「Featured post」~スーパーアイドル末永遥 に。。。はるかーど

I’ve finally been able to complete my Harukachan shashinshuu collection as after months of searching I found a auction seller in Japan who had a copy of Harukachan’s “Haru Card” trading card book which was published by Wani Books back in 2000 and has remained quite a rarity as far as availability. Her two earlier shashinshuus are also out of print but usually show up on auctions pretty regularly.

Harukachan’s pb collection is a rather modest one as she only released four shashinshuus and “Haru Card” being a trading card book has only a little of its contents dedicated to photo shoot pages while a larger portion is actually a thick cardboard “page” which is hollowed with four pockets which house the trading card set. Her shashinshuu “3” is the most creative of the releases as it contains bonus items including 4 trading cards, message card, and photograph along with a 3 year span of Harukachan photos. Her shashinshuu “18” though is possibly the best shot and with a more mature Harukachan…the camera loves her even more it seems!

Suenaga Haruka nearly single handedly brought the world of the gravure idol to prominence and she’s possibly even been on more idol magazine covers than Britney has been on less than flattering scandal rags front pages. :P….I’m afraid it’s really close but while Harukachan is celebrated as one of idol’s cutest, Britney is…well Britney. The moral to learn here is perhaps this…too much paparazzi = really bad things! :O Harukachan is also well known in the world of commercials, advertising, and has also appeared in dramas, movies, and the popular Go! Go Sentai Boukenger series where she starred as…appropriately, the Pink Ranger. ^-^

The complete “Haru Card” collection is comprised of a total of 60 cards and each card book came with four random trading card packs which contained 7 cards each. 9 special cards which feature golden colored signature writing are also part of the 60 card set and I’m not sure if it’s just pure luck but all 28 cards that were included in my pb had no duplicates to my delight. ^-^ I’ve scanned all 28 cards below and on the backs of each card is either a portion of a larger photo which can be put together to form a larger image if one has enough consecutive card numbers in a section of the card collection while a few other cards feature an additional regular photo on their backs. The front two pages of the card book has a complete listing of every card in the set and while I see no real way of ever completing the 60 card set at least I know what the images look like but more or less I think I’ve gotten by pure luck the card images that I would’ve wanted had I actually been able to choose them myself instead of receiving them in the random manner which card sets are usually presented as such was the case here. Harukachan’s so cute in all of these card photos and I’m sorry that the clarity may not be the best as these standard sized cards’ images are a bit enlarged here. ^-^


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to 「Featured post」~スーパーアイドル末永遥 に。。。はるかーど

  1. CK says:

    Oh lovely lovely Haruka-chan. I've never seen the TV series she was on, now I have to find it!!!


  2. There's a fan sub version out there somewhere!! The series was quite long but I think that they covered every episode which is remarkable!…so much hard work in taking on a project like that!! I was just going through some storage stuff over the past few days and I came across all of my old Japanese calendars….3 Harukachan wall calendars that haven't seen the light of day in some time were in there too. I had forgotten that I've purchased so many calendars over the years dating back to the mid 90's.


  3. CK says:

    I found the fansub version of the show. So I'll propbably try to start watching it this weekend. I love Japanese doramas. The only two I have watched in their entirety are Densha Otoko and Bishoujo Senshii Sailor Moon, both of which I love and bought the DVD's. We'll see if I like this one as well.


  4. Hmmm….it's in the vein of a super hero show so it'll be very different from drama shows, but hopefully you'll still enjoy it….I guess the key is Harukachan! I love watching Japanese dramas!!….and over the years I've watched quite a lot of them, some suggestions can be found here…although this listing is a bit dated and there are many that I would add to this list.


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