C-ute’s “Edo no temari uta II” blends Japan’s past and present.

I've been waiting for the July 30th release date to arrive for seemingly such a long time and yesterday C-ute's 6th major release single finally arrived. I took special care not to hear a single bit of either track until my copies arrived and the only unfortunate thing is that the accompanying pv DVD single was pushed back another week and won't be released until August 27th!!! :O…why the extra long delay I just will never understand. With everything shot already it's quite baffling why such a long delay is being placed upon this release. Two weeks seems long but about a month sounds like an eternity to me.

Well my frown from this was soon turned upside down as I had totally forgotten about the extras included with the limited edition of this single release and when I turned my copy over to open it I noticed the extra envelope inserted inside the outer wrapping. ^-^

Along with the serial numbered event card are eight alternate cover jacket photos…one for each member and an additional group shot! The red plaid really creates a stunning and vivid visual against the shine of the dark textured background and as always every member of C-ute is looking even prettier and radiant than the last time we saw them in a single release. With the "kids units" starting off at such a early point of youth, collecting these singles are somewhat like a growing up time line of sorts and what always amazes me is just how much more and more significantly mature each member appears with each release despite there being a short time lapse between releases. With the look of "Edo no temari uta II"…we are truly looking upon young women more than just a "kids unit." UFA does a great job in styling always and I most always find myself thinking that they've outdone themselves this time aesthetically…then only to have that thought replaced with a carbon copy just a few weeks later when the succeeding release arrives.

Both the limited and regular edition covers have about an even appeal for me personally this time as I usually tend to favor one more than the other although if I really really had to pick one over the other….I'd have to go with the….

…regular edition as the full profile aspect may hold a ever so slight edge here. Both covers ooze a sort of confidence about them and with red being a most powerful color both covers are also visually memorable portraits of the group. They look like a little cute gang here. 😛

My first impression of the title track is one of being so overwhelmed and impressed with how diverse C-ute has become and to perform a track with holds a kind of special depth to it here makes this release even more impressive. Each member individually as a whole emulate the old folk style nuances of vocalization quite well as "Edo no temari uta II" blends together effortlessly an early form of Japanese folk music along with a subtle touch of new wave pop brought on by a bit of old school keyboard tones and when you factor in the very effective jazzy piano riffs which deliberately fill the vocal voids the entire arrangement is really something very special to behold. Okay on paper this probably sounds very chaotic and strange but hit play and you'll hear that it really works in the most pleasing way possible. ^-^ The ever present shamisen adds just the right amount of Japanese folk flavor as it coincides purposely along with the beat working together in a rhythmic sense sometimes in an abrupt manner. The accented phrasing is also something to note here as C-ute modernizes a sound of old and new and really the only dare I say complaint to have here is the really short track length as "Edo no temari uta II" may be just a little too "radio friendly" as it lasts only 2:26 on the player's timer.

The coupling with track…wait strike that, really I want to consider this release a double a-side and why not when for starters Tsunku only penned the second track and therefore he could bring his "A" game to a "secondary" song which won't get a pv but was written with the same care as one which could rightfully uphold one in its own right. "Wasuretakunai natsu" proves once again that when it comes to penning the ultimate happy song, Tsunku has mastered the ways and means of achieving such musical euphoria and I think he does it in grand fashion here as if to say…"it's not the title track…but it well could've been!"

I find that there are several layers of music when considering how one listens to and possibly shares it:
1. First we have those level one songs that never make it out of one's own home…sometimes never out of one's own bedroom.
2. Next are those level two songs that you take outside but play at a very cautious volume…making sure that no one else hears.
3. Level 3 songs are those that not only see the light of day but also enjoy the rigors of a good pounding on one's favorite mobile sound system so others may catch a glimpse of sound at a traffic light or stop sign but not much else as you think to yourself…"I love this music and I don't care what anyone else out there thinks!" 😛
4. Level 4 finds those special songs that you may share with a loved one or good friend…as these are recommended listening to those you know well. 🙂
5. But just under the top tier songs are those found on level five…those wonderful gems of sound that you just can't help but to play around just about anyone at anytime…and if someone asks you'll gladly tell them what's on at the moment proudly. =)
6. Level six songs are simply those that can be shared with the stranger on the street…the most special ones that inspire you to say…"You don't know who I am and I don't know who you are, but check this song out…I know you'll like it." ^-^ And that's why this entire music level "guide" is strange. 😛

Well the point of this is to say that I personally find "Wasuretakunai natsu" to be a level six song. I think I'll hand it to the next person that I see on the street…just kidding! 😛 I'm not that daring, but I do firmly believe that it is stranger worthy material. 🙂 And now I'll return to normal writing here….
And in all of this there's a wonderful contrast the listener experiences when hearing "Edo no temari uta II" and "Wasuretakunai natsu" back to back as intended I suppose, as two very different worlds meet to complete a very diverse J-Pop single release. The (sigh)…only problem now is the long wait for "Edo no temari uta II''s pv DVD single to be released. :/

Here are scans of each of the eight alternate jacket covers which are included with the limited edition version. It can't be helped to say right now…as you look upon Erikachan's cover jacket, why hasn't she been given a solo shashinshuu release yet?!! Paul Thomas will lead the parade with cute self made signs of course and I will picket along with him…with spirit since I can't draw to save my life. ^-^

Maimichan…one of H!P's or should I say the idol world's most beautiful. Perfect facial features and a wonderful personality makes this leader of C-ute a fan favorite and a stunner for sure! She ranks so high in my overall H!P member rankings that I sometimes feel guilty. 😛

Nakki is another perhaps grossly underused member of C-ute and while she once stated that Airiin is her inner group rival surely that means that she has her work cut out for her. I absolutely adore Nakki in ever way. Great looks and wonderfully beautiful large teeth! =) I always take note of large teeth as my dentist sometimes comments on my sort of large choppers in a complimentary way. 😛

Airrin, what more can I really say about the member who initially captured my attention when I first purchased C-ute's DVD release containing their indie single pvs. She dazzled me in "Ooki na ai de motenashite" originally and ever since has held a special place in my C-ute fandom. In many ways this is "her" group in this ever growing "moment" and I totally get why UFA is pushing and featuring her so much in their releases including C-ute, Buono! and beyond. Airiin's talent will soon transcend to the screen as she stars in "Aku yuu monogatari" as Sakurada Junko, a 70's J-Pop singer which can be read about here at Shirow's blog."

When it comes to underused talent in C-ute, truly Chisa is the poster child here as her vocals really demand more attention. I really do sense a loosening in the reigns of the chosen front singers in C-ute and with that I do hope for more attention to be heading her way in future releases. You just can't keep a good vocalist down for long is the sentiment and I hope it holds true to form here. ^-^

Little Maimai, I just adore her so much…she's really the cutest! I've always found her self presence and voice in particularly to be that of an older person's trapped inside this little body. 😛 "DJ" Maimai surely has gotten her deserved attention in the group as she's regularly featured in their songs and concerts and deservedly so I think. So c-ute that don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?! ^-^

Well just the fact that Kannachan now graces my ceiling in the form of a near life size visual screen says how much I adore her. I can't even find the words to express how endearing I find her…I love all of her quirks, expressions, her sweet voice, and her very demeanor just kills me! ^-^

Okay here's the final alternate jacket included with the LE version and it's fittingly a group shot…just so much to love about C-ute's latest single effort and I hope I've covered most of them here. ^-^ I hope fellow C-ute fans love this release too as I think it really represents a sort of statement single for them….C-ute may have already arrived previous to this, but here they're showing just why…  

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6 Responses to C-ute’s “Edo no temari uta II” blends Japan’s past and present.

  1. dayo ne! says:

    You make the best most complete write ups, where do you find the time? I really enjoy C-ute's work and in some ways guiltily feel they beat Momusu these last few releases. C-ute's dance moves really get me, they are soo the best of all H!P to me. That Tsuku really is some sort of genius! I only wonder why he couldn't give the flagship group songs of C-ute's quality. According to your scale I play every CD I have at #5 level, except
    Coco. If they don't get it it's their loss, plus driving a pink AE86,
    people already think I'm weird. 🙂


  2. Slasha says:

    Thanks for the great review. Now I know that I'll be getting something good. Also thanks for agreeing with me when you say Erika needs a solo shashinshuu sometime soon. In anticipation for my copy of the single, I haven't listened to the c/w (Or the double a-side as you put it). Oh I can't wait for my LE to come…


  3. Thank you Dayone!, that is much too kind of you to say!! 😛 I tend to set time aside during the week to write up posts but some of the preparation is quite time exhausting. I've actually had particular posts take up to two days to complete in my free time. I really don't intend for them to be so long but I just get so inspired while writing sometimes and I can get carried away….I love all of the artists that I write about here so it's really a "labor" of love. I've got somewhere around 2000 J-pop albums and singles that I need to get to so I better hurry! 😛 I didn't know that you were a C-ute fan too…wow we really have similar tastes! 🙂 Often times I've read how Maimichan is H!P's possibly best dancer although I would have to add in Aichan to that mix for sure. Tsunku is a mastermind who's devised a plan to take all of our money! 😛 Momusu is scheduled for a new single release and I'm looking forward to hearing/seeing what Tsunku has penned for them as well as how the production looks for it. I thought "Resonant Blue" was great and wrote my thought in that link plus when the Event V came out I had to post about it again here. Wow that's impressive…all "level 5"?!! That's a great way of thinking about it..and that photo on your site is true then? ^-^


  4. The LE is really worth it with the alternate jacket covers included…they're not on thick stock glossy paper like BK's were for their 4th album's first pressing but still very nice to collect. I had C-ute's single on repeat for about 3 1/2 hours straight while I was writing this as I like to absorb new songs fully and you may be similar to me…waiting for your copy before hearing the coupling with song. ^-^ It's a wonderful contrast to the title track and a very solid all around happy J-Pop song. UFA seems to be content with only having pb releases for a ring of H!P members but I'm still hopeful for the other members in C-ute and BK who haven't had a single solo pb release yet to get theirs some time soon. ^-^ Unless of course it's these members' personal choice not to release one at this time which may be possible I think.


  5. paul.thomas says:

    My copy arrived last weekend and as yet I haven't even heard the b-side, Edo no Temari Uta II has just been stuck on loop, I really can't get over how much of an amazing song it is, but I'll have to make sure to listen to it when I get back home tonight.Lol, I'll meet you at the picketline! Seriosuly thought I really can't understand why Erika hasn't got herself a PB release yet, her look is just so amazing that it needs to come out already!! Her photos in BLT magazine from awhile ago proved that it would be a great release, lol, but like we didn't already know that. I think I'd have to put my money on Nakki getting the next PB release from C-ute, I just really hope that it's one of the two, both look amazing and would really do a PB releases justice.


  6. Ahhh you must be so busy to not even have the chance to open up C-ute's single!! "Edo no temari uta II" is a pretty amazing song with time periods of vast distinction in Japan being blended together seamlessly. The b-side is great too…not in the creative way of the title track but just as a stand along catchy Tsunku composition!! Love it too so much but you've probably already heard me gush enough over it here in this post. 😛 It's hard to say why and I know we've speculated about this before in the past but maybe some members choose to not have pbs perhaps? Maybe it's Erikachan's own personal choice to not be presented in this manner….I guess we won't know that for sure unless she never releases a pb ever in her time in C-ute which would be disappointing no doubt but if it's her decision then I totally respect that. :)Nakki could definitely look great in a release of her own….my instinct agrees that she should be the next C-ute member without a pb release to get one next. ^ ^


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