Truly one of Hello! Project’s strangest song titles yet… :O

…okay I still haven't even opened them up yet and I have to admit the song title…"Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" has me a bit apprehensive of just what this song is going to sound like. 😛 What's amazing is that Cdjapan sent these out really early this time and I've actually received them before they're even on the shelves in Japan as the street date is  July 9th and it's the 8th right now in Japan. :O Both covers are pure joy but I especially like the regular edition's photo of them jumping which others have previously mentioned as being similar to "High School Musical"'s cover artwork. The LE includes a close up version of the pv so I'll have that to look forward to while waiting for their pv DVD single to arrive which looks to be about 2 weeks away….and I probably won't get around to listening to/watching these until tomorrow as I'm helping my mom get ready for her trip to Hokkaido which she leaves for tomorrow. I don't know what weather is like typically this time of year in Hokkaido but it does sound a bit strange for Summertime…..60's to low 80's with lots and lots of rain!! :O Hopefully not too much rain!!..and I do hope to post some photos from her trip when she gets back. 🙂 Quite a few H!P members were born in Hokkaido and maybe she'll bump into Nacchi, Konkon, or Mikitty…not that she'd know who they are…. 😛

Hopefully I'll have my thoughts on BK's new single posted here tomorrow. 

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to Truly one of Hello! Project’s strangest song titles yet… :O

  1. Shirow says:

    You have yet to hear Yuke yuke monkey dance!?!?!… either you live in a cave without the internet … or you have tremendous will power! … I'm guessing the latter …To steal your words, I'll just say PURE JOY awaits you :DI should place my order for the single already .. I'm so lazy with buying cd singles.I look forward to the full MB review!


  2. Zush says:



  3. paul.thomas says:

    WOW that's amazingly quick delivery! In my opinion this is amazing single, I love it so much, the song has to be my fave Berryz release it's so catchy and upbeat and everyone just sounds so good in it! You really need the normal PV for this release as I'm guessing the Close Up Ver won't have the monkey costumes in it, my fingers are crossed that we get a Monkey Version of this PV, the girls just look so cute in their outfits.


  4. Hotaru says:

    Wow, you got that really fast! (I always get my stuff much later -_-)I really like this single! Its fun and upbeat…everyone sounds pretty good, and most of the Berryz have a lot of fun with it. 😀


  5. mizunohi says:

    I LOVE this single, being my favourite Berryz single to date I hope you love it too!


  6. strawberrie says:

    I haven't even recieve mine yet. CD Japan mail mine out the day it did come out….When I first heard the radio rip I hated the song and I couldn't get into it but after watching the PV a couple times I'm addicted. Not a Risako fan but I won't deny that she did amazing in this song and I'm glad Chinami is getting feature a little more in this single.


  7. I've gotten really good at waiting for the actual releases to arrive but just as I say that I did watch the original version of BK's new pv…talk of 'monkey suits' got me really curious this time! 😛


  8. They really sent them out early this time and actually a bit earlier than normal as I was shocked to see them already here and before the actual release date. :O Coming from Japan isn't too bad I guess because Hawaii is seemingly quite close…plus EMS is really quick although a bit pricey!The song is really something!! ^-^ I really do love it and for all of its strangeness and creativity even more so! 🙂


  9. Haha Paul you singlehandedly had me cave and watch the original pv version before getting the pv DVD single which is still awhile from being released….that really hasn't happened at all as far as I can remember. 😛 After you mentioned the 'monkey costumes' I simply couldn't resist watching it now! 🙂 I haven't checked to see what extra version is going to be on the DVD single but I'm guessing it's going to be a "dance ver." probably just by seeing the footage in the original pv……but since "Dschinghis Khan" got a special "Mongolian Dance Ver." there really is hope for an all out "Monkey Dance Ver." I think. ^-^…maybe it'll be an "Event V" release again, will have to keep an eye out for that again! I do love the song!…and I spent a good part of yesterday gushing about it here! 🙂


  10. There's so much energy, humor, and fun in this single!! I'm so happy that BK got to release a single like this at this stage of their career…and yes! love everyone's vocals too! 🙂


  11. Your comment really had me anticipating so much and the single lived up to everything that I could've imagined and more! ^-^ This single is going to get a lot of playing time!!!! The songs…the covers..the pvs….all perfect!


  12. It's true that the pv really does a lot to add to the enjoyment of this single and I'm happy to hear that it won you over too! ^-^ It's just so irresistible and cute! Tsunku really gave them a wonderfully odd song and I love it so much too! I too thought that Risakochan really sounded great on this single and her vocal control and intonation continues to improve. ^-^ The vocals were spread out pretty good too among the members which is always a good sign. ^-^


  13. paul.thomas says:

    I'm not to sure how to feel about that ;p I know how much you love waiting for the PVs to be released before you watch them…but the PV is simply amazing isn't it!!! For me the whole monkey costume thing is hands down the best bit in any H!P PV I've seen in quite some time, it really adds so much to the song and the PV as a whole, there's the obvious thing of the girls looking cute, but it's how it affects the whole PV, it changes it from your standard H!P PV and turns into something more fun, charming and much more entertaining.I'm really hoping that we get a version just fearturing the monkey outfits, plus how funny is the Making Of going to be?!Have you been watching the short promo clips for the single (and the Dohhh Up! shirt) over on Dohhh Up, really quite odd I won't go into details if you haven't as it really needs to be seen…I'm still scratching my head now and I've been watching them for days, lol! But the latest clip they put up has what has to be the worlds greatest H!P poster ever, the Berryz girls sitting in a row in the monkey outfits on a white background, I'm guessing this isn't going to be available to buy but I really wish it was.


  14. Ah in this one case I just couldn't resist and wait…and it was about two weeks away from release at the time which seems so long to wait!! It's so cute that they actually wore those monkey outfits and it really did make the song as a whole so much more enjoyable…and cute!! Oh the making of segment is going to be the best!!!! I can't wait for it!!!! No I haven't seen those promo clips yet and now I know I must!! A "Dohhh Up!" shirt? Really?! Imagine having that poster!! Maybe one will turn up on auctions soon! 🙂


  15. paul.thomas says:

    It's been ages since I've been to visit your site, what with work, being ill and a weeks holiday I just haven't had time to do anything, so sorry for the late replies.I've just had a check and it looks likes the Event V version of this release comes with the Monkey version of the PV, I'm guessing you've probably already noticed. I'm thinking I may have to mail Ohta and see if he can get me a copy those monkey costumes are just too cute, there's no way I can resist a whole PV featuring them.The posters sadly haven't turned up on auctions as far as I can see, lol, I wonder how much Ohta would charge if the items included vandalism and theft ;p


  16. I hope you're feeling better Paul! ^-^ Ah I know how busy you are and with so much work! Ah no I haven't seen the "Event V" version yet for this single but you have me very much intrigued now! So your wish became a reality!! So great that they did film a version with all monkey business all of the time! =) I hope a poster shows up online for you..they seem to show up eventually. ^-^


  17. paul.thomas says:

    I'm feeling better now but the work hasn't quietened down any (hence why it's taken so long to reply, lol), which is both a good and a bad thing.Someone uploaded a copy of the Monkey Version of the PV on Veoh which I watched the other day, a seriously wacky and cool video, I'm going to be having a look to see if I can get the Event V of this release.


  18. Ah it's already up?!! I took your advice and Ohta was able to secure a copy of the Event V for "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance." It never dawned on me before that there could be such an all money version and thank you so much for mentioning it!! Ohta sent it out yesterday so hopefully I'll be able to watch it soon too…I'm going to resist the temptation to watch until then. 😛


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