Amuro Namie’s “Best Fiction” and a few other tidbits…

July 30th saw the release of the next cumulative chapter in the amazing career of Amuro Namie which has endured personal turbulence,

(Including this most disturbing and sad family tragedy which occurred back in 1999. This news clipping was cut out from a Hawaii newspaper by my mom which shows just how huge of a star Amuro Namie is as she's truly reached a worldwide audience. Article is from the Hawaii Advertiser: March 18, 1999), the ever changing music landscape as well as transitions in personal style over the years. "Best Fiction" includes a 17 track collection following her singles in chronological order from "Wishing On The Same Star" released in September 2002 up to her most recent 3 song single release "60s70s80s." For fans who already own all of these singles from this stage of her career, "Best Fiction" offers a nice incentive for owning this collection regardless as it includes the all new bonus tracks "Do Me More" (interesting title :O ) and "Sexy Girl" (both pvs uploaded here) and furthermore the "Jacket A" version includes a DVD which mirrors the CD's content track for track in the form of pvs! The extra effort put forth into this release is really something to take note of as both new bonus tracks are not only given pvs of their own but also pvs of substance which have full production efforts put into them.

"Do Me More" is a solid pop/r&b tune and has quite the pv too as it resides somewhere in an inspired world of "Alice in Wonderland"/ "Sleeping Beauty" and with inventive costumes, elaborate sets and creative choreography it really is something to behold. Amurochan looks really striking in every shot and keep an eye out for those dancing unicorns! ^-^

Amuro Namie "Do Me More" pv

Amusing song title but the song's really quite catchy and the accompanying pv really accents everything about it…love the visual here and Amurochan's styling is sexy and glamorous.



Very cool production!

The artwork is absolutely gorgeous and it has me thinking of that "pink cadillac" she sung about many years ago in her debut release "Mr. U.S.A." as a member of the Super Monkeys. More on Amuro Namie as well as the Super Monkeys evolution into MAX can be read about in these links here.

All of the artwork is reminiscent of classic air brush art and I can still remember a time when that was a really popular trend among T-shirt sellers everywhere. The impressive packaging equals the momentous occasion and inclusiveness of this release with a fold out style case which showcases an additional beautiful images when both discs are removed from their hubs.

The first pressing also includes a poster which shows a larger image of the cover's artwork in an alternate shot…if there were only more room on the walls to hang this one up!

Here's the pv for one of the all new tracks featured in this release…"Sexy Girl." Great choreography and very well shot although I may not find this particular song to be a favorite of mine just yet…still it does have a nice groove to it.

Amuro Namie "Sexy Girl" pv

Listening to the second track "Wishing on the same star" always reminds me of the chance I had to meet…

the wonderful singer Keedy!! She was the sweetest and really tiny too!….if I recall correctly she was actually a bit shorter than me. Here she signed my CD booklet and even playfully scribbled on the disc. ^-^ And just in case you haven't heard the original before, here's Keedy's version of "Wishing on the same star"…

It was such a huge hit and particularly here in Hawaii where her sales really soared back then! 🙂 Here's a cute and upbeat track from the same album titled "Never Neverland" which is another favorite of mine…

Keedy's album "Chase The Clouds" is out of print but can be purchased here for only $1.44 from associated sellers. $1.44?!! :O…I paid full price for this CD! 😛

I just love the look of Amurochan's pv for "Wishing on the same star" as it truly has a dreamy aura about it and Amurochan looks absolutely stunning here!

Amuro Namie "Wishing on the same star" pv

Her pronunciation of the English lyrics is actually quite good here and just a bit slurred in some instances but nothing really to make note of. I was so happy when Amurochan did a cover of this long time favorite of mine and now I finally own the pv for it as well. 🙂

Interestingly "Best Fiction" isn't quite complete as far as pvs produced in the time period covered are concerned and one pv in particular I immediately realized was missing. It is a b-side although this release was more of a double a-side affair and the "coupling" with track for her single Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick"  titled "Ningyo" ("Mermaid") did get the attention of its very own! And here's the pv which was included as a bonus DVD with the first pressing of this single which isn't included on Best Fiction.

Amuro Namie "Ningyo" pv

Really one of my favorite Amurochan pvs of late as the visuals are just mesmerizing and I always love it in particular when pvs produced in Japan depict the beautiful and unique look of their culture, architecture, and country. Here "Ningyo" does just that as seen in these few screen captures…


Amuro Namie's compilation album "Best Fiction" is available here at Cdjapan in both Jacket A & Jacket B versions. (First pressing with poster is sold out though.)

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8 Responses to Amuro Namie’s “Best Fiction” and a few other tidbits…

  1. strawberrie says:

    I've been wanting that CD for a while but I decided to wait a while.


  2. I seem to have a love-hate relationship with Namie Amuro. I really liked her stuff at the very early stages like, pre- and early-T.Komuro era… but as she grew in popularity, my interest kinda waned. The music became more "ethnic" and "eccentric" in style and feel and less "pop".


  3. Having all of these pvs in chronological order of their release is so worth it! And some of them were never previously commercially available so it was my first time watching them. 🙂 All of the artwork is really pretty too.


  4. I still follow her music but I too love her "J-Pop" releases much better than her Americanized r&b/hip hop style which has dominated her sound in recent years. I think somewhere around "Chase the Chance" and "Can You Celebrate" was her noticeable change in styles afterwards. T. Komuro I thought was great earlier in his career as a songwriter and I really love "A Walk in the Park" but it really was at the tail end of his great writing for the most part I thought. Back when he was writing/performing with Globe and TRF (although I didn't like them much) he was probably at his most creative and best. Some other favorites of mine include "Rainbow Moon", "Mr. U.S.A.", "Dancing Junk", "Wagamama wo yurushite", "Can You Celebrate", "Dreaming I was Dreaming", "Paradise Train", "Get My Shinin'","Wishing on the Same Star", "Taiyou no season (the bossa nova version), "Kanashiki Broken Boy", "Try Me~ Watashi wo shinjite~", "Stop the Music", "Good Night", LOL I guess this could go on for awhile… :PWhen she disappeared from the music landscape for all that time I was really saddened and missed her so much. I won't ever forget seeing her triumphant and emotional comeback on the Kouhaku as well…..^-^Now you've got me wondering about "Ningyo"…..I always thought that it sort of sounded like a Disney song for some reason during the verse portions but I know that's not it. 😛 What could it be….? Isn't the pv gorgeously shot? I love the dramatic change in the song during the middle break when the electric guitar kicks in and Amurochan's in the bamboo forest! Love all of the visuals!!


  5. I figured it out! It was NOKKO. ( … and the possible reason she did the cover was… she was in the same drama with Yuki Uchida back in 1994 for which this was the theme. (


  6. You are so amazing!!! You found the song!!! I would have never known that "Ningyo" was a cover song ever. I just watched the YouTube clip just now and for it to be a drama ending theme song really matches it somehow even if I'm not familiar with this show. Nokko's vocals are impressive and especially during the middle break she really soars there! This looks to be from awhile back looking at Uchida Yuki's hairstyle which was a rather boyish cut back then. I have soooooo many magazines with her either on the cover or inside!! She's really pretty but I really thought she looked better when she grew her hair out longer a bit later in her career. I'm trying to remember that one show I saw her in awhile back on KIKU………..oh "Akimahende!" Ah looking at the cast right now I can't believe that Ninomiya Kazunari was in it!!! And he's so little!! :O Suzuki Anne was adorable as well in this show! Did you watch "Aoi Tori"? It aired awhile back on KIKU as well….Toyokawa Etsushi starred in this along with a few other familiar faces. Really touching drama…one of my all time favorites. Ah Amurochan acted with Uchida Yuki back then too?! Zdorama and I used to give each other mixed J-Pop tapes too awhile back and it's great how you can look back on them from time to time and find real gems there. ^ ^


  7. Interestingly enough, that particular series was made into an anime about 3 years ago. (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time – which I think will be released state-side sometimes soon.)


  8. NOKKO's voice did surprise me at first as I'm so used to Amurochan's version as this pretty amazing just learning that it's a cover song after all this time! Somewhere in my closet is a large case logic cassette holder which has all of my mixes and tapes from friends….if they actually still work, that's another question. Uchida Yuki grew on me in time and at first I couldn't understand why she was so popular as she was gracing so many magazine covers back then but then she got into the music business and I was so curious that I began purchasing her albums since her debut…and I really love a lot of her songs, perhaps a post for another day.


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