Morning Musume calendar 2001…a look back. (continued)

2001 saw many things including the further growth of Gen. 4 which entered the group in 2000, and with that also came their debut in Momusu calendar land in the 2001 release. Momusu's 2000 calendar can be seen here.

The fresh faces of Rikachan, Yossi, Nono, and Aibon graced the 2001 release and this edition is actually quite similar in design to what the current Momusu calendars have appeared like in recent years. A pastel sort of "painted" background was used as the backgrounds for each month including the calendar's cover and what you'll notice is how they represent the changing seasons of the year. Gomaki's kinpatsu look was gone and Aibon & Nono were yet to inject their special brand of energy and fun into the group!

January & February features H!P's most symbolic mentor Yukosan beside then new member Rikachan as the strong feeling of winter is seen in both their clothing as well as the coloring of the background.

Keisan's yellow outfit blends in with the "painted" yellow background showing the brightness that springtime brings for the months March & April and I really love the arm locked pose that Gomaki is showing here with Keisan . ^-^

Like January & February, May & June also features a "mentor" like pose as Nacchi is paired with a very young Aibon. Also note how each page's "painted" background was colored to match one of the member's outfits.

Blue just seems to suit the summertime and July & August sports a swirling background of shades of blue & white complimenting both Yossi's and Marippe's casual outfits here.

The shades of brown here represent the feeling of fall and another great mentoring pose can be seen here between Kaorin & Nono.

November & December sports the soft red that Christmastime brings each year and while the previous year's calendar featured numerous group shots, the 2001 release saves it for just the final page of the year. I can't help but mention how much the image of November & December reminds me of Momusu's appearance on the cover of Playboy which were posted here on VOX back in early January of 2007.

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2 Responses to Morning Musume calendar 2001…a look back. (continued)

  1. mizunohi says:

    The group shot for Nov./Dec. is by far my favourite 😀 This year is not nearly as visually interesting as 2000's, which is kind of dissapointing considering the great photos! You'd think UFA could be a bit more creative on once-a-year merchandise;;; (lol) I look forward to see what's next!


  2. Me too, I always prefer the group photos when it comes to Momusu calendars and they really scaled the production back for 2001 but they do get creative again in at least one of the upcoming releases….I'll have the next year's calendar up soon. ^-^ That really got me thinking too…a 'once-a-year merchandise' surely should have much more effort put into it especially since fans will have these up on their walls all year long. 🙂


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