Better eat your Wheaties

I've always thought that perhaps Kerri Strug should have gotten a poster instead of Dominique Moceanu back when the Olympic summer games were held in Atlanta in 1996. I don't think I've ever witnessed higher sports drama on an international stage then when I watched the gymnastics that year. Just so exhilarating for America to win the team gold and have it all come down to one final vault which ultimately decided it all. The images of Kerri Strug's final vault will always be such a defining moment in sport's history and Strug having to perform it with a severely sprained ankle made it all the more incredible as she fought through such pain and stuck the landing with only one foot.

Hehe don't worry I ate all of the cereal years ago! 😛 I used to have two of these Wheaties boxes but mysteriously one has disappeared out of storage….hmmm someone must've taken it. :O I hope they didn't sell it on eBay!

So far this year's summer games in Beijing have seen world records falling like crazy and it even has some commentators wondering if Roger Clemens is the pool boy at these games. 😛 But still the gymnastics team events continues to allude us making that win back in '96 that much more remarkable. Well now there's talk of American gymnasts getting the "ice the kicker" treatment by officials which may affected their psyche and something even more startling….gymnast(s) on China's team which appear to not be of the necessary age to compete in these games. One reportedly even had a visible baby tooth missing. :O So in Little League Baseball you have participants who are too old while in gymnastics you have participants who are too young. :O What the? Despite all of this I think the U.S. womens team did really well in winning silver and they really should hold their heads up for this accomplishment and consider also all of the key injuries plaguing both the mens and womens teams this year with many of them occurring just before the start of these games.

The most nerve wracking event of them all has got to be the balance beam….I mean seriously who invented this thing?!! It's barely wider than your foot and someone is supposed to do flips and other unworldly acts upon it? :O The strength and body control needed to perform on such an apparatus is simply mind boggling mind you I'm not very coordinated and would probably fall of while just trying to walk on it. 😛

This overhead view is perfect for putting into perspective just what these Olympic athletes are up against with the balance beam…or what I like to call the narrow stick. 😛

Congratulations to both the mens and womens teams on bringing home the bronze and silver medals for America and I think I speak for everyone when I say we're very proud of you! ^-^







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12 Responses to Better eat your Wheaties

  1. Jeff D says:

    I think it's disgusting how the IOC is ignoring evidence on some of the Chinese government's own web sites showing that these girls were not 16. Heck they just changed their ages a few months ago. They competed at world championships and gave their true ages (currently 14-15) then!I actually met Dominique Moceanu when I was working at John Hancock, it was for some charity event where we were accepting donations over the phone based on some advertising that Hancock was running. I was shocked at how tiny she was.


  2. Nakata says:



  3. It's really so surprising and unfair that they're looking the other way on this matter when the evidence is pretty clear. I suppose that playing the host has its privileges which is really wrong. They were impressive though albeit too young.It's amazing how some gymnast seem to remain really little and I wonder if all of the strenuous work outs and pressure put on their bodies at such a young age has something to do with that. They're all so muscular and toned it's amazing. I guess being smaller may have some advantages in some events although for years the Russians as well as other countries were winning gold with much taller athletes so I guess that's arguable. I wonder how tall she is now.


  4. Ah I hope you're not referring to "tonight's broadcast of the individual all around medals as I've somehow managed to not see the results just yet as NBC is showing everything here on a delay. I like to have the excitement of the suspense of not knowing the results! ^-^China's gymnastics have been spectacular with both the men and women so far and they're really earning the gold! 🙂 I have to root for the US though! ^ ^


  5. Jeff D says:

    I agree that it's unfair, but not terribly surprising. I don't think the Chinese have ever had any ethical dilemma about cheating in order to win. Remember that one or two Olympics ago almost their entire swimming team was disqualified for doping. Nice to see an American in first place in the all around 🙂


  6. Last night was amazing with the U.S. taking both the gold and silver in the individual all around event! The new scoring system is a bit difficult to get used to and despite all of the "questionable" scores given out on a couple of events as noted by the commentators they still managed to come out on top. ^-^


  7. Jeff D says:

    While I like watching gymnastics just because of what fabulous athletes they are, I have always had problems with any sport that involves judging because of how easy it is to compromise the scoring system. Phelps just won his last gold by .01 seconds and there was no controversy. he touched the wall first, he wins.


  8. Besides Michael Phelps reaching his eighth gold medal, that had to be one of the most dramatic and exciting moments of the entire Olympics thus far! '.01' seconds!!! Thank goodness for these scoring sensors and today's amazing technology that makes it all possible. I was a little bothered that the second place finisher actually tried to dispute the results with an appeal but happily nothing became of it because just as you say 'he touched the wall first' end of story. ^ ^I wish there were a better way to judge gymnastics as having the subjective element there really can lead to all sorts of disputes and disagreements. What's funny is that sometimes when I'm listening to the commentary during a routine I think to myself that those voices should be doing the overall judging instead.


  9. Mikey says:

    The IOC is going to actually peruse the age matter it seems (after a lot of prodding) They have evidence from web caches of official Chinese sites (before they were changed) that listed their birthdays as much younger. Even the faking of the singing of the little girl in the Opening Ceremony shows a certain mentality of Chinese officials… That being said, it has been a great Olympics! And a great coming out for China… I have some of the theme songs for the Beijing Games on my site (including annotations) and love them so. All Chinese I know are so proud! :)On a personal note, I have been made Shift Lead at work, and have been hella busy! 😦 Things are calming down a bit now, thank goodness! I just didn't have time to do your posts justice…I think you will be pleased to note that some of the songs and videos that you pointed me to are on my niecelet Emma's 5th birthday present of an iPod Touch! Thank you so much. She's really connecting to her Japanese side now!Finally, my roomie John got to go to Pomona for the Richard Petty Driving Experience! I have the pix he took here :)Hugs – missed you lots! ❤


  10. I've been reading about the new investigation and it already sounds as though they won't be able to "prove" anything. I guess documents such as those can really be manipulated in China. Kind of scary actually. I was shocked that they chose to opt for a different girl from the one which was actually singing…I felt sad for her and especially with the language they used deeming her "not cute enough." Congratulations on your promotion!!! I'm really happy for you and it sounds like all of your hard work and dedication has paid off! ^-^ I hope she enjoys all of the songs and videos you've chosen! Sounds like a great gift!! :)That's so amazing to be able to actually drive one of those stock cars!!! And out on a track of that size too. Wow he even received a commemorative plaque, I wasn't aware that they gave those out at these experiences! He must have had a blast!! ^-^I was really thinking that you were perhaps angry with me and please PM me if any of these worries are correct.


  11. Jeff D says:

    They should be looking at the immigration/customs records of countries where the girls have performed outside of China (world championships, etc.) Those countries should have recorded the birthdate from the passport when they entered.


  12. It'll be interesting to see if the IOC pursues this that far as I wonder if there's pressure to not embarrass the host country. I wonder if it would mean taking back some medals and disqualifications.


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