Tackey & Tsubasa’s “Koi uta.”

Tackey & Tsubasa's latest single offering continues to challenge a fan's monetary devotion by means of releasing three separate editions in the form of "Koi ban", "Uta ban", and a regular edition which isn't so "regular" after all.

The "Koi ban" version (top) features a bonus DVD which contains a 21 minute version of the title track's pv!! What's extra impressive about this pv is that it's actually shot as a mini drama like episode where Tackey plays a "guardian" angel to a young girl who's lost her eyesight while Tsubasa is the young girl's long time childhood friend. The mini drama clip is well paced and in just 21 minutes it manages to develop enough of a storyline which leads up to a wonderfully shot dramatic moment where Tsubasa runs to her aid with the title track "Koi uta" cuing in at just the right moment. Tackey passes on a miraculous gift earning him his "wings" as the final scenes of the mini drama plays out. The production and effort put into this is quite remarkable and it really gives the "Koi ban" edition an essential check mark for all T&T fans and collectors alike.





T & T's "Uta ban" (Jacket B) version includes the original music video (uploaded below) which runs about 5 minutes in addition to a fold out music sheet for the title track (pictured at the top of the post).

Tackey & Tsubasa "Koi uta" original pv

"Koi uta"'s pv is shot in a simple but effective manner as it focuses on the deep felt emotion of the song as brought out by both Tackey and Tsubasa's sleeve worn emotions throughout and the sound white architecture of the backgrounds lends a perfect atmosphere. Another possible reason for the simplistic music video may be due to the large budget spent on the production of the aforementioned drama version of this pv. "Koi uta" is a beautifully written and performed ballad and as with all T & T releases the strong distinctions between their voices really adds a wonderful texture to this title track making it one of their best yet in this genre and musical approach.


The regular edition of "Koi uta" resembles what I would consider the least "regular" like release to hold this title. While it doesn't boast the inclusion of a DVD what it does include in addition to the title and coupling with songs are not one but two bonus tracks! Karaoke versions of both "Koi uta" and "PROGRESS" are also included with the RE. The coupling with track "PROGRESS" and both bonus tracks "約束-Last-" ("Yakusoku-Last-") and "GLORY DAYS" can be heard below. 

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5 Responses to Tackey & Tsubasa’s “Koi uta.”

  1. rw11 says:

    Hi, just stumbled upon your blog. You have a nice blog here and your posts are always detailed and insightful! Glad you like T


  2. rw11 says:

    oops accidentally click the post button! anyway glad you like T&T, they are one of my fav Jpop group/duo. I find that their voices blend amazingly well even though they are a Johnny's group.This single showcases their vocals and I like it very much.


  3. Hello rw11!! ^-^ It's always so great to meet a J-Pop fan with similar interests! Not too many Tackey & Tsubasa fans here on VOX it seems so I'm happy to meet you! Thank you that's very kind of you to say ^ ^ and just out of curiosity how did you arrive here if you don't mind me asking? I'm always curious to know how things are linked on the internet as sometimes it's mind boggling. 😛 T & T's first album's still my overall favorite…the songwriting was just so different back then and so great, not a bad track to find anywhere. I love so many of their songs though and I think I ranked them somewhere here on this blog awhile back. Their recent ballad "Daydreamer" is awesome too!! I may even like that one better I think. Both are great melodies though and I totally agree on what you say about their voices blending together so well. Tackey is a bit more nasally while Tsubasa has a special deepness and character to his that I've been noticing more and more recently. Thank you for your message! 🙂


  4. rw11 says:

    Hello! And I don't mind telling you how I found your site (good thing I did too :))It was through International Wota. One of the posts mentioned your site and seeing that we have similar taste in music, I decided to check out your site. I do agree that it is really amazing how things are linked on the internet. That is the power of the internet I suppose.Although I have listened to the songs in their debut album before, regrettably I did not manage to get the album since I only found out about them not too long ago. By then, it's incredibly difficult to find a copy of the album and I am reluctant to buy a second hand copy because I feel that it does not actually contribute financially to the artist if you get what I mean. I am just weird like that! But, the songwriting was as you say really superb. Well, for me, the quality of the music in the past is often better than the present (not always the case though!)Sorry for rambling. Anyway,great blog and I love the clips and your comments.


  5. International Wota is such an amazing site and all of the work they do to bring the J-music community together is truly priceless. With so many new blogs appearing each and every day I just don't know how they can keep up with it all. I have an abbreviated favorites list located in my profile page and I think it's wonderful that we share similar tastes in music. ^-^ Everything Hello! Project dominates my attention (this post is a bit old though and is missing quite a lot of H!P related acquisitions since). I was considering updating it but it would take me awhile to complete. I've been slowly working my way through my J-music shelves finding artists/groups to share and their scattered throughout this blog…some of my favorite artists covered so far would be: Matsu Takako, Mr.Children, Ozaki Yutaka, Black Biscuits/Vivian Hsu, MAX, Amuro Namie, Mochida Maki, Akiyama Nana, Zard, Moritaka Chisato (although I haven't done a proper posting on her just yet), and Kuninaka Ryoko. Sorry about all of these links and these are just a few of them as there's lots I'm most likely forgetting. :POh I totally understand what you mean, supporting our favorite groups and artists is what helps them to stay around for all of us fans to enjoy hopefully for years to come! ^-^ I was able to find a brand new first press copy of their debut album "Hatachi" after I had already purchased the regular edition from Cdjapan…I seem to have quite a few duplicate releases for this very reason, I just obsess over the first press extras. 😛 I posted Tackey & Tsubasa's "Hatachi" LE here and some other T & T related posts here. 🙂


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