What a difference a day can make…..(changes in the J-Pop landscape regarding SPEED & HM@).

"Through the groups disbandments and encores which fill their history if there's one thing that I'm certain of…it is that if a day in the future arrives in which SPEED decides to grace the J-Pop landscape once again with their unique brand of pop…surely they'll be capable and the sea of fans will be waiting"…I posted those words here on August 3rd just a little over two weeks ago and today I awoke to some incredible news for the J-Pop landscape. SPEED reportedly is set to re-group once again beginning with a performance at Tokyo's Nippon Budoukan on August 30th & 31st which is set for a broadcast on Nippon Television's 24 Hour TV program!!!! (^o^)/!!!! It sounds to be a bit of a testing of the waters type of approach as their fan's reactions will most likely determine whether this becomes a "permanent" reunion or just reunion performances. I for one couldn't be any happier with this quite stunning development as SPEED for me personally is one of the greatest groups in all of J-Pop for all time.

IW did not cover the aforementioned SPEED post and I thought I'd link it here in light of this amazing news on their re-grouping. This post was written as a first hand account of my personal musical journey with SPEED from their very first single "Body & Soul" which I experienced in real time in 1996 till their initial disbandment leading to solo ventures for all four members…then returning for their reshaping/ re-grouping and further on. You'll find photos of their complete discography (minus just their "Memorial Live One More Dream + Remix" CD and "Save the Children Live 2003" CD & DVD releases although the former CD is on its way in the post from Japan as I type this), release artwork scans, special limited releases, uploaded mp3s/pvs chronologically taking you through their entire history, as well as solo works and in essence just what made them the most popular female J-Pop group in Japan's history in an amazingly short period of time. Welcome back!!…Shimabukuro Hiroko, Imai Eriko, Uehara Takako, and Arakaki Hitoe!! 😀

On the backburner of other substantial news is the discontinuation of Momusu's variety show "HM@." The final episode is set to air on September 28th and this for a show which has seen it's fair share of makeovers during the many years it's been on the air starting with an increased time slot, too many changes in format to even try to mention, along with its final reduction of duration and sagging t.v. ratings. The orignal incarnation of H!M from 2000-2007 which enjoyed better ratings and increased airtime will always remain a special show for me. For through this varitey show fans were able to get a better grasp on individual member personalities first and foremost but those numerous endearing "Academy" episodes, news segments, batsu games, "trial" episodes, Christmas specials, matsuri specials, drawing games, sumo body suit musical chairs/ obstacle courses, original skits, and it goes on and on….really made for good t.v. back then! Lately it's been a love/hate relationship with the latest format of HM@…sometimes good, sometimes :/ …but nonetheless it'll definitely be missed whether you consider its promotional efforts for H!P new releases or for those special episodes which will stick with us forever. And now one of the more profound insightful visions into the varying personalities and dynamics of their interaction on screen offerings will be no more. Even though you may have disliked the newer format at the very least it did allow fans to keep up with Momusu on a weekly basis as they allowed into their world allowing us to watch them grow and develop over time. For me what will I most remember from this latter stage of the time reduced HM@ series?…it'll have to be "The one with Junjun's move, the banana & Kamei's magical umeboshi pan."

But I wonder though, could this have saved Haromoni? 😛

Sayonara HM@, may you one day be reincarnated into your former self….H!M. 🙂 Just be sure to have lots of aojiru and noni on hand just in case…

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to What a difference a day can make…..(changes in the J-Pop landscape regarding SPEED & HM@).

  1. rw11 says:

    SPEED getting back for a reunion?? This is amazing news. They were the ones who sort of paved the way for girl groups like momosu. I hope they come out with new songs. I wonder how the girls look now after so long! Okinawa seems to produce lots of talented female singers come to think of it…if I am not mistaken, SPEED had roots in Okinawa. The same goes for Amuro, Kuninaka Ryoko, MAX and I am sure many more as well.


  2. SPEED was such a phenomenal success and it was such a great time for J-Pop back then with their soaring sales. After their previous reunion tour and subsequent releases I could only dream of them getting back together again….well until now. ^-^ I wish there were a way to watch their live broadcast but perhaps someone will share it online a little later. It'll be interesting to hear how their music will have evolved to this point and I think "Bridge" really showed how timeless SPEED can be as they adapted seamlessly from the styles of the mid/ late 90's to the styles after the millenium and the guest writing was incredible. So true, the Okinawan music boom has really taken a substantial role in Japan's music scene and Amuro Namie really led the charge for what now is numerous successful artists past and present. And the wonderful thing about Amurochan is that she shows absolutely no signs of ever slowing down. And you're right as all SPEED members are Okinawan born too! ^-^ My grandmother was pure Okinawan and it's gotten me to really take interest in a lot of these pop artists who hail from Okinawa.


  3. momo says:

    Too bad HM@ is ending, In the beginning people thought the show wouldn't last, the beginning episodes showed them on the street doing stuff, but then they started coming up with ideas and it got a little more popular. Then you see the Moutube segment start this year and it lasted a long time and added little segments too. But Moutube ended and they changed the show so it ended up not popular anymore, there were alot of format changes and thats what probably led to it's demise, and also ranking very low (#20) on tv-tokyo's show ranking.Hopefully there is a better show coming sooner or later


  4. HM@ really did start off as somewhat like a travelogue show but the places they visited always were interesting I thought. So cute seeing them walk around Japan with those animal ears on. ^-^ It's too bad that the show couldn't garner more interest as it's H!P's flagship group and I wonder if there will be a replacement show as I just can't imagine Momusu going without regular t.v. coverage especially since BK and C-ute have Berikyuu! Looking back when HM@ was Hello! Morning there was so much variety and fun in the show plus lots of creativity and to think it was once 45 minutes in length and an amazingly entertaining show to watch each week. I too hope that something new will come along for Momusu.


  5. matsuzy says:

    OMG this is such great news!! about speed's reunion/comeback i mean.. i actually never knew about them before your post.. so arigatou ne!! i love their songs so much!! 😀


  6. matsuzy I'm so happy that got a chance to listen to their songs! XD I love SPEED so much and it's so amazing that they're re-grouping once again…almost dream like for me. 🙂 I recently re-uploaded the mp3 tracks in their post as earlier there may have been problems listening to some of them but now they should all play okay. ^-^


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