…so you wake up one morning and you’re Tsunku for a day…..

…now what? Well the first order of business would be to start planning your next strategic step in world domination right after you have a manicure, dye your hair, pamper your poodle, get a massage, go door to door like a trick-or-treater looking for the next idol sensation…….wait! let's not do that last part. 😛 Looking around your grand ballroom which is located next to your grand jacuzzi/ steam room! :O, you already have miles and miles of tape of the next hopeful idols set to hit the VCR for your approval….er um I mean your top of the line space age DVR which apparently doesn't only playback some often hidden talent through auditions but it seemingly lingers on to create idols beyond what you could've ever imagined. =) Which car to drive today…there's seems to be sooooo many in the garage which looks more like a carport for a little community and Tsunku would like to personally thank each and every supportive fan for creating this wondrous life of his…um I mean yours. But it's just for today so you better get a move on.

Your first order of business…create your own brand of summer shuffle group for 2008…something that you've been neglecting lately, utilizing 7 Hello! Project members, those that you think would create that special spark that'll break through the Oricon charts and sit there for weeks…(cue evil laughter!)…………..(now cue Tsunku's version of "Koko ni iruze!") Quick press stop!!!! 😛 At first the initial idea was to include only the three main H!P groups…Momusu, Berryz Koubou, and C-ute to choose from…however this style of poll allows for up to 29 possible answers to be embedded so I added 6 additional H!P members to the original 23.

I've been having some issues with embedded files and if the poll above isn't displaying properly and the "vote" button is missing after Matsuura Aya's name please use the following link to reach the shuffle group poll: Summer shuffle group poll.

Okay now that your 2008 summer shuffle group lineup has been set the next item on your agenda gets even better:

In order to determine an overall fan voted dream H!P group the inclusion of the vast H!P family must be considered so by following this link you will be able to choose from 52 Hello! Project members which includes every notable group/unit, every solo artist, and even a little venture into the H!P Eggs in the event that you see potential that they will bring to your dream group. Here you'll be choosing your 10 dream group members. I'm limiting the Eggs here though to only include those who've actively been involved in official music releases but at the bottom of the poll you may enter any other Egg's names whom you'd like choose for one of your 10 choices and in this event you'll essentially be adding their name(s) to the ballot. (I wasn't able to embed this 52 member poll although I did try repeatedly but it just wouldn't display properly so that's why I've linked it above instead.) ^-^

Both polls will close on August 30th at midnight (EST) and the results of the top 7 (2008 summer shuffle group) and top 10 (Dream group) respectfully will be posted  afterwards. Have a nice day…just please don't record another version of "YOUR SONG~seishun sensei~" or "Go Girl~Koi no victory~" while you're Tsunku…you're beginning to scare the kids!

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to …so you wake up one morning and you’re Tsunku for a day…..

  1. Rad♂ says:

    I had to at least get both Sakis, Chisato, Suzuki and Momoko on my list. I forgot who else I picked.


  2. The results should be really fun and interesting I think. Oh and I was having some widget issues all day today and I finally gave up on embedding the second part of this dream group vote but it was just posted recently, after you visited so if have a chance to check this post again you'll see a new link to something very inclusive of the H!P family in regards to seeking out the H!P dream unit of our dreams. ^-^ I'll have the results posted in a little over 10 days from now when they both end. Thank you for voicing your dream choices. 🙂


  3. zdorama says:

    I was really insistent of having Yuko in my dream team, so I made sure to cast my vote in the second poll! The rest of my choices were made up of my favorite "couples" in the group, i.e.: Risa and Ai, Yossi and Rika, etc.


  4. I'm curious to see who'll make the cut!


  5. Thank you for taking the time to cast your H!P dream team. 162 votes have been cast so far so I think the results will be good, although it is early so we'll see where that number lies by the closing of both polls near the end of the month. I was wondering how you'd choose and that sounds like a sound approach! The first embedded poll is meant to be this year's hypothetical "summer shuffle group" utilizing just the main 3 UFA groups right now for the most part but I know the bulk of the interest will lie in being able to choose from the large number of current H!P members in the second poll. I wish Tsunku would go back to releasing yearly shuffle groups during the summer as they were really something to look forward to when this time of year rolled along. That indeed is a huge racing topic to discuss right now and I'm happy to hear your interest in it….and that's really cool that other blogs are sharing their opinions on this in many ways unprecedented matter. I was wondering if I should write something here and now that you've convinced me very much I'll have some thoughts posted soon.


  6. In a little over a week we'll have our hypothetical 2008 summer shuffle group as well as a "dream" group and what's great so far is that a lot of the different members are being chosen. ^-^'Cool and cute' sounds like an ideal approach for ultimate success….in a parallel universe I'd send UFA the final results for their consideration. 😛 A wacky thought just came to me….what if I had included Tsunku in the choices……..nah just kidding! :P……… O__o


  7. I can't say I'm a fan of Tsunku singing MM material… BUT I was a semi-fan of his when he was fronting SharanQ~ XD They had some really catchy tunes back in the day.


  8. It always scares me whenever Tsunku decides that it's necessary to sing his own versions of the girl's songs. O__o I make it a point to stay faaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr away! 😛 SharanQ's version of "Aruiteiru" is the only exception that I have in this sense as I thought their rearrangement and approach to the song was pretty good….but Momusu's is still untouchable of course! ^-^ My SharanQ collection is a very little one as I only own their "Single Best 10 Omaketsuki" album and two singles…one of which is "Power Song" which is my favorite song by them. Great songs on that album though! That's so funny!!! For some reason I think that Tsunku woud revel in that thought though as wacky as that may or may not sound. 😛 Zdorama has priceless video clip of I think it was "Zurui Onna" where Tsunku is launched out of the floor at the very beginning of the song in an attempt to make a grand entrance but he almost slips on the landing and almost falls on his butt! :O We used to rewind it and laugh over and over! 😛 This live clip is so good that if offers yet another gem at the end of it where pyrotechnics is supposed to create a flame coming from his open palm but for a split second nothing happens as the camera focuses in and you can just see the "fear" in Tsunku's eyes as it may not work but then on a bit of a delay the flame appears…..whew!….you can imagine him wiping the sweat from his forehead afterwards when backstage. 😛 We'd rewind this clip and watch it over and over back then until our stomachs hurt from laughter! 😛 I have it dubbed on a VHS somewhere but I can't upload it for Youtube goodness without first transferring it onto a DVD, which is something that I don't currently have the ability to do. Otherwise it'd give the "Trampoline Bear" some competition for wacky clip viewing. 🙂


  9. paul.thomas says:

    Ooops, I kind of mucked up the dream team as I only put 7 members in it, and there was me debating whether I should be putting Konkon and Yossie in, lol.That was harder than I thought, I don't envy Tsunku having to sit down and choose Shuffle units, perhaps that's why he's stopped such a stressful time, with such a great selection to choose from the stress of deciding was probably taken years off of him, lol under medical advise he's had to stop the Shuffle Units ;pReally looking forward to see who makes into the units.


  10. LOL I was wondering why the total number was odd! 😛 Nah but you're not the only one as the total number of votes was off of increments of 10 before. 😛 Ah I'll add them in for you when I do the final tally. 🙂 So true, the H!P family of artists has grown so much over the years that if would be so difficult for him to decide I imagine. Still it would be a great way for him to add focus to less spotlighted members in H!P….I know we both have a few in mind. 🙂 Thank you so much for posting a link to this "Tsunku for a day…" post, I really appreciate it!! The number of entries have already doubled in just a day so thank you so much!! 🙂


  11. Risuzu says:

    If I was Tsunku, the first thing I would do would be take more photos of a certain picture (Tsunku Flower) to frighten a few people. (Ok, kidding.;)I only did the second poll, since I wanted to be able to include members not in the first poll.It won't surprise anyone who knows me that my first choice was Atsuko Inaba. In addition, I picked 3 members of Melon Kinenbi (Hitomi, Megumi, and Masae), plus Yuki, KonKon, Mai Satoda, Arisia Noto, Kei Yasuda, and Awesome Maasa.Love&Peace,Risuzu (formerly Charmy Renai)


  12. Hello Risuzu and thank you so much for voting! You have a very diverse dream group picked out and I'm especially loving seeing wonderful Nocchi in there! ^-^ The group's are shaping up to being quite interesting so far and just a few more days to go before I can post them. LOL Tsunku does have a particular way of scaring at times! 😛 I couldn't resist associating him with money….well because he has so much of mine!! 😛 Oh you're "Charmy Renai"….Risuzu is a good name too. 🙂


  13. Thank you Rad for sharing your choices for your dream Shuffle unit! ^-^ Your break down of each chosen member was fun and informative to read to! Just a few more days to go and I'll soon reveal all of the top choices including the fan voted dream groups. 🙂


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