps raising their own bar for excellence with each release. One week and 467,000 in sales so far!!! \(^o^)/


  9. ryusa says:

    yup, the sales is awesome….^o^
    omedetou arashi….
    if there is smile pv, this will be a very special single wiith three pvs…^^
    I wish for that too…XP
    but, the two pvs are just hot!!!!^^♥


  10. Eh what's going on with all of the "unko?" :O See my other reply for a few song suggestions that I think will suit your musical tastes. 🙂


  11. Since Arashi doesn't release pv collections very often with their "5X5" pv DVD being released so long ago, it's great that they included both pvs with these limited editions! \(^o^)/ Still so many of their pvs remain officially unreleased…in particular I'm really wanting "WISH", "Love so sweet", and "Sakura sake" on DVD! ^-^ So great that they topped the charts again!!!


  12. zdorama says:

    Cool vid clip- the smoke chamber reminds me somewhat of "Renai Revolution 21" for some reason!


  13. Double A sides don't come around too often and this one was definitely worth the wait!! LOL I thought those were supposed to be clouds! 😛


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