Berryz工房 “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance” Event V delivers…an all Monkey Version.

Ohta was able to obtain this Event V version of Berryz Koubou's latest single "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" which was sold at the singles' release event. A new trend in H!P recently has been the significance of these special edition pv releases as they include numerous exclusive versions and what has been the case is the inclusion of at least one very special version which makes obtaining these a must for any H!P fan. The "Monkey Ver." being that sought after exclusive clip with this Event V and it doesn't disappoint! And while Buono! has led the way in ushering in an age of 16:9 formatted pvs, something that I've been wishing for so long as the standard 4:3 just doesn't cut it on your widescreen t.v., Berryz Koubou's Event V as well as their pv DVD single are both shot in wonderful true 16:9 giving your widescreen what it was meant to be able to display all along. Hopefully this trend will continue with all future H!P music video releases being shot in this favorable format.

Berryz Koubou "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" (Monkey ver.)

The first thought of an all monkey version first came into mind when Paul at Hello!Blog mentioned how great it would be if they actually shot one and just a few days later he learned of an event v containing a very such version and passed it along here. A big thank you to Paul for keeping an eye out for this one as it's truly a gem of a version to watch! The direction here looks to be to allow the girls to have as much fun as they'd like as the entire pv looks to be a rather impromptu performance making it I think that much more amusing. The more I look at these outfits the more they seem to have a real home made feeling look to them like mom may have sewn them for Halloween…and I mean that in a good way! So let all the monkey business and tail waggin' begin…


…and when it's all over look for a hopping Momo (above) in the background as she fights to get some screen time from the back row! LOL! She's just so tiny!! ^ ^

My copy of BK's commercially released pv DVD for "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" also arrived recently but I'll keep the focus here on the Event V release. The packaging for these event v's continues to be a rather no frills affair with Momusu's Event V for their single "Resonant Blue" being the standout release so far in appearances and in extras as it also includes a slide show. BK's version here like their previous Event V for "Dschinghis Khan" does however include an impressive 8 versions of the clip with solo member versions to go along with the aforementioned "Monkey Ver." I've uploaded all 7 solo member versions which will follow here and when it comes to filling in all of the non vocal portions as well as keeping a high energy throughout these solo clips it's clear that Momo is just the cutest of everyone in this regard. Her playful and fun demeanor throughout her clip gives me the belief that UFA could probably sell an Event V of Momo reading through the telephone book and it would sell quite well I think! 😛

"Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" (Momo version)

"Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" (Risako version)

Risakochan I think ranks second here with her solo version as she's always so much fun to watch bringing her personal brand of adorableness to the screen and she like Momo has a way of keeping up the energy throughout her solo clip.

"Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" (Miya version)

Other notable versions include Miya's as she just looks so radiant in her clip and Chiichan along with Maasa are just the two hams of BK aren't they! ^ ^

"Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" (Chinami version)

"Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" (Maasa version)

"Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" (Yurina version)

"Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" (Saki version)

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6 Responses to Berryz工房 “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance” Event V delivers…an all Monkey Version.

  1. CK says:

    These Event V's are great. I love the extras here. I only wish I liked the song! My favorite part was Awesome Maasa's Solo shot, I could watch that with the sound turned off!


  2. It's so funny now that UFA has found an all new way to help separate us from our money it seems! 😛 But seriously it's really exciting to have such variations available to us albeit we need assistance in acquiring these non commercial releases. These are really becoming like "dream" versions of their pvs too with a no-cut dance version of "Resonant Blue" and now an actual "Monkey Ver.", something which I thought was only mildly possible until hearing that it actually existed from Paul. This song is a rather acquired taste I find…yes it's wacky and strange but somehow I find it so appealing….me being weird myself probably helps though. 😛 Similar to Koha and Maimai's "Hana wo pun"….so strange and with the nose and umm….hanging stuff too…but I find it so infectious in some way! The title alone "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" had me so apprehensive of this single release and when I first heard hit play I was like EH?!…but then I was like OHHHHHhhhh! =)…..:P Maasa has really turned on the charm recently in all of BK's releases and outings…so happy to see her grow into her own and excel in a wonderful individuality amongst her fellow members. It's like it was always there and just needed to be released upon us….. 🙂 Her bowling reactions awhile back proved to be a great sign of things to come. ^ ^


  3. La-Rush says:

    kaa..kawai close up!hehehe..but actually i cant stand see their "baka-but-cute" danceXDrisako so beautiful!


  4. The monkey inspired choreography is quite out there and funny! What really gets me about this entire release is how far into BK's career a single of this style appears! You'd really expect something like this coming out much earlier but I think that's part of why it's so endearing in many ways. ^ ^ Risakochan is sweet isn't she!


  5. paul.thomas says:

    I really love this version of the PV, it's so funny! It has to be one of my favourite H!P PVs ever. I was hoping that they'd release some photos of the girls in their monkey costumes, but as yet I haven't seen any, lol I love the outfits so much, everyone looks amazing.It's such a version of the PV to watch as it does look completely uncoriagraphed and just the girls having fun and messing around with ideas and that I think is the real reason why I love it. Pure genius!


  6. Thank you again for mentioning this version being on the Event V! I would've missed it otherwise! 🙂 It really is so amusing in every way and what appears to be allowing them to improvise throughout it just makes it even that much more endearing and original. I wouldn't be surprised to see some UFA monkey photos pop up sometime soon. The circles on their cheeks crack me up too! I wonder if some monkey Halloween costumes will shop up in October! They have a really homemade feel to them which I love too!


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