Christmas sets from Morning Musume Sakuragumi/ Otomegumi.

I recently got these two sets off of Yahoo Japan Auctions which were released in the winter of 2003 celebrating the holidays. That really cute "Hello" snowman makes his presence here in the two sets of UFA photographs. Both sets include a mini photo holder and Christmas message card which bears personalized wishes from each member and what I always love about these is they really show their individual personalities via cute drawings and message content. Both sets include 10 photos each as Sakuragumi's set includes additional Coconuts Musume members Ayaka and Mika while the Otomegumi set also includes Country Musume members Asami, Satoda Mai, and Miuna.

I've always adored these "Hello" photo sets as Berryz Koubou also has a set of them which is from quite awhile back and if only Up Front would sell these plushies I wouldn't hesitate to own one if it appeared for sale one day. Happily Nacchi hadn't graduated yet from Momusu so she's present in this set and perhaps even more substantial is that this Mika UFA photo is my very first of the 3 1/2" X 5" Japan release type…and ditto that for Ayaka. ^ ^

Something so wonderful about a cuddly Mikitty with a snowman… 😛 These Miuna and Asami UFA 3 1/2" X 5" photos are also my first of these size as the only photos of these members that I previously have gotten were of the 4" X 6" Hello! Project Information Village type which were exclusively sold here in Hawaii back when we actually enjoyed the presence of an official H!P shop of our very own. I think my favorites from these two photo sets would have to be Aichan, Nacchi, Rikachan, Makochan, Mikitty, and Mika's for their wonderful smiles……and Mikitty's, um Mikittyness. 🙂

Marippe really has the cutest message card here and I never realized how great she draws! Have to love Ayaka's beautifully articulate handwriting along with Rikachan's signature bunny and Makochan's larger than life glee!

Here's my favorite from these two sets. Aichan's as cute as a plushy here! Interestingly the Country Musume and Coconuts Musume photos are marked as "Galaxy Promotion", something that I've haven't seen before and yet all were sold by Hello! Project official shops.

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6 Responses to Christmas sets from Morning Musume Sakuragumi/ Otomegumi.

  1. paul.thomas says:

    These are really great sets of photos and the Christmas messages are really cool!It's great looking back at these photos, how I miss Mika I really hope she reappears somewhere, I wonder what she's up to?? Yossie's photo really makes me laugh, everyone is all big smiles and her expression is "meh", lol. Also good to see a photo of Aibon again, it's been awhile since I saw an official photo of hers.


  2. I've always wanted these "snowman" UFA sets!! Once again the amazing Ohta had them up for bid! I wonder where he acquires so many rare H!P merchandise? I remember that you found that release that she did awhile back and maybe we'll see her reappear in music one day. 🙂 I didn't notice that until you just mentioned it but Yossi's is amusing! It's like she's thinking to herself…."okay so how long do I need to hold onto this snowman thing?" 😛 It's good to hear that Aibon's been active in the entertainment business recently. 🙂


  3. paul.thomas says:

    Ohta always manages to find the greatest things. I was surprised this afternoon when he sent me an email saying my shirts I'd ordered had turned up…the surprising thing was that I thought that one of them I wasn't getting because towards the end of the Yahoo auction I got outbid, but as it was only something like 500yen he uped my bid and won!Hahaha, it looks like that's exactly what Yossie is thinking! And as for Aibon it's really great to see her so active. I'm thinking I'll have to hunt around the net for the site I bough her CD from as they were fairly up to date with what she was doing.


  4. Oh I'm really curious to see which shirts you won…..hmmm C-ute?, BK? Pink Sayu shirt? 😛 Hehe just kidding! That's wonderful of him to go for the bid war win for you! Ohta really is our best friend in Japan isn't he! ^-^ I just heard that Aibon has a new book out? She really is staying active in entertainment and in the public's eye now that she's rededicated herself so much. So good to see that from her…now only if she could put out that cigarette once and for all. 🙂 I wonder if Mika's back in Hawaii or in the mainland right now.


  5. paul.thomas says:

    You're almost half right (hahaha, can someone actually be almost half right??), I'd asked if he was able to get me Koha's and Sayu's birthday shirts, but unfortunately he couldn't find the Sayu shirt, so no pink shirt for me this time, lol.


  6. I was thinking about Aichan's bright yellow birthday shirt awhile back but didn't get around to ordering it. I'm guessing Koha's isn't pink then… :P..perhaps red or gray? Momo had a fun looking birthday shirt with a drawing of a cake on it…she really is one of H!P's best artists! But her other shirt with her personal drawing on it with that cute figure had to be the one I'd go with. 🙂


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