Morning Musume’s calendars…a look back.

While going through some old posters in storage I came across my almost complete set of Momusu calendars dating from their 2000 calendar through 2007. The first Momusu calendar was released the previous year in 1999 and the short version of a long sad story is that while I ordered it for the record store that I was working at at the time and did have a copy for myself on hold while just waiting for the next payday…someone took it and purchased it on one of my days off. :O And it was the last copy! 😦 So while I am missing Momusu's first calendar for the year 1999, I do have the rest of them and I'll be posting them one at a time probably just up until 2004 as those released after that point are probably not rare in any sense as most likely every Momusu fan owns them as well.

They've all been rolled up all this time and without giving them enough time to flatten out once again they're not going to be completely flat in these photos although I did employ the help of a Smap book to help in holding the pages down on the last few months. I've been keeping the original wrappers to rehouse and protect my Japanese calendars when I put them into storage when the years up for each of them and while traditionally these style of wall calendars are intended to be the…tear each page off as the months expire…type of design, I've always preferred to keep all of the pages intact and attached by using a clamping type clip to hang them up instead. So in this way I just flip the months over and when the year's over I can easily roll the calendar back up and return them to their original packaging keeping them in their original form. I think the 2000 calendar has one of Momusu's coolest looking calendar covers ever! Gomaki sported her "original" kinpatsu (blonde) look for quite a brief period when she debuted in "Love Machine" and happily she's still wearing it in this calendar production. ^-^ Her look was simply striking and I remember how much she just stood out when I first got Momusu's "Love Machine" single back in late '99! Momusu would appear on an episode of SmapXSmap shortly afterwards and even Kimutaku dressed as "P-Chan" was wondering what happened to her wonderful "kinpatsu" look!

So much to love about this 8 member lineup!….Nacchi!, Yukosan, Sayaka!, Ayappe!, Marippe!, Gomaki!, Kaorin! and Keisan!

And the production efforts put into the earlier Momusu calendars is also notably of a larger scale. The more recent calendars seem to sport a particular outfit and the members are just paired together rounding out the calendar with a similar background, while like many things back in the "golden" age of Momusu so much more variety and personality was put into them and the creativity was at a premium as well I think. Here in January & February we have Ayappe, Nacchi and Keisan dressed elegantly in kimonos…..

…March & April gives us a group shot with a nice touch of an angelic aura…

…May & June even gives us props!…Yukosan, Kaorin, and Marippe along with…"rain"….kasa…raincoats…and a cute little dog! ^-^…

…July & August brings your wall a Summery feeling with blue skies…surfboard, ukulele, and cute & fun attire. Another thing to note is also the abundance of group shots. I've just always preferred group shots in their calendars versus the various pairings that Momusu calendars sport for the most part now….and that way every month has the entire group that you adore and love upon your wall…and not just some of the members. ^-^…

…But that being said, I had to give exception to that sentiment for September & October and admittedly this particular page of the calendar spent a good long portion of the year on display in my room back then! 😛 But who can blame me?…Gomaki was new and brought such an energy and special feeling to the group and let's face it, Gomaki and Sayaka as cheerleaders?!!!! What fan could've resisted that?!! (^o^)/…ah the overall creativity was so much more back then when it came to Momusu's calendars!…if only UFA would go old school on us for the next calendar shoot, just for nostalgia's sake! ^-^…

…and lastly for the year 2000 we have November & December sporting a distinct wintery feeling…just looking at this page makes me feel cozy! ^-^ And yes!..we have another group shot! :)   

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to Morning Musume’s calendars…a look back.

  1. Yumi says:

    I purchased a Bromide set that contained mostly LOVE Machine promo shots, but also these too. I was wondering why there were various summertime/wintertime, kimono, cheerleader, etc. photos. 😀


  2. You've got me curious as to what a 'bromide' set is…I've haven't heard the term before…a type of photo collection? I had no idea that they used these same photos in another set aside from their calendar…really love these shots! Especially the cover as the darkness gives them a really strong look! ^-^


  3. "Bromides" are basically photo card collections. It's a term well used in Japan (and Europe, I think??), but not so much here.


  4. Yumi says:

    Bromides are like photocards, except they are a bit smaller and are printed are a sturdier, cardboardier like paper.I've uploaded the LOVE Machine Bromide set so you can take a look:


  5. Thank you! I've never heard the term before…haha I must seem like a country bumpkin! 😛 I hope the post office is gentle with your package and it should arrive really soon as it's just being sent to another location on this island. ^-^


  6. Thank you for explaining Yumi! And I just took a look at your scanned uploads!! This is an amazing looking set that you own!!! They're like behind the scenes and off shots from this calendar and then there's the "Love Machine" photo shoots as well. I especially love the photos of Gomaki, Ayappe, and "nyan nyan" Sayaka is too cute! ^-^


  7. denadel says:

    Oh, that sucks that you missed out on the first MM calendar. I saw some photos of it in an old magazine i have and it looks really nice. The shots here are really nice too, and i really like this line up! Thank you for the pictures and all. (I almost bid on an H!P calendar for 2001, but i had to give up as it became too expensive).Thanks for that link Yumi. I took a look too and they are so nice. I love old school H!P, so thanks for showing those 🙂


  8. mizunohi says:

    I can't wait to see all of the calendars! I like the "themed" calendars much better than the more recent "two or three members cut-and-paste on a plain background". Nov./Dec. is my favourite here~ like you said, it's so cosy! 😀


  9. I was a bit horrified back then when my copy disappeared! :O Maybe one day a copy will show up on auctions but as you mentioned the price surely is going to be sky high!!! Probably more than I can afford to pay. Ah at least you have photos of it in a magazine. 🙂 I'm really happy that I was able to preserve all of their calendars as it's nice to be able to take them out and share their images here after some years have passed and hopefully it's fun for some newer Momusu fans who may have not seen these early calendars before. 🙂


  10. I just posted the next year's calendar and while the 2001 release is more designed in the vein of the recent years, the season inspired "drawn" backgrounds does still add a nice touch although not as creative as the 2000 calendar. Within the next two years though the calendars will sport a more interesting and creative look and I'll have those posted here soon. ^-^


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