The repercussions of Kannachan’s date are beginning to rear its uglyness. :(

(Photos are from Hello!Online where an additional article and commentary can be found) While I've read about Kannachan's much publicized "date" with Johnny's Junior member Hashimoto Ryosuke I really didn't have any serious concerns about the matter as it seems to be rather a case of a non-news news article getting out but after hearing something really bothersome on Shirow's Wotaku Now site regarding an after effect which apparently is in response to Kannachan's "questionable" actions recenlty it now has me a lot more concerned.

And it's not for the initially obvious reasons pertaining to her future in H!P as members of UFA are supposedly strictly told to not engage in dating out in public…I'm hearing now that it's actually in their contract? My worries are more on well being of Kannachan emotionally and this is coming directly from reports that she was seen in tears during a recent hand shake event after a concert where some "fans" chose to deliberately ignore her as she awaited their handshake. 😦 Seriously how can an act such as this be justified? It's just plain cruel if you ask me. If these fans are feeling betrayed by her because she chose to have a little bit of actual life outside of her busy one in H!P then it's really beyond me to understand such a sentiment. She doesn't have to be a favorited member in C-ute by such fans who are bothered by her actions but to do something so cruel to her openly out in public is to me inexcusable. A gray area seems to have opened up in UFA's contract clause and whether it's a double standard or a gradually loosening grip upon the girls is yet to be seen but since no action has been taken yet…not even a suspension I can't help but think that UFA will take no action as some time has passed since the date occurred.

Kannachan is a person like you and me. She has feelings and passions and interests like you and me. If UFA isn't taking action against her I can't help but fear that these types of fans will ultimately drive her to leave the C-ute as something like this without doubt will eventually take its toll on her emotional well being if it hasn't already. If a fan chooses to not favor her due to her actions which in my opinion were nothing but an innocent meeting, then would it be too much to ask them to keep these feelings within and not take them out on her in such a public display? By being in an idol group Kannachan doesn't belong to any fan nor should her personal life be taken into such scrutiny by anyone on the outside looking in.

Do these fans want every single idol that they favor to remain as symbols of "pureness" for them at the cost of their own happiness? Seriously this both very saddening and disturbing to even think about…and much worse to hear about its effects being taken to a far too personal level. I just hope that Kannachan can fight on and get through these most unfortunate displays of displeasure by a few particular fans. C-ute just won't be the same without her as is true with each and every member in the groups that we all love and endear ourselves to. I really wonder how deep such resentment can run for these fans and if seeing kannachan cry or even possibly leave C-ute forever would make them that much happier. I think one needs to take a good look in the mirror and think how such actions would affect them emotionally had the tables been turned the other way before acting out with such rash behavior aimed at just hurting another. ♥ Kannachan.

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5 Responses to The repercussions of Kannachan’s date are beginning to rear its uglyness. :(

  1. Hrmm… It's really hard to put my finger on just what bothers me more. 1) That people made it a point to publicly ignore her at a handshake event, 2) That people in this day and age expect their idols to be single and available, 3) That UFA hasn't done something about this … yet, 4) Grown men acting like spoiled brats.


  2. Craig says:

    Whoever those fans were, they should be ashamed of themselves!


  3. This is really heartbreaking to hear about and I feel so badly for Kannachan. I just don't understand why a few fans would act so heartless. That's really true of celebrity relationships and we truly do see it on all levels and all countries, here in the U.S. very much included. I really wish that the old premise regarding idols appearing to be available would fade away as I think it's really not healthy for them to be held in such a state at a point in their lives when they really should be having social connections whether truly a romance or just social bonding. The recent Miya no news news "incident" proved to be nothing and UFA didn't act so hopefully this will pass in the same fashion but yes most important is Kannachan's mindset and her ability to get through this and look past it. She was obviously really hurt by this and it really has me concerned as what's hold her back from walking away from C-ute really. And the group as well as H!P would suffer a great loss if this ultimately happens.


  4. I totally agree and I'm pretty sure that most fans wouldn't act in this manner ever…I imagine that most would be so happy to meet her and wouldn't ever let such a non issue affect their actions in any way. I just hope that Kannachan can fight through this and I hope that her fellow C-ute members were there to support and comfort her after this sad display of displeasure by a few.


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