久住小春最新写真集。。。小春日記。(PB WARS ep. III..Has Koha joined the darkside?!)

Kohachan has just released her 3rd shashinshuu and her releases are seemingly on a well paced schedule as they're not too close together but rather quite well timed as the changes in her looks are being well documented through these pictorials. And at last it has arrived today! Whenever an idol releases a new pb I always like to peruse through their previous works in order to gain a fresh and current perspective of the direction the producers and photographers alike had in mind for the new release so I headed to my bookshelf to fetch her previous two pbs. Kohachan's 1st shashinshuu as was to be expected were the images of an idol in the making in its very early stages but even with that in mind Kohachan  in particular as far as Momusu is concerned really grew into her own quite quickly establishing an image and personality really from the very beginning…think Red Bull mixed with that candy that crackles with contact with moisture…and I mean that with the most positive sense. 😛 Pictorials if done enough are like little documentations of life and fittingly Kohachan's 3rd is titled "Koharu Nikki" ("Koharu's Diary") and while her 2nd release "Pop" really showed an amazing transformation from rookie to seasoned pb veteran as her expressiveness in front of the lens became so much more natural, it looks to be that pb number three goes well beyond eclipsing them both completely. Kohachan's looks are so well developed here and at numerous points in this pb the viewer may feel as if he/she is witnessing a cosplay event in the always joyous world of Koha. From carnival madness to seifuku, casual attire, innocence, princess, beach bikini idol, down to earth girl next door or should I say girl next door on a train, to….wait a minute!!!…

"I am your father…"
Well no that's just Jack (short for Jackie) giving me the "I'm Hungry" look! 😛

Okay Kohachan didn't join the Darkside but she has crossed over into something very different for H!P members and really this is somewhat gravure like…

I first saw this preview image on Momo's H!P Blog and it really took me my surprise. With Kohachan's ever growing image heading into anime while she really is the sights and sounds of amped up euphoria and joy on cloud 9 1/2 I just never saw this coming! While I begin work in the early morning hours I never have taken to energy drinks or anything of the such and really I think I probably get an equal effect just by watching any Kohachan clip first thing when I wake up. 😛 "Koha-ade…is it in you?" If Tiger can have his own image on Gatorade, I think Kohachan should too! =) Other ideas may include: "Kohawater…try it!"…"Living the K2 life…or perhaps we could go old school slogans and write the soon to be celebrated anthem "Be Like Koha." ^-^ No she can't dunk a basketball but it would be fun watching her try! 😛 But what I'm really seeing here is that all of the early signs were in place many moons ago when Kohachan dropped her pen for the umpteenth time…….on an episode of "Musume Dokyu!"…it all happened one day back in late 2006 after Kohachan was busy jamming on the soroban and playing with that Japanese toy which looks like a giant lifesaver with a face on top…oh yes there was dart throwing too with some cute mishaps and then the stubbed toe incident! :O I loved watching "Musume Dokyu!" and for not just all of this but all of the featured members had so much fun in this series and the places they visited were both educational and enjoyable. 🙂 But it was in this very same Kohachan episode that the……………………..

…um thong appears to appear? So it seems that all of the…err signs of a future gravure photo shoot were evident so so long ago. 😛

Meanwhile back on a planet not so far away…the scans from her new pb. 🙂

Kohachan's beauty is really in full bloom here and I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in every shot.






Although this is only her 3rd pb release, Kohachan seems so natural in front of the camera in all of these shots…nothing forced…just pure expression.

I really love the simple photos such as these …


♥ this photo!


And now the six pages of what appear to be "gravure" shots to me. But when you think about it the image portrayed in their latest single "Resonant Blue" does chime this type of sexy image but what's interesting here is that when dealing with her pb's overall context, somehow these 6 photos don't seem to fit in…that being said I still wouldn't take them out as I think she looks stunning in them.

This is probably the sexiest image in her pb but one does ponder whether it's possibly a bit too risque?


And  we're just as quickly back to bubbly and cute!

The last five photo shoots are my favorites from "Koharu Nikki" as they convey a gentle playfulness, Kohachan in "princess mode!" ^-^, simple styling complemented by  her "natural" look, and a casual girl next door aura which her pb "diary" ends with respectfully. Here nothing is too over the top or out of the ordinary but somehow I find the most warmth in these particular photos which follow from here to the finish. ^-^

She's just so cute here!!…

Ah too kawaii!



These wild "princess" shots are so endearing too!  Love the messy look and how she wears her crown in a bit of an aloof fashion. ^-^ Kohachan really looks to be a camera's best friend as just as the camera loves Reinachan so does it adore Koha. There's just such a radiance about this entire release and it really translates her high inner energy to the pages so well.



♥cho kawaii!♥



Simple styling really suits Kohachan as well and here her natural beauty shines brightly.



This may sound odd but this final photo shoot here is one of my favorites out of this entire pb…it's just shot in such a "real" way with images of Kohachan which seem to portray her in real life outside the world of an idol. True to the title of "diary" photos, I find that these final few images really are symbolic of just that…what you'd expect had you the chance to flip through an actual Kusumi family photo album. ^-^ In this way, these particular photos of her on the train and in the rain warm me the most here.

…plus her top is just too cute! ^-^

"Kohachan in the rain"….these just have a special hometown kind of feeling to them I think.

In closing I think "Koharu Nikki" may possibly appeal to not only the Kohachan fan but also a wider scope of potential fans outside the realm of even H!P who adore the idol genre. While the "gravure" photos may create quite a buzz about several topics concerning idols, age, and what is "appropriate" really it represents such a small part of this overall photobook and for it to possibly overshadow whether in a positive or negative way this publication, would do quite an injustice to what it offers to the idol fan in general. Tsunku originally noted that there was something special about Kohachan and here the "Miracle" continues to fulfill and grow right before our eyes.

A little extra thing to note here is that both front and back covers also bear photos of Kohachan and are revealed when the outer dust jacket is removed.

The making of DVD included as is Wani's special extra gift to us, runs about 10 minutes and I do wonder if there will be an extended special making of release for this shashinshuu as well…

Kohachan's "Koharu Nikki" as well as her previous two shashinshuus can all be purchased here at Amazon Japan…collect them all! 🙂

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to 久住小春最新写真集。。。小春日記。(PB WARS ep. III..Has Koha joined the darkside?!)

  1. After hearing about all the Koha-photobook scandal and the "inappropriate photos"… and seeing your report here, I think the photos were just taken completely out of context. As a whole, the photobook seems to work together nicely, giving a well-rounded feel of just *who* Koharu is – sexy, girly, schoolgirl, etc. Nothing seems overly "controversial" or "provocative", at least IMO. ^^


  2. strawberrie says:

    I thought the photobook was very cute and the photographers did the right amount of sexy in the photobook since mostly all parents see is "Kirari."
    One set of photos always will remind of Wonder Girls' "Tell Me" especially So Hee.


  3. momo says:

    Great review on the PB. Koha looks very stunning, cute and just cute. I agree that some people may have taken that photo out of context, I have not heard anymore about it so it appears people are starting to accept it. This PB is a must buy for everyone out there, even I hope to get it soona heads up that there will be another sayu PB coming out in September.


  4. I had only seen that one photo prior to receiving Koha's new pb but with all of the comments I was reading it really had me quite apprehensive of just what to expect but really I don't see anything distasteful here either. In some ways it's almost like that little section of the book represents the remnants of "Resonant Blue" making an appearance in a sense. Momusu's overall image looks to heading towards a sexier image at times and then they revert back to the fun stuff too…I think it's a great formula which keeps things interesting and fresh image and music wise. So I think it's just an extension of that…nothing bad about it at all. ^-^ Oh and it's nice to hear a fellow fan in agreement here since I am running the risk of being crushed here by opposing opinions and thoughts…which are welcome of course!..as everyone's entitled to their own personal opinion and I always respect that despite any possible disagreement that may come up. Funny thing is that I'm really easy to please for the most part so nothing really controversial about me. 😛 Ah those few last photos such have a special warmth about them. We always see our favorite idols dressed in costume like outfits and uniforms so sometimes it's just really nice to see casual normal attire being worn. 🙂


  5. So true and with Momusu sporting an ever growing sexier image these days it seems to be fitting to have some sexier images in her pb I also think. Generally I don't imagine that her really young fans who watch her anime will be collecting her photo books but really then again I have no idea if this is true….just speculating. "Wonder Girls"…I think my brother found their music and listens to them! ^-^ Korean Pop? J-Pop?


  6. Thank you momo…I think that while her fan base won't have any issues with these few photos, other fans of Momusu who may not particularly like her (I've heard so much Kohachan bashing since she's joined which is unfortunate) and there are quite a lot of them overseas it seems but they may continue to take offense to these but in time I'm sure it'll come to pass. As you mention things are already calming down so maybe it's already passed. :)Oh I just saw that on Centuryland! Sayu's last pb was so beautifully shot and I'm anticipating this upcoming release to be that and so much more. While the whole of Momusu is cute, Sayu really brings beauty to the group! ^-^ I'm still wondering when either Jun Jun, Aikachan, or Lin Lin will be getting their debut solo shashinshuu…really seems to be due for each of them.


  7. strawberrie says:

    Yea, Wonder Girls is a Korean girl group and like Koharu, a lot of people bash over So Hee for her singing and only say she's just a cute face but I don't Tell Me without So Hee, it's just to cute. You should watch their watch their videos Irony, Tell Me, and So Hot. Although there is a member change between Irony and Tell Me.


  8. Saburo says:

    Someone made a funny observation that the leather shorts and black top may have been inspired by Foxy Fungo.And yep that special editon comes out in September.


  9. Thank you Strawberrie for the song recommendations!…checking for streaming video…I do wonder sometimes why people feel the need to say such bad things about an idol who's just trying her best. If they would put themselves into the shoes of said idol, I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't appreciate their shortcomings being magnified and then have slandering remarks aimed their way.


  10. I didn't think of that before but that portion of her pb does resemble that of Gomaki's attire in "Foxy Fungo." Only thing is that Gomaki didn't get any negative reactions back then but that may have to do with age more than anything else I suppose. I had a feeling there'd be a extended special edition too! Thanks for the link!


  11. snowbubble says:

    Just incase someone actually believes that Koharu is wearing a thong in that Dokyu….thought I'd leave a note here. *Note* It's actually the wire to her microphone pack XDand MorningBerryz, great blog you have here. ^_^


  12. Heheh I was so fooled there!! 😛 It just caught my eye as she kept dropping her pen! 🙂 I just love this episode with her wacky dart throwing and amazing soroban skills..and then when she accidentally kicked the chair! :OThank you Snowbubble, that's so kind of you! ^o^


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