It’s still Nocchi!…aka “this is your brain on Nocchi.” =)

Albeit Manoeri may be the most popular H!P Egg (now former) but as in the past I've always chosen Nocchi over her and perhaps to some fan's surprise…here…and here. And there looks to be no change in this ranking order with Sengoku rounding out my favorite 3 Eggs.

When it comes to personality I find that the more I see of Nocchi, the more evident it becomes that she's in an upper tier and above numerous of her fellow H!P members and if you've had the chance to watch Ongaku Gatas' DVD Pamphlet which was released during their tour prior to a couple of notable departures you may have also taken note of how much Nocchi just stands out from the others. And Nocchi is the best!!!….as it doesn't take much for her to shine here adorable personality outwardly, unbashfully, and without walls…as the setting for this DVD production is quite minimal. You have a chair, a box, soccer ball, a sketching or writing, and your idol…but right from the very beginning in her intro take Nocchi's charm is in full swing as she spells out what you're watching "YMCA" style! ^-^ She has the cutest demeanor really!! Her enthusiasm is also for the most part unmatched here and this gets me thinking once again…what about Nocchi?! Manoeri may have been the chosen one for a solo career but Nocchi is so deserving of so much more too! Manoeri may have had a less than spectacular vocal debut with "Manopiano" (although I do love the song!) and while I do have sincere hopes that she will only improve in time in this regard….something tells me that Nocchi is so ready to tackle such a challenge and I can see her coming through with flying colors if given the same opportunity. So what makes an idol special? What makes them one of your favorites? Many things I suppose but the basics are always there…looks, talent…and perhaps the most notable in the long run, something that will endear them to you after many seasons have passed…….it's their personality! Nocchi's got so much personality that she has sums to spare!!! ^-^

Ongaku Gatas' DVD Pamphlet has a running time of approximately 53 minutes and is shot entirely in wonderful widescreen. The format is simple as each of the 10 members have segments ranging from about 4-6 minutes giving them just enough time to answer a few questions via the box on the ground….share their thoughts on the group……share a sketching/writing of their own to summarize….and…

….we interrupt this post for a couple of cute Nocchi screencaps!……


…now where was I?…Oh yes another subject covered via the question box is what each member thinks their "charm point" is. And it seems that Nocchi and Manoeri have something in common here. So what do they both think is their charm point?…

…it's their hands, and they both note to a great degree that it's also the size of them. Very little and petit!…

…and Nocchi makes sure that you get a good look at them! :)…

…Another fun topic covered in each members' box of questions is to share with fans a little something about a fellow member which is only known by them (Watashi dakega shitteiru "insert member's name here") and Nocchi is given Konkon to spill the beans on! 🙂

And besides her thoughts on their first tour…

…Nocchi is also asked to give a impromptu performance of her favorite song which happens to be their debut single "Nari hajimeta koi no BELL." Her initial reaction is captured above and be prepared for some extreme cuteness here as Nocchi hops right to it singing acapella with full dance routine too!!! =) Another highlight of Nocchi's segment is her recreation of Gatas' first goal scored in a game and the fun celebration that follows! ^-^ She is sooooo animated which makes her so irresistible!! I can't even imagine how fun she would be in a solo project of her own!!…ah when will it be Nocchi's turn? 🙂 She's such a fireball of energy and charisma, UFA don't miss your chance!

Nocchi in Ongaku Gatas DVD Pamphlet!


…Hmmmmmm I know that placing Manoeri's segment right after Nocchi's is sort of like being the guy that went on after The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show!…LOL! kidding but I hope you get the gist of what I was trying to say there….Nocchi's incredibly vibrant personality is a hard one to follow, even if you're as cute as Manoeri is. 🙂

Manoeri in Ongaku Gatas DVD Pamphlet!

As aforementioned, Manoeri also notes her tiny hands to be her "charm point" and here you'll get to learn a little possibly not known thing about Sawacchan as Manoeri draws her name….but as this post is about "your brain on Nocchi"…I'll leave the rest up to your viewing of her segment above. ^-^

…It's all about…um, tiny hands! 🙂



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to It’s still Nocchi!…aka “this is your brain on Nocchi.” =)

  1. Yumi says:

    I completely agree with you. Nocchi's personality is so positive, it's really contagious! Even when you catch her doing her backup dancer duties, you can tell she is doing something she loves and is really enjoying herself. And her smile? Adorable! ❤


  2. CK says:

    MB, Thank you so much for the coverage of Nocchi. Not only is she my favorite egg, she is one of my favorite members of Hello! Project overall. Who could ever believe she is 20 years old!!! So cute, I can't stand it!


  3. Sparkling sparkling smile!…I love her cuteness in the close up ver. of "Yattarouze!" pv! I'm happy that Ongaku Gatas is getting a third single as with a few members leaving I was beginning to wonder if the group would go on…very happy they are! I hope UFA taps more into all that Nocchi has to offer. ^-^


  4. Ah we have that in common! ^-^…but wow! a favorite member in all of H!P! And I can easily see why, I've never ranked her alongside the rest of my H!P favorites but I do see her being in the upper rankings for sure…top 10?…I think so! ^-^ I wish she could have a solo single too…just imagine how cute her pv would be and with her charm and charisma it would be so perfectly cute!


  5. Shirow says:

    You have good taste MB,when I first clasped my eyes on Noto I knew she was a special girl.She so quirky and fun to watch! … I just love her little mouth and adorable hairstyles, I really hope she is featured in a new unit or something, or maybe she could take over from Mano and present Berrikyu?I just wanna see more of her!!! ❤


  6. Thank you Shirow! 🙂 LOL!…'her little mouth'? 😛 And yes love her hairstyles too! She's just such a ball of energy, enthusiasm, and adorableness!! What I really note is her confidence in herself as her personality is really open and outgoing….it's almost like she's been in the entertainment industry forever even though she's only 20 right now…just so comfortable in front of the camera and she really shines all the time with such great charisma. I hope UFA will take note of the gem that they have with Nocchi and not miss their chance at presenting her more and YES! a unit or even a solo career would be so fitting and deserving for her to have. We can hope!! ^-^


  7. broomhead says:

    Ahh her personality may be great but screencaps, like you got here, of her are the best.


  8. Ah…let's all hope for more Nocchi in the coming years! ^-^ What's amazing is even with so many loved members in Ongaku Gatas, Nocchi's segment stands out the most by far…she's just so fun, engaging, animated, cute…eh do I have enough adjectives in there? 😛 But really such a cute segment of hers here…just adore it so much! 🙂


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