Momusu in Playboy…

Okay now that I have your attention!…just kidding! 😛

But seriously Momusu did grace the cover of Japan's Weekly Playboy magazine and the November & December image from Momusu's 2001 calendar which is posted here reminded me of this particular cover as they share nearly identical color schemes. Anyway I posted shots from this issue way back on January 9th of 2007 when this blog was only a little over 2 months old so I thought I'd re-post them. This is really in my opinion one of Momusu's best looking covers and I love how it was shot from overhead with the members in a circular arrangement. The "golden" age of Momusu and one of Momusu's "golden" covers from that time period. ^-^

From the previous posting:…Shot during the height of Momusu madness which occurred after the release of "Love Machine" in September of '99 Momusu made the cover of Playboy. Gomaki still had the kinpatsu look going and had helped take Momusu to a new level. The look here is cool, sleek, and sexy! And in particular Nacchi and Gomaki look smoldering hot! Sorry about my camera flash issues! 😛

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to Momusu in Playboy…

  1. Hotaru says:

    I like how they aren't wearing revealing clothing, haha. They all look very sleek and professional-like, I like it. I especially love Kaori's photo! She looks stunning and maybe a little scary..!


  2. mizunohi says:

    They look incredible! It's rare that an idol can look sexy while still being classy and not over-the-top. My brother really dislikes (I can't say hates…) H!P but I think he would do a double-take for these pictures 😛


  3. strawberrie says:

    I just find it funny how Japan Playboy and US Playboy are completely different since you even have H!P kids like Yajima appear in the magazine compare to usual porn you find in ours.


  4. dayo ne! says:

    Oh the good old days!! MoringBerryz, Zdorama has told me a bit about you and since I'm new here I thought I'd post a comment to say howz it. I swear I used to have some of the older issues with momusu before a typhoon came and took all my stuff away, anyway happy to know some one else also treasures these weekly printings of Idols. Kudos to you, You have such a ginormus collection I wish I would have replaced more of mine. (TnT)


  5. LOL! Kaorin does look like she wants to kick someones butt!!….but Nacchi on the other hand appears to be trying to seduce the viewer. 😛 It's so funny, you think "Playboy" but nothing naughty going on here! 😛


  6. Hmmm…maybe Momusu can entice him here…. ^-^ I really should have scanned these instead but I just ended up reposting the photos I took back in early 2007…me being lazy, sorry! 😛 Their look really is cool & sexy here! 🙂 Still Nacchi's photo kills me with cuteness the most! 😛


  7. Japanese culture is amazingly different in this way as what is acceptable in this aspect would never occur in the U.S. They often do have cover idols who don't appear in the issue in a "Playboy" type of way which is strange and yet it was the only reason that got me to purchase this issue. 😛 The entire layout of the magazine is so different too.


  8. Hello Dayo ne!…I've heard so much about you too from Zdorama over the years that I've known him. It looks like we have a lot of J-Pop favorites in common so I think it'll be fun conversing on our blogs. ^-^ That and um…racing although I'm a NASCAR nut while you're interests are in drifting….but still drivers/cars doing amazing things in common. :)A 'typhoon'?!!! 😦 Do you mean literally that you lost some of your treasured items this way? I'm so sorry. This is a bit dated as it's from about a year ago and I've added a few thousand dollars worth of H!P merchandise over the past year but some of my H!P collection can be seen here (although I did miss a bunch of stuff back then too :P) and I don't know if you're familiar with the publication Up To Boy (UTB) but I've been collecting it since the mid 90's and amongst the many idols featured, Momusu & H!P members had a really grand share of their covers…which I isolated here. 🙂


  9. dayo ne! says:

    Yup a real typhoon at almost 175mph, my room wall was blown in and all my precious goods got soaked, power was out for months, I tried drying my stuff out in the sun but alas most were lost. At the time 5 years worth of collecting it was sad in so many ways, I told Zdorama all about it on the phone back then, he was shocked. He actually got me back into jpop inadvertently by just being positive and luckily by some of the VHS tapes he sent me that survived. I had a few choice old skool issues of pureiboi, UTB, back in the Coco days pre-momusu. If you get to talk to Zdorama he would confirm that at the time I would buy magazines for the cover only, whether theres an article or not I'd throw 8 bucks at a weekly print just because, he thought I was crazy. I'm sure by seeing your wonderfully decadent collection that you'd understand the urge to have it all. Back then I even subscriptions to Bomb! and Zappy! I also got into racing because of the storm, I was so bummed about it that when FEMA cut me a check for my "total loss" (their words), I put some on the side and hunted down what would be the basis of my current autocross car. A 240sx and an SR20DET motor. It helped me to keep the mind off the losses by working on the car, like therapy. Now that I've got the racing bug full-on I have to split my time with jpop but of course cars have sound systems. Y(*v*)Y Though NASCAR isn't my thing for the most part when they hit the road courses like Watkins Glen, I'm stoked.I will have to try and emulate your collection display on my blog someday though its a much much smaller collection I would be able to take stock and then organize. Its been an ordeal trying to find and replace the older stuff. Once in a while I get lucky and get to replace a water damaged CD but first presses, not so much luck.


  10. That sounds so scary and I'm glad that you weren't hurt…but all of your collectibles and belongings. 😦 No power for a months?!…I don't think I would survive. I can't even imagine something like that…5 years of collectibles gone, heartbreaking. Wow you had CoCo in UTB?! The earliest issue I have is from late '94 but with CoCo & Ribbon both near disbandment the only sign of either one of them is an ad for Ribbon laserdiscs on the back cover. Ah covers are so important for me too! I'd rather have a great cover of an artist that I love with minimal article than no cover and large article…sounds silly I guess but I see you understand. 🙂 LOL that pretty much describes me pretty well! 😛 I used to subscribe to Bomb! magazine too back then and I have a few stacks of them on the shelf. Lots of Cd Data and some Kindai too. Things can have a strange way of presenting themselves but it's really wonderful that you found a new love from all of this. ^-^ Great that you know how to work on your own car too!! Racing therapy. ^-^ I know exactly what you mean!!!….car system + J-Pop = ♥ Must be strange though for others hearing J-Pop playing in a car with Jeff Gordon & Jimmie Johnson stickers on it! 😛 Ah they're going to be at Watkins Glen in two Sundays after Pocono this weekend! I love road courses too because you can really see the great drivers rise to the top although it's a nightmare for crew chiefs as setting up and tuning a car to handle turns going left and right is a most daunting task for a 3500 pound stock car with very little downforce (COT). Every season the Cup series also visits Infineon Raceway in Sonoma..another great road course! Ah first pressings can be so difficult to find and in the past I've searched Otokichi Premium to complete numerous collections including Moritaka Chisato, Miura Rieko, CoCo, Ribbon, Nagasaku Hiromi, as well as some rare Momusu releases including the Asayan release of "Ai no tane." I think we're going to have a great time conversing here on VOX and thank you so much for sharing! ^-^


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