HM@ 8/3/08- “The one where Kamei throws the book 1 million times & Mittsi’s snack knowledge tested.”

Ah muri muri muri muri muri muridayo!…today's "GakiKame" segment takes up over half of the show and after you see Kamei's "impossible" task you'll understand just why. Like being asked to hand draw a perfect circle…land a quarter on its side…or score 300 at Wii bowling (okay that last one's just me!), Kamei is given the seemingly impossible task of landing a book perfectly into its allowed space upon a bookshelf which she faces her back to. Kind of reminds me of Val Kilmer in the stomach hurting funny spy spoof "Top Secret" where he in one scene with the "librarian" dude with the one giant eye helps to put back books into the shelf while talking spy business. Using reverse effects the books seemingly fly straight out of his hands right into their spaces in the bookshelf perfectly as he showboats his um….special technique. 😛 Today Kamei will have no such Hollywood special effects at her aid though making this a suffering task to achieve.

Okay it's all fun and games as a giddy Kamei who should be studying is…..uh really enjoying a HM@ edition from the bookshelf instead! =) The challenge then begins when…

…staff "Mama" "unexpectedly" walks in with a oh sooo small snack! :O

So Kamei's task is diagrammed here….simple right?…just get the book back onto the shelf before staff "Mama" notices and pretend to be studying instead in one sly movement of…book throw….and lean over and read. Or in Kamei's case it goes….book throw and lean over and…


…groan!!!! It's only attempt number eight but the book's been nowhere near its rightful spot on the shelf just yet. "Mou kuyashii?!!"

Sometimes a bit of meditation to clear the mind of ridiculous HM@ tasks needs to be implemented just to be able to go on……and feel badly for staff "Mama" too. How many times will she need to say her room entrance line and carry that tray?! On second thought…no just feel badly for the tormented Kamei. This is somewhat like a batsu penalty being handed out before one has even lost the game as this entire challenge is like a batsu game in itself.

I love how staff "Mama" always has a wonderful smile to greet a suffering Kamei ….try number 16…it's not going well and who really could be surprised by this?! (Mmmmmooooooooaaaaaannnnnn!) If for no other reason I'd recommend viewing this episode just to be able to listen to the many extremely cute sighs and sounds that Kamei lets out throughout her miss thrown attempts. Really that is the best aspect of this entire episode…call it the Kamei factor. ^-^

(Sigh…) Throw number 18 and Kamei has managed to land the book atop the line of books on the top shelf!……staff says…."no good." 😦

Throw number 30 and if only the task at hand asked for the book to only be landed atop the shelf with no regards for it being properly in its space upon the shelf Kamei would have won the giant teddy bear by now…oh wait she's not at a carnival game….why does if feel like one? 😛

Throw number 50 resulted in a bit of a familiar sight at this point…..but getting the book to land perfectly into that tiny space….ludicrous?

Kamei lets out the cutest blurb in "English" after attempt number 60!!! ^o^….with "Oh MY GA~…" (God) I think. 😛 Had this been me I think I might have tried to throw the book through the wall instead at this point…it's a good thing I'm not playing. 😛

What we have here is what looks like an attempted version at "makin' bacon" in that wonderful childhood game that I'm sure you've all played too…"Pigmania!" Oh was it just me?….probably just me. Oh why oh why do the two little piggies which I had to use as "dice" need to have landed upon each other in a particular position : to score the game's ultimate bragging rights which in most cases would have also have been for the win….be so difficult?! Here it's a stepladder and book, but still very creative! 😛

"Wax on….wax off"….don't disturb Kamei's deep thoughts right now….("book don't you want to go home…don't you?! don't you?!!")…


Damaging a sign which….um "taunts" her seems to bring a brief moment of joy to Kamei! (^o^)/ Throw it through the wall kamei!!! Just kidding. 😛

Kamei's cute "OMG" could have been saved for attempt number 63 as the game was really a foot wasn't it?! Staff says……………..


………………………………….hmmmm "after reviewing the tape"….

"NOT GOOD."?!!! So the book not only needs to land perfectly in its alloted space, it also needs to be facing the correct way?!! You can't be serious?!! Even John McEnroe in angry with the call!…..John: "The book was IN what are you people looking at!" 😛 (there goes another racquet and those poor plants! :O )

"Dekiru dekiru dekiru!" ("I can do it…I can do it…I can do it!")……Kamei you need to become one with the book, no wait you need to become the book. 😛

Ahhhhhh Kamei's now up to attempt number 143…  :O And now a few faces of disappointment and agony:

You know it's not going good when you start questioning yourself…but actually in this case Kamei's questioning the reason for this game of nonsense. If only she knew which member of the UFA staff came up with this game….she could then throw the book "accidentally" at them instead. 🙂

Hmmm…reminiscing about the good times from today's debacle of a game…there was that one time the book landed on its spine (staff says NG) and the other time that the book landed right way up but backwards (NG)….(sigh….)


Kamei: (Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!…)  Staff: "Mou nijikan yatterundesuyo" ("You've been at this for two hours already.") And if not for Kamei's irresistible adorableness surely this segment would have sunk by now.

Kamei: "Oshii!" ("Regretful!") Hmmm….'regretful!'…that she showed up for work today or that she agreed to "GakiKame" in the first place? 😛


Ah chotto kyuukei! Ah staff "Mama" is so sweet giving poor Kamei a massage mid way through her "GakiKame" nightmare! ^ ^ And deservedly so….that repetitive motion must cause horrible pain in your shoulder no doubt!

……………………………. ^-^ …………..But with the count reaching its peak and Kamei's chances running low the moment of truth has arrived….

…..five chances left to be exact! Gakisan looks to be in a deep meditative state along with her close galpal Kamei…."the camel only drinks when thirsty…" Oh wait those were my thoughts just now not Kamei's. 😛

And alas on attempt number 297!!! And notice how nonchalantly and smoothly Kamei goes right into her fake studying  mode immediately after tossing that %*!# book into its home! Yokatta deshou! (^o^)/!! Let's see that in super slow mooooo…..


……sorry that's the best I could do! 😛

Subarashii!!!! ^o^ I didn't think she was going to be able to do it with just a few attempts left and hats off to Kamei on an incredible job done in a very wacky game situation. (sends Reinachan to go look for the staff member who thought up such a game who'll now be in for a good old fashioned Yankee beat down. 😛


One more look!….

Ah! Jubilation!! After reviewing the tape: Staff gives the thumbs up! ^ ^

And the lovely affectionate moment following this "momentous" book tossing occasion as staff "Mama" takes Kamei into her arm….:)


So what exactly did Kamei gain from this grueling and oh so long experience?…lucky for the viewer it was only a little over ten minutes though…:P Well for all of her hard work she gets a……….

……DONUT?!! and some green tea? Juice? EH?!!! For such a difficult task couldn't the UFA staff had at lease splurged a little here? Here I was thinking that staff "Mama" was holding just a prop for the challenge but in truth it's Kamei's um….er…."reward." O__o

It's a good thing that Tanakachi wasn't playing or there would be trouble right now on location with HM@. Well H!P girls do love their sweets all around so really I guess the donut is okay…..oh who am I kidding? It's not! 😛 If I were ever able to throw a book into its alloted space upon a shelf with my back turned to it I'd be thinking yakiniku!….shabu shabu! Genki Sushi! Gyotaku! 😛 Itadakimasu! ^ ^


Couldn't have said it any better…..her looks alone says it all. Phew!

So this is what the "news" segment has become….not even a shell of its former self, no offense to Lin Lin of course as none of this is her fault. :/

Ah wipe away those tears Mittsi because you're on "MouTube"…or is that why you're crying to begin with? Just kidding! 😛 Today's task is to name 20 varieties of treats along with their place of origin as well their manufacturer. Is Mittsi up to the challenge?

A few words of encouragement are nice but I'd go with Kohachan's great expression here every day of the week and twice on Sunday! ^-^


It's amazing watching Mittsi work through every single snack with precision and 100% confidence here! If someone showed me a video of some snack that I had recently chances are while I would likely be able to identify it by name I wouldn't know where it hails from and I may even stumble with naming its manufacturer on occasion. Then again the real problem here for me personally would be it being a "snack"…as I don't really have that many favorited snacks to begin with so how would I know what's being shown to me? 😛


……………………Now that's the reaction we're looking for!!! ^o^/

Japanese goodies and candies always look yummy and this coming from someone who doesn't in particular like sweets to begin with. Individually wrapped is a wonderful standard in Japan's packaging as well…somehow it makes everything seem that much more special and appetizing! Mittsi comes through with a clutch performance…now let the um…….sweets feast begin! ^ ^


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6 Responses to HM@ 8/3/08- “The one where Kamei throws the book 1 million times & Mittsi’s snack knowledge tested.”

  1. OMG. That book throwing challenge would have had me throwing the book at the camera by the time I hit 100. XD;;; I can't believe she actually did it! XD


  2. Kamei was so amazing to be able to accomplish what I thought would be nearly impossible especially with the "throw limit" imposed on her. And the pressure too! Sore shoulder! I bet her shoulder must've hurt a lot the next day when she woke up…..pains have a way of showing up early the next morning while you think every thing's fine. When she landed it on the shelf in its spot but backwards I thought that would be good enough but as they say….that's why this is Haromoni!! :O I bet a lot of those snacks can be found at Marukai here on Oahu! I'm so not the snacker so I don't get to see much of these really but surely I'd be tempted to give some of them a try if they were right there in front of me with such pretty and intriguing packaging! =) Watching Mittsi work through each snack posted on the video was like watching a snack surgeon at their best! ^-^


  3. Maybe they just grow crazy amount of patience being on camera all the time~ Either she's one mellow person or she's channelling Buddha or something. XD;;;; I wonder if they gave her the challenge to see if she would complete it – intact. ^_^


  4. LOL! I love that…'channeling Buddha'!! =) One thing is for sure….those HM@ producers sure are creative as they come up with more and more wacky challenges for them all the time. Still those H!M games from the past can't be topped…so many fond memories of the old show, and a few wacky and heavily endeared moments can be found here. 😛 I'm a bit strange when it comes to sweets and snacks…things on my do not eat list include: ice cream, cake (only birthdays warrant me having a very thin slice), pies, donuts (the day that I saw how they were made was the last day that I ate one), pastries, most candy excluding only gum which I'm a daily fanatic about. 😛 I can imagine how a 100 yen shop would entice to no end and before you know it you've piled up quite a lot!


  5. zdorama says:

    I haven't watched a HM in a while, and almost didn't recognize Eririn with that gorgeous long hair!


  6. I seem to have a mixed relationship with HM@ recently but I'm slowly getting back into it. LOL I used to post about each episode on a weekly basis but recently it's just been difficult finding the inspiration to do so although that may be taking a turn for the better now. Kamei's so beautiful and I feel less and less guilty about her taking over my top fave spot in Momusu although really her and Aichan just swapped places. 😛 Yes you remember what she looked like when she first joined, her hair was really long before those waskally H!P hairstylists got a hold of her (sorry Elmer Fudd moment… 😛 ) The book thing seemed impossible to me!!! I can't believe that she actually accomplished it and in under 300 tries. :O Some great shashinshuu scans can be found here.


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