Since Airiin's debut pb release "愛理", Airiin seems to have gotten into a little time machine and taken a ride as her overall looks have grown immensely that the short time between these two releases seems like it should be much longer. Admittedly I did skip her second pb effort "Clear" as it just seemed that it may have been too soon for such a release and after seeing her debut shashinshuu collection I was a bit hesitant at getting "Rokugatsu no kajitsu" ("June's Fruit") as well but after seeing some preview shots in UTB a short while back I became convinced that she had grown enough to make this one work.

An interesting thing about Japanese idols and shashinshuu releases is how their culture differs from probably just about anywhere else in the world as what is "acceptable" in their society is on the same level elsewhere not just unacceptable but truly improbable…or should I say impossible? Publications in Japan cater to so many different genres and the same can be said of pb releases as just about any taste or fancy can be found roaming their bookshelves and what would be considered "distasteful" overseas is a seemingly natural form of expression and furthermore part of the norm. Gravure idols for instance are featured "very early" and many in my opinion go way over the edge on many occasions but with it being such a locked in part of their culture who am I to judge. That's not to say that here in the U.S. or elsewhere overseas from Japan are free of "questionable" releases as truly every culture has its own personal form of vices.

Now in no way am I suggesting Airiin's shashinshuu releases to be of such nature as hers are shot in a playful and fun idol nature with good taste to go along with it always. "Rokugatsu no kajitsu" shows such a stunningly visual of maturity and whether it just be the short time between these releases baffling me or just plain amazing idol grooming that's going on, either way Airrin surely takes a leap with her latest pb offering. While she still of course sports the youth and aura of her age, the camera here really has captured an undeniable thoughtful maturity of sorts in these photographs. And just imagine…5-6 years from now, what appearance Airiin will have grown into by then.









These beach photos are one of my favorites from this pb…Airiin really shines for the camera here with a fun personality!




Looks like Kamei isn't the only one with a little "mascot" friend! ^-^ Many of the photos towards the back of the pb feature a nice blend of cute and casual attire such as these…

Here's a better look at bunny l♥ve the plushy! :)…apparently he was custom designed by crayon at the hands of Airiin. :P…

…But it looks like the blueprints for Bunny L♥ve are about to be made into a paper airplane!

I think these casual shots of Airiin really suit her…here a sweet thoughtful gaze.



One of my other favorite outfits that Airiin's wearing in these photo shoots…and these have a most mature flair to them and her simple hair styling matches so well.

Little do the Bunny L♥ve blueprints know but….

…they're about to…..


…take flight!



And of course there's also a 12 minute "making of" DVD included!

"Bunny L♥ve" blueprint/airplane.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to C-uteの鈴木愛理最新写真集。。。6月の果実。

  1. mizunohi says:



  2. I was just commenting on the concept of idol photobooks with my husband that other day. I understand that there is a purpose and a market for them, but I feel somewhat uneasy with the younger girls. (Generally, the 16 and under crowd.)


  3. Most of my favorite shots are her dress and casual outfits but I do love her expressions in her red top bikini with her bottom which is sort of skirt like. Aichan actually wore something a bit similar in a recent pb too before she cut her hair. I'm just so amazed at how much she's changed in a rather short period of time….and the styling really reflects those changes too as the producers here really seemed to be aiming to give her as mature of a look as possible. I love her with curls too!!…she should wear that look in an upcoming pv. ^-^ I haven't yet watched C-ute's latest pv so if she has curls in that video…what I just said would then sound really dumb! 😛


  4. That's a really well thought out insight that you have here…it made me really think about it differently too. I'm usually just thinking…ah cute!…adorable!…so kawaii!…but your perspective really does make sense. A connection is purposely being drawn between the "reader" ah nope there are no words here…:P…I mean the "viewer" and the idol through specific photographic and expression technique. Hmmm…I may never look at a photobook in the same simple way that I used to. :O Airiin really has grown so much and you are so right about her maturity giving her the ability to convey so much more emotion in front of the camera. She took such a great leap here and I always wonder this when I see an idol grow into her own so well…how do producers such as Tsunku see such future talent when he scouts out prospects? He's either a mad genius or extremely extremely lucky!!! That'd be too lucky for too long I think so he must be a genius! ^-^ You're so right, the production here really suits her so well and Airiin always seems to show us just why she is one of the chosen ones in C-ute/H!P with all of the attention she gets with both C-ute and Buono! And I just read from Shirow that she'll be appearing in a t.v. drama starring as an idol from the 70's. Gambatte Airichan! ^-^


  5. I'm curious as to how Tsuku chooses the girls as well… When I saw the 4th, 5th, and 6th gen auditions, I was literally STUNNED at the girls he chose. However, be that it's the idol-making-machine/boot camp or what have you, somehow 99% of those girls have come out as stars. (I say 99% since some of the Eggs just don't seem to capture my attention at all.. but then again, maybe because they haven't had enough time in the limelight.) Eventually, they grow into their on-camera personas – some just take longer than others. ^^


  6. matsuzy says:

    i don't really know her but.. she looks so cute in the pics ne! she has that innocent and shy feel which could really make you like her.. 😀 for me anyway.. 😀


  7. paul.thomas says:

    I really want to put an order in for this PB release, after seeing the preview shots and now these I'm amazed as to how much Airi has developed, she really is growing into a beautiful girl.When I went into some of the idol shops in Akihabara for the first time a few years ago I was a little shocked as to how young some of the idols are and the poses and outfits that they wear, thankfully the H!P releases never go down that root and as you say the main focus is on the personality of the girls which I always think is achieved and shown perfectly.


  8. You've really put that perfectly…I too have on many occasions been surprised or even puzzled by his choices only to then see these audition winners grow into incredible talents with such beauty too. It occurs over and over without fail so Tsunku must be a mad genius!! ^-^ I could never choose from the auditions as I would probably fail miserably at picking the "right" ones who will go on to shine as idols. It'd be fun though to try! The entire H!P Egg family is a whole other amazing scouting part of UFA and as these Eggs hatch into groups and units they too seem to dazzle us without fail for the most part. But when they're still in their "shells" it's just so difficult to see what Tsunku apparently does each and every time. Oh I'm happy that you visited the link to Shirow's blog! He's a really nice and friendly guy and fellow fan of all that is H!P! ^-^ Airichan is so talented and she's being given all of the vehicles to prove it! 🙂


  9. She really does have a special aura of sweet cuteness about her and it really does come through so much in these photos. ^-^ Makes it so fitting that she's in a group named "C-ute." 🙂


  10. The photos in this latest pb versus her previous ones are so so much more grown up looking. She's matured a sum since her last release and the production team did a great job in bringing out her inner emotions and charm here. There really is a whole other market in Japan for such releases and it is stunning to see how young many of them are…society is so different in Japan from seemingly anywhere else in the world in this regard. So true that the fan affection for H!P members lies so much in their personalities just as much if not more in a sense in comparison to just their musical releases…it's really a complimentary thing of sorts and that really makes their market for release so much broader in the very sense. How else could they have even dreamed of releasing Airiin golfing in Okinawa!! Ah I'm planning on watching it tomorrow if time allows me to! Just so much stuff right now to get to and with H!P it's truly neverending…not a complaint though, just so much more to ♥! ^-^


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