Berikyuu! 8/6/08- Maimichan & Momo perform Watanabe Misato’s “My Revolution.”

It seems that Berikyuu! is masquerading as Uta Doki! more and more on a regular basis and I guess it's only fitting as it took over that shows' time slot awhile back. The song selections are always interesting and quite diverse amongst well known pop artists of yesteryear but in this particular episode they chose an artist whom I'm only familiar with on name basis as I'm not familiar with her music and I actually haven't heard an entire song by her until now.

C-ute's Maimichan teams up with BK's Momo as they're given Watanabe Misato's 1986 song "My Revolution" to perform. I've extracted the audio file and created an mp3 out of it which can be found here. I tried cropping the song as best as possible but with Manoeri's introduction extending into the song's intro I couldn't remove all of her dialog.

My Revolution
Yajima Maimi & Tsugunaga Momoko

And for comparison sake here's a studio version clip of the original by Watanabe Misato:

Watanabe Misato "My Revolution"

Maimichan and Momo were given quite a challenge as you can hear from the original! Watanabesan's vocals are very impressive and she has quite the powerful voice! I thought that Momo sounded a bit apprehensive at first but soon their vocals really begin to blend together well with Maimichan projecting her vocals quite impressively throughout!

Maimichan and Momo's pronunciation of the English lyrics are somewhat amusing too. ^-^ But most importantly it looks like they both had a great time together performing this classic song. 🙂

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4 Responses to Berikyuu! 8/6/08- Maimichan & Momo perform Watanabe Misato’s “My Revolution.”

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    So the day I watch a Berikyuu! has finally come… Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I had no idea they were going the Uta Doki! way. And with this pairing, it's almost… no, it's completely like they did this episode to get me back watching.


  2. Berikyuu! is such an odd show…it's as if it has an identity crisis going on all the time as the format keeps changing. Lately they've been doing the "Uta Doki!" thing off and on though which is great I think! I love when they perform older J-Pop hits that I know…I'm always like WOW! ^o^ The Maimichan & Momo combo is quite irresistible as you say!!!


  3. Hotaru says:

    I thought Berikyuu! was a silly game-like-show…it must change all the time, since I have seen making of footage for High-King on it, also. Wow! Maimi and Momo really sound good together!


  4. Berikyuu! continues to puzzle me with its format. At first I thought it would exclusively be a BK & C-ute show but soon after it started there were numerous episoded where neither BK or C-ute would appear and instead there was "Resonant Blue" behind the scenes footage….I thought that was so strange albeit interesting. Then we have Wii games, multiple quiz games, and now it's turned into something which really looks like "Uta Doki!"….fushigi ne…I like this new format since I miss Uta Doki!…..H!P goes karaoke!…what could be better! ^ ^


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