Got Natsumilk?

You gotta love the play on words it's so cute! And all we need now is a Nacchi "Got Milk?" ad! ^-^

When this Nacchi milk carton popped up on auctions it became an instant must have unusual H!P item! I really admire it when UFA does something creative like this and it always makes collectibles so much more fun to own. "Natsumilk" comes complete with Nacchi concert dates bar code and…um..ingredient listing: bandana, can badge, and 2 photographs. The concert where this item was sold at was the Tokyo Koseinenkin Kaikan on November 5th, and the 6th back in 2005 for Nacchi's Autumn concert tour.

I was trying to make it look sort of look like the items were "spilling" out of the carton here. 😛

This Nacchi autographed card is a bit smaller than the ones I usually see show up on auctions as you can get an idea of its size when placed next to the "Natsumilk" Nacchi pin (badge). Like several other H!P members, Nacchi's autograph has gone through its own fair share of changes over the years…this is at least the fourth incarnation of her autograph style that I've seen over the years and I have 2 of her previous autograph styles on previously purchased memorabilia including a larger group signed card as well as Asayan's "Ai no tane" original event group signed post card from the original five members. Nacchi used to sign her name using English letters but I find that I usually prefer it when they sign in Japanese characters instead whether it be kanji, hiragana, or katakana. It just seems a bit more special that way I think. ^-^

Here's a closer look at the "Natsumilk" bandana which comes with this set and it's actually of a pretty good size.

One of the included UFA photos is a "logo" type which bears the name of her concert tour while the other is…

…a standard UFA photo release. Nacchi always has the best smile!!! ^-^

And what better way to accompany yourself with such a release than with Nacchi's latest concert DVD…"Special Live 2007 Autumn Acoustic Nacchi." With 115 minutes of intimate performances what's not to love here!…and a great set list along with live band…YES!…something that UFA should embrace more of and I know I keep saying this but what a live band brings to any stage performance is immeasurable in my opinion. Improvisation and interaction are just a small part of the possibilities that this adds to any live show and Nacchi's "Acoustic" live is no exception.

Just one little clip here to share tonight and I've chosen one of my favorite Nacchi songs…."Iki wo kasanemashou." The all acoustic musician setting really adds a special dimension to the entire concert and each and every song gets an "acoustic" makeover of sorts with one of the most dramatically different arrangements being for "Koi no hana"….it simply just sounds so amazingly different here and with a violin and mandolin making an appearance in this new arrangement I think you'll be really impressed with it! For this performance of "Koi no hana" as well as many other great improvisations check out the rest of Nacchi's acoustic live which can be purchased here. And now…"Iki wo kasanemashou"…

Nacchi "Iki wo kasanemashou" (acoustic live version)


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6 Responses to Got Natsumilk?

  1. strawberrie says:

    Natsumi is a very beautiful woman with a lovely voice. Well besides the deut release at least we are getting a Nacchi photobook and a DVD since she hasn't release anything solo.


  2. I was really hoping that Nacchi and Maimichan would be getting more releases but it doesn't seem to be the case as it's been awhile now since their duet. I ordered her upcoming DVD but wasn't aware of an accompanying pb release as well. ^-^


  3. denadel says:

    Haha, this is so cool. UFA should make stuff like this more often. They can be so creative if they will. (i am thinking of the lim ed of miki's box back in 2003 and MM's second album with diff color booklets). It is so much cooler than the standard boring stuff you see all the time.I also like Natsumi's (and also Ayaya's) acoustic lives. it gives the performance a different touch since it doesnt sound excatly like what you can hear on the cd album. The live version of the song you posted was nice. Sometimes acoustic version go too far away from the original, which can be risky. it either turns out really good or just wrong.Thanks for the pictures and for making me aware of this release. Didnt ufa also release a cereal box some years ago..?


  4. mizunohi says:

    Now I have a craving for some of my very own natumilk 😛 I adore such unique collectibles 😀 something to break up the "DVD mag. + photo set/album + t-shirt" that is consistent with all (as far as I know) concerts ^^ Nacchi looks so adorable in those pictures~!
    I loved this concert; Nacchi has always been one to suit a "simple" image, it really enhances her soft and cute voice ^^ The concert strips down to just the music and allows her to connect to the audience and her band in a casual and personal way.~ I would love to go to an acoustic live becuase it's always a bit loose and unexpected, so I wonder how much it would differ from the one recorded for DVD 😀 Nacchi's really in her element for this live, I loved it!


  5. I really jump at the chance to own anything as odd or interesting as this as they really are the most memorable merchandise that H!P produces. Nacchi also has a linen holder which Paul at Hello! Blog brought back from Japan for me earlier this year….really unusual but so cool! 🙂 Of course I'm not going to use it though…must keep it in collectible shape! That really must be a thrill for the fans who are lucky enough to attend these concerts where live bands are on stage with them as they get a first chance to hear familiar songs presented to them in such new and unique ways with all of the improvisations and new arrangements! Hmmm…a H!P 'cereal box?'…….I'm not sure I've seen one before. Let me know if you have any photos as I'd love to see how it looks! ^-^


  6. I'd always go for something like this before the other standard merchandise being sold at their concerts! I think whenever a collection of any kind is seen…it's these type of unique and sometimes unusual items that will catch ones attention first. I only wish there were more items like these being released on a more regular basis and if that their official store would offer them too. Nothing like being at a concert in person I guess!…to be able to see these types of items being offered firsthand but then I'd end up spending too much! 😛 Nacchi has such a radiant and happily infectious smile with her all the time…one can never have enough Nacchi UFA photos! :)I'm so happy that you've watched this concert too! The intimacy which you've described perfectly here really is such an attraction to these types of acoustic shows. And to be there hearing never before performed arrangements must be a real thrill too for fans lucky enough to attend one of these shows! The candid interaction between the musicians on stage and the H!P member(s) is really such a great element too as it simply cannot be replaced by anything else. ^-^


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