Cdjapan delivers live Berryz and dancing pancakes…

At last my BK version BK vs. C-ute battle concert DVD has arrived! There are two copies and Anise & Cloves I'll be contacting you soon through PM so that I can get your copy sent out to you. ^-^ I won't be receiving C-ute's version of this battle concert until later this month when another order arrives…..ah I know that they're of the same show but I just couldn't resist the group specific extras that differ in each version. 😛 Cdjapan also sent a single promotional photo along with Kyanari club's newest single release "Hitomiga kira kirara" and the girls are really growing up quickly and they're sporting quite a spunky style here!….I call them Tsunku's "secret" idol project. 😛 And then there's Kohachan's latest Kirarin anime release "Papancake"…..I'm really anticipating a pv filled with dancing pancakes, talking strawberries and maple syrup colored walls!…lol okay I know that the maple syrup walls sound a bit far fetched! :P 

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to Cdjapan delivers live Berryz and dancing pancakes…

  1. DJ_MaiMai says:

    I is very jealous xD
    Just a question… where do you get the money to buy all these H!P products?


  2. A lot of this can be attributed to my…all work and very little play lifestyle. I don't do a lot of the things that I used to do in the past so I save quite a lot of money that way and what better way to spend it than on my hobby of collecting! ^-^ I guess that sort of translates into me being quite boring but it allows me to collect a lot. 😛


  3. The "buy" button is truly a friend and a foe at tempting always and I usually give in! 😛 I recently got recent Nacchi and Manoeri autographs off of auctions…I really need to get to the frame shop…still have a "Onna ni sachi are" group autographed poster and two BK group autograph cards to frame. 😛 I'm still trying to resist The Possible…just don't know if I'm prepared to add another group to my fandom just yet but I did cave when I saw a music clip of Canaria Club online. I think Tsunku's writing for them some really catchy songs and that was my initial attraction…just trying to learn the members names still. Oh is it their "Fruity Killer Tune" concert? I love that show and Shibata "Bunny" Ayumi is simply adorable throughout it! Melon Kinenbi have great chemistry and energy on stage too…..too bad that they seem to be tapering off the H!P radar of late. 😦


  4. CK says:

    It is the 2003 "Anniversary" Concert. I haven't seen too many MKB concert DVD's on EBay lately. So when I saw this one (and at a good price too! $15) I snatched it up as fast as I could. I also got great deals on Tokkaekko ($12), Resonant Blue LE A&B ($8 for both), and Konno's first PB ($9) I love EBay!!! If one is patient, you can find just about anything for pretty cheap! I'm planning on posting my current inventory pretty soon. I know it doesn't hold a candle to yours. But I think it's pretty impressive nonetheless. BTW, check out my Battle Concert review. I thought it was pretty funny!


  5. Ah "Tokkaekko" is such a strrrrraaaannnge movie!! 😛 I purchased it when it was first released and for a long time I was like…eh?! You got all of these for such great prices!! Ugh! I paid full price for all of these! 😛 My very problem is patience!…I tend to pre-order everything the second that I become aware of it…so sadly no great prices for me. I imagine that you must have quite a large H!P collection!! ^-^ It took me forever to get everything posted here (although this post is nearly a year old now) and the very next day I realized that I missed quite a few more items in that post so I had to add them in the following post. Be careful!..check your entire home for H!P merchandise before posting….I have stuff everywhere so I was bound to miss some of it. It's hard to believe that that post was done almost a year ago and I've sometimes thought about updating it but I'm not sure if I'll get around to that anytime soon. Just so difficult to gather everything together! 😛 Everyone has unique items in their personal H!P collections so I'm looking forward to seeing your collection! ^-^ I'm going to try and squeeze in the BK vs. C-ute concert this weekend before reading so that I can have my first impression moment! 😛


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